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It’s been a long road for Jaguar’s long-awaited sub-XK sportscar, as fans have been holding their breath for something small, tossable and decked out in Ian Callum sheet metal since the 2000 F-Type Concept. And though this C-X16 is technically a concept, it’s been approved for production and according to Autocar its supercharged V6 hybrid drivetrain is

expected to appear in other Jaguar Land Rover vehicles before the end of next year.

Unfortunately, between the hybrid drivetrain and a platform that will also be used on the next-gen XK, the C-X16 isn’t as light as the new 911 it benchmarks. I’m not a huge fan of the interior either, which Jaguar calls “1 + 1.” But with Carrera performance, high-tech toys like a KERS regenerative braking system, and about 3,500 lbs of kerb weight, the C-X16 has a lot of the things people look for in a premium sportscar. Besides, once Porsche’s “Baby Boxster” comes out, perhaps Jaguar will follow it closer to “true Roadster” territory…

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11 Comments on “Jaguar C-X16 Concept Makes Us Forget The F-Type...”

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    …now if they could just get someone as talented as Ian Callum to come up with a name.

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    Looks good now strip it down alter a few body panels and do a cut price roadster for the Boxter set.

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    did they forget to finish the interior before they did the photos? do carbon-coated knobs save weight, or just cost more?

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    That is gorgeous.

    Not as enthralled with the interior – a few weird things going on in there, starting with the Tron arcade joystick where the gear lever should be and the OSHA approved railing on the passenger side of the console.

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    Take the leaping cat badge off the front grille and this could be a Nissan or Mazda (with their new design language) design study. The front doesn’t speak “Jaguar” to me. However, the side and rear views are pretty awesome with a hint of XK-E.

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    Looks good.

    I’m guessing it won’t have a manual option. For that matter will a dual clutch be available or will this be your “run of the mill” torque converter automatic?

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    Too bad they missed the weight target. Would have been nice. +Esp. b/c the XK/R is considered a hair light for its class.

    Otherwise, pretty good.

    As good as an E-Type-Inspired new car can probably get without going full-bareback-retro like the Growler or the Eagle Speedster.

    Like the hips, hatchline and the tail. Fun nods to El Hefe there. Not so sure about the hatch if it only has flip-out glass.

    However: The push-to-pass +hp KERS motor? -On a Jaguar???

    One more thing to break.
    Hellooooo service bay; my old friend!!

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    Nice, but far from beautiful. Too fussy. The interior of the F-type was much better,

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    From the side, it hints at Ferrari. From the front, a cross between 370Z and some random Mazda. And, from the rear, those tail lights almost whisper, “Acura RSX.”

    But I don’t care. I think it’s gorgeous. Just like the XJ.

    Say what you will about my opinion here today, I’ve venture 90% (or more) of the people who prattle on about the performance or handling of cars in this segment are neither willing nor able to extract, fully, anything of the sort.

    Such a lithe cat has little to prove to those with taste.

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    Wouldn’t mind parking one of these next to my B99 when I win Powerball, all my stocks make big digit gains, and the executor for the estate of my late long-lost cousin from Nigeria finally sends the check. :)

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    I like the loud interior, except for the bar on the passenger side of the gear selector. I mean, it covers up the HVAC controls – and could a car this expensive really come without dual-zone? On the other hand, I suppose it’s a control freak’s dream come true!

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