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As the Porsche brand has expanded in recent years to include sedans and SUVs, and as overpriced special editions and cynically neutered products propped up an increasingly bloated pricing structure, Porsche fans have had plenty of opportunities to wonder “what are those guys smoking?”  And now, thanks to Autoblog, we have part of the answer answer: we may not know exactly what Porsche is smoking, but we know what they’re smoking it out of. According to Porsche Design’s presser

The extraordinary Porsche Design Shisha combines high-quality materials such as aluminium, stainless steel and glass with the timeless and unique design approach of the luxury brand. Puristic and stylish at the same time. The Porsche Design Shisha is made in Germany and stands at a height of 55 centimetres. It only shows a discreet branding on the aluminium top of the Shisha and comes with a long flexible tube made out of TecFlex material, which is also used for the classic Porsche Design TecFlex writing tools.

So… when is Chrysler going to get in on this cross-branding opportunity?

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27 Comments on “What’s Wrong With This Picture: What Porsche’s Been Smoking Edition...”

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    I can’t believe this isn’t a joke. That is hilarious.

    The shoes cost more than the hard disks (129/99). (I have both)

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    ya, well.

    on a related note, i finally decided that i dont like the panamera. I have no problem with a sedan, just not this one. Are there no Italian design houses left?

    Perhaps they have been to busy to designing these things.

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    Porsche has seen the writing on the wall. It swirls around with rainbow colors and it says, “Environmentalists want you out of business!”, and, “Obama wants to tax anyone driving your cars, just because!”

    So who is to blame Porsche for putting into market other Porsche designed objects like this one? There is a future in pimping the Porsche name. If it plays it’s cards right, Porsche design can be as big in Asia as the Playboy bunny logo! Porsche thongs anyone?

    Bong? Big deal. This is Germany folks. When they are not actually controlling Amsterdam and the Netherlands militarily, they are there buying up stuff that goes into bongs from those folks with the stroopwaffles and the wooden shoes.

    In Germany at least they don’t pretend they smoke dope for medicinal reasons. They don’t go all terminal and pretend like Snoop Dog that if they don’t get pot they’ll be making another bad guest appearance on Flava Flav’s reality show. Germans smoke dope in their homes, then hide in the public restrooms writing graffiti about how they got ripped off.

    And you know, they are Germans. So, if they do a bong, it is going to look like this. Like a Porsche. Now, us Americans are used to crap. We would smoke dope out of a corncob for kris’sakes! I’ve seen guys smoke dope out of a pipe carved out of an apple. Then throw the damn apple away, (that’s the best part!- so I’ve heard.) Americans have a better appreciation for crap than Germans do.

    Have you ever seen a German toilet? Porsche can maybe design a new German toilet, if they haven’t already. German toilets are so nasty they have short fat pink middle aged women with brushes standing next to your stall waiting to scrub your bacon stripes out of the porceline bowls. These ladies must have no sense of smell after three days at the job. If Porsche wants to design something, they should definately do a new German toilet. While German toilets are made well enough to withstand a blitzkrieg of human excrement, I’m sure they can put them on wheels too – and call them a Smart car, right?

    And if those cars can swirl in rainbow colors, I’m sure Barack would be pleased as punch and maybe lay off Porsche.

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      Look out B&B, VanillaDude’s on a roll!

      “Bacon stripes” and “Blitzkrieg”. Yeah, that did it!

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      “While German toilets are made well enough to withstand a blitzkrieg of human excrement…”
      In my time in Germany, my crapper didn’t see me at all. I never had a chance to test it’s Blitzkrieg-withstanding properties. A combination of sausage, schwarzbrot, sauerkraut and tasty, tasty weissbier kept me good and bunged until my return to Blighty.

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        When I visited Munich I had the opposite problem–something in the water made everything run straight through me. the solution, of course, was to stop drinking water, and there may be no better place on the planet for indulging in a water-free diet….if you happen to appreciate malty beverages.

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      I made a better bong than Porsche: US Pat # 4,253,475
      You can look it up.

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    While my idea of what a “Porsche” is was forever influenced by Paul Newman’s car in the movie “Harper”, I have absolutely no interest in the company or its cars.

    In recent years, however, I do pay attention to their offerings, as it signals a changing market and the old rules of design and function many of us grew up with will never be resurrected. Of course, in many if not most ways, cars are better than ever and what came before is not missed.

    It’s always interesting to see what comes out of the vapor!

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      I understand what you are saying. In my neighborhood the ice cream truck was a Porsche, so whenever I see a 911 today, I think also hear, “Turkey in the Straw”, or “The Entertainer”.

      You won’t believe how fast we ran to get one of those orange push-ups. We were the fastest kids in town.

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        “In my neighborhood the ice cream truck was a Porsche…”

        Lousy rich kids…all we had was a guy in a ’50 Plymouth with a sno-cone machine sticking out the back of his trunk with the lid tied open! He came around every evening…mostly…if at all…

        Doggone it, you cheer me up, now you bring me down!

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        It’s got nothing to do with being rich.
        It is about class. Prestige. Enoblement.
        It was about selling ice cream against competition in Ferrari ice cream truck.

        BTW, I saw your neighborhood. It wasn’t a Plymouth – it was a Ford van.

        And it wasn’t a snow cone machine – that was the county’s mosquito abatement fogger. Good grief man, you have brain damage from the DDT!

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    Amendment X

    Should I hate the company or the dope who buys this and thinks he’s special?

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    I was once told, by a not necessarily reliable pothead, that Jerry Garcia was part owner of a Pizza delivery outfit, where the drivers delivered throughout Marin County in Porsches. Regardless, in a world where who has what is increasingly decided by leftist governments rather than market forces, P customers will increasingly be, tah-dah, those the leftists consider more equal. Some of whom like to toke.

    Now, in order not to discriminate against the drug of choice of right wingers, P should next design a pillbox. Gotta pop those Oxys in style.

    And design be damned; the Panamera is still a milestone of a Sedan/wagon/hatch/whatever. It’s so bloody stable on poor roads at speed, that doing bongrips and popping pills at Tempo 300 don’t seem much of a stretch at all.

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    You, uh, you guys do all realize that hookah bars (with tobacco) are an increasing recent fad (or “trend”) in the US, right?

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      That explains that new line of McHookahs at the Golden Arches, doesn’t it?

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        You seriously haven’t seen a hookah bar open in a city near where you live? Or does your state have too many laws about indoor smoking to allow one?

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        Where I live you cannot smoke, especially if you are a woman. And you sure as hell can’t be a woman and smoke while driving around here. Women can’t drive here. So, that being the case, this isn’t a great place to be a smoking, cross-dressing NASCAR driver.

        If you are caught smoking in this town you have to appear before a tribal judge and choose between having your fingers cut off or strapping on a special vest and visiting your town’s hookah bar.

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      Hookah bar? That’s new to me. I’m old and out of touch; everyone I know still goes outside and smokes the green tobacco.

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      A “recent” fad going back the last 10 years among high school kids. It’s ASTONISHING how bad the ID check at most of the Hookah bars are around here.

      Besides, when the whole room smells like crappy tabaccy, you can slip a little wacky in there without many noticing.

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    When did glass, alu, and stainless begin to rank as high-quality?

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    I’ll bet this will be big hit (pun intended) in the tribal regions of Pakistan. I just wish yhey’d focus their creative energies on the mythical 4 cylinder 356.

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    Is it bad that I want one? It’s not my thing, but looks somewhat clean.

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    Austin Greene

    Dave’s not here.

    He’s gone to the Porsche dealer to buy a new bong.

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    Plus, lovely parting gifts for Vanilla Dude. Thanks for playing.

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    If they break, how many dead hookahs can you fit in the trunk of a 911?

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    Chris Bangle and the BMW board that signed off his designs must have had some of that too. It was clearly good stuff, but far too strong for them. The 1-series is the proof of that. Especially in five door hatch form.

    Some other BMW employees has been at it for years. Yes, engineers that designed the cooling system for the inline sixes, it’s you that I’m talking about. Plastic is not nearly as heat-resistant as metal. So why do you use everywhere? Didn’t you learn about that in college?

    EDIT – as you can see I’m working hard on my love-hate relationship with a certain German marque. If you will excuse me, there’s a bunch of guys in white coats at my front door. I wonder what they want with me. Is that what a strait jacket looks like?

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