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Welcome back to ongoing coverage of the latest transcontinental tale of romance and betrayal, in which Volkswagen and Suzuki’s young-but-troubled relationship is put to the test while the world watches. Last time we checked in, a piece of pricey gossip suggested what the rumors had been saying for weeks: VW and Suzuki were headed for Splitsville. But despite the angry blogging outbursts and talk of “reviewing the relationship,” Volkswagen is standing by its Japanese bride, telling Automotive News Europe [sub] that the latest gossip that the “relationship is headed for dissolution” is “nonsense.” Suzuki joined the show of support, saying it had no plans to leave. But all the while, an Italian temptress is putting even more pressure on this relationship, as Bertel reported last month:

Fiat will supply Suzuki with 20,000 to 30,000 1.6-liter diesel engines per year…This might not make Volkswagen happy, because they think they are the masters of the small diesel universe. Suzuki will likely claim that it had signed a cooperation contract with Fiat in 2005, covering vehicle development and engine production. That was years before Suzuki and Volkswagen tied the knot, and contracts are contracts, no?

Sure, but there is increasing uneasiness in Wolfsburg that the marriage with the Japanese bride has been childless so far, and if the bride continues to play footsie with the beau from Torino, the Germans could get jealous.

And with the AFP [via Google] reporting on “secret” Suzuki-Fiat talks earlier this year, as well as more recent Suzuki comments about the “climate of mutual trust” in its relationship with Fiat, expect tensions to continue to simmer. On the other hand, nothing gets a powerful but dismissive husband’s attention like the threat of being cuckolded, so tales of Suzuki-Fiat canoodling may simply be strategic plants. But hey, nobody ever said long-distance relationships were easy!

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8 Comments on “VW, Suzuki Deny Breakup Rumors, As Italian Lover Threatens Relationship...”

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    Oh man, I remember that show. A bad Sailor Moon clone if there ever was one. Then again, this Suzuki-VW story has all the elements of your generic 80’s-90’s anime drama, so I guess it’s a fitting choice.

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    VW are behind the 8 ball on small diesels alway were.PSA lead on these have done since inception Suzuki used to use PSA diesels years back but now have gone south to Fiat who also used PSA engines at one point. Fiat must have some well earned technology that VW is still trying to develope.

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    I don’t know what’s in it for Suzuki, unless it’s access to Vee-Dub’s distro network.

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    Anime always struck me as kind of creepy in that guys-in-Japan-read-porn-on-the-subway way.

    While looking for video content last night for Cars In Depth on YouTube, I found some soft core pornish anime girls in a 3D slideshow. The post on YT linked to a *.rar file at some file depository. I thought about downloading it, strictly for research purposes, of course, but then I thought, “Danger, Will Robinson, virus alert!”

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      You want to see really creepy as in lock the creep up and list him in the sex offenders registry? Check out Transformers Kiss Players.

      Raped my childhood is completely fitting here….

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      Felis Concolor

      The big problem with its perception stems from certain unsavory types importing and promoting the especially bizarre fetish shows: up until around the year 2000, one would have thought that Japan’s animation industry put out nothing but tentacle porn, despite there being a brief 3-4 year period in the late 80s when 95% of that output was made. The industry has moved on and the genres covered are as varied as the modern live action landscape you find on occidental cable, satellite and broadcast channels. Heck, the 2 finest “hard SF” shows ever created are both animations from Japan (Planetes, Twin Spica), and the Meiji era drama Sakura Taisen (lit: “cherry blossom war”) went on from its game console popularity to become a series of television episodes, OVAs (think “direct to video” with very high production quality), theatrical releases, radio and CD dramas and a long running Broadway style stage show which sidetracked the careers of a half dozen voice actresses for over 5 years. That’s a record even the once-mighty Final Fantasy has yet to achieve.

      And the prior comparison of Sailor Moon to KKJeanne is a clear apples to oranges situation. Everyone knows you can’t compare a superheroine series to a magical girls show, as the differences are as easy to spot as those separating OHC and OHV engines.

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