Vehicular Sex In China: Wake Up, Little Su Zhi, Wake Up

Bertel Schmitt
by Bertel Schmitt

Chinacartimes did protracted research, quite literally into the dark underbelly of the Chinese car culture. As it turns out, the Chinese have not only eclipsed America as the world’s largest car market. They also found out that the car can be used for other things than driving. The know-how developed by us eons ago on lover’s lane, and in drive-ins, has been unabashedly ripped off by the Chinese who are getting at it in their cars.

The matter is all over Chinese websites, along with maps. This page shows Qingdao’s own top spots, which Chinacartimes head honcho Ash Sutcliffe (who lives there) failed to investigate in person. Travellers to Shanghai are treated to favorite spots of vehicular nookie. No big city is without a suitable dark corner.

Even Chinese celebrities are getting in on the sex act. Don’t they have a home? China’s top director Gu Zhang Wei was caught by Southern Daily journalists with an unnamed lady in a Mercedes Viano. Chinese basketball player Sun Rui was caught slam-dunking it with a mysterious young lady in a Mercedes GL. Most likely to the tunes of “Here comes the Sun.”

I was about to make snide remarks that the Chinese have a good ways to go. In Germany, “Parkplatzsex” (parking place sex) stands for two activities: Either finding willing couples for swapping something else than tires. Or doing it in the car while horny voyeurs are rubbing their nose (and whatnot) on the windshield. Or possibly both. But I could spare my comments. Mr. Sutcliffe called the in-car entertainment “dogging”, which – as he was informed – was the British term for sex in a car. He was promptly informed by his commentariat that “dogging” is the UK variant of “Parkplatzsex.”

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