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With only a tiny bit of front-end camouflage left, the new Porsche 991 has been almost completely revealed… can you tell? One thing is for certain, Porsche’s not about to lose its reputation for evolutionary styling anytime soon.

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25 Comments on “What’s Wrong With This Picture: Is It New? I Think It’s New… Edition...”

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    Looks larger, especially the overhangs. Though maybe this is just the yellow paint?

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    Quoting Clarkson: “Porsche, the laziest designers in the world.”

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      Perhaps, but a good designer also knows when to leave good things alone. When you have such a classic shape built on so much heritage, why go ahead and ruin it with big alterations just for the sake of change? It doesn’t matter what decade we’re in, a 911 still always looks amazing (well minus the 996, which was a bit of a dog).

      The 911 is just fine, it’s the Panamera that really needs a sober second look.

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        I agree with Nostrathomas – radical changes for the sake of change only can be disastrous for a well-established car model.

        (Example: the 2002 BMW 7-Series)

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        ^Marko, I agree with you that the 2002-08 7 series was definitely not as good looking as either the 7 before and after, but it was the best selling 7 series ever produced, and made BMW a boat load of cash…

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        I think this is a case of “a rising tide lifts all boats”. That period was a HUGE boomtime across the globe. As I like to say to my BMW Club buddies – imagine how many they would have sold if they were actually nice looking cars!

        Those Bangle-7s sold INSPITE of thier looks, not BECAUSE of thier looks.

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      James (and Clarkson) got it right. Change for the sake of change is dumb but for crying out loud–if I’m going to spend 80+large on a new Porsche, I want everyone to know I’ve popped for a NEW Porsche.

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    I suppose it makes sense to increase the mass of the 911 if you’re going to move the Boxster/Cayman upmarket and introduce a new model below them. That doesn’t mean I find the new design attractive.

    I’m reminded of the evolution from the C5 Corvette to the C6 – basically from a very round, bulbous, almost bloated look (C5) to a much trimmer, crisper, more tucked-in shape (C6). The 991 goes in the opposite direction; IMO the 997 is more athletic looking.

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      According to Porsche, the new model is no heavier than the 997.

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      I agree 100%. I know the new model lost a couple of pounds, but it just looks _big_. It was a shock to see the C6 Corvette actually end up a bit smaller than the 997 Porsche: the classic perception is of a trim, athletic, German-precision-instrument Porsche vs. a giant, plasticky bloat-fest Corvette, but that hasn’t been true now in a couple of generations, and this is just making it worse.

      My long-term plan for life included being able to afford a 911 by the time I hit 40. I’m still a generation and a half or so out; hopefully by the time the next iterations of Porsche roll around this will have been fixed.

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        Astigmatism, your priorities will probably have changed by the time you’ve saved up for the downpayment. My dream cars of the 90’s were a Lancer Evo VI, a WRX, C36, or S4. By the time I reached my thirties in the 2000’s and had sufficient cashflow, my tastes changed from sport sedans to luxury cars, the cars I liked during my teens.

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        WaftableTorque, my priories have absolutely changed: when I was in college I wanted an M Coupe. (Plus, this dream prosperous Astigmatism of 10 years hence would have a Volvo station wagon in the driveway next to the 911.)

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    A lot of curves but not a bad design. Particularly around the back which has lost the engine bulge and thus keeps the lines somewhat cleaner than the 997.

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    The Comedian

    Looks like it has gone from a B cup to an A.

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    It’s a new design?

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    The added length doesn’t do the basic 911 shape any favors. It just makes it look more generic. Lie a Porsche-by-Nissan-trying-to-be-an-Aston.

    I’m sure the extra wheelbase and closer-to-midengine mass distribution will make it a better GT, but there’s already plenty of those to go around.

    A bigger rear seat will be nice, though. For those who couldn’t care less about rear seats, the Cayman/Boxster are better buys anyway.

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    The way those foglights (or whatever they are) merge with the openings in the front air dam is downright hideous. Always thought that the lower front end treatment of the Cayenne was the worst part of that design and I see now they are bringing it over to the 911.

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    Porsche has convinced itself that the water-cooled shape introduced in 1998 with the 996 has the same ‘legs’ as the air-cooled shape – The problem is, it doesn’t.

    The only reason that they have been able to get away with this awkward pastiche of the original is because the mechanicals are so good and the styling competition from rival manufacturers is even worse.

    Go to a Porsche meet and watch the way everyone ignores the design of the water-cooled models. How long can you stay interested in a bland design that is only tarted up by the additon of a new headlight or grill? You look at a GT2 and think about the great power and handling and then go back to some 70’s 911 that has more interest in the curve of its rear fender than a 997 has in its entire body.

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    It’s totally new!


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    Can’t wait to see what Jack Baruth thinks.


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    Why no butt shots? Is it skinny too?

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    The side sills are slightly recontoured compared to the 997 so my guess is it’s a new body, thus, all-new. Wasn’t the 997 just a heavily redone 996, not an all-new car?

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    Steven Lang

    I thought it was a Hyundai Tiburon.

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    M 1

    The camouflage is there so that people will realize there is a “new” design.

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