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Audi isn’t the only German premium brand to report stellar numbers in May. The Bavarian competition, 89km down south from Audi’s Ingolstadt, didn’t sit on their thumbs either. The BMW Group increased its May sales by 22.1 percent to 147,563 BMW, MINI and Rolls Royce brand vehicles. That’s an all-time sales high for the month of May. Year-to-date, the number stands at 667,511 units for a growth of 20.7 percent, BMW says in an emailed statement. What they don’t say is even more outstanding …

Where did they sell all those cars? Mainly in Germany (29,372 units, +27.7%), in the U.S. (26,452 units, +19.7%), and of course in China (21,150 units, +51.1%). As far as premium cars are concerned, the China boom rages on.

Solid double-digit growth was also reported from the BRIKT markets: Brazil (+57.3%), Russia (58.3%), India (+160.9%), Korea (+49.1%) and Turkey (130.2%).

BMW outdistances Audi both in May and on a YTD level.

As far as individual brands go, the table says it all. Except for one brand that needed a bit of work.

With inherited British understatement, BMW does not quote any sales numbers for Rolls Royce. “Rolls-Royce Motor Cars saw sustained sales growth in all markets during the period” is all the press release yields.

Are they hiding anything? Yes, a surprising success. After some spreadsheet work and a little back and forth with BMW headquarters, we now can also add the official numbers for Rolls Royce: 88.8 percent growth year-to-date, a phenomenal number. Luxury is alive and well.

BMW Group May 2011 Results

May ’11 May ’10 Growth YTD ’11 YTD ’10 Growth
BMW Group Automobiles 147,563 120,854 22.1% 667,511 553,033 20.7%
BMW 121,168 101,822 19.0% 555,429 465,964 19.2%
MINI 26,104 18,848 38.5% 110,802 86,093 28.7%
Rolls Royce 291 220 32.3% 1,280 678 88.8%
BMW Motorrad 12,568 12,143 3.5% 48,749 45,432 7.3%
Husqvarna Motorcycles 537 1,326 -59.5% 3,080 3,607 -14.6%

Black: Published data. Grey: Calculated data. Blue: Calculated data corrected by BMW


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12 Comments on “Recession? What Recession? BMW On All-Time High...”

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    Luxury is alive and well. JLR just announced record profits of over 1 billion pounds for the financial year.

    Bet Ford wish they still had a premium car maker with Global reach…

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    At least part of the bailout money has to be spent somewhere. Cars are close to the top on the lists.

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    I believe only the United States is in a recession. Love the early 2000’s monetary policies and housing bubble!

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    At the risk of setting off a class war, the strong success of luxury brands, from Tiffany to BMW and Audi, helps to demonstrate just how skewed this economic “recovery” has been.

    Good news for the likes of BMW, Merc and Audi buyers; Bad news for the other 95%…

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    Considering that premium cars in China are slapped a premium it’s like BMW sold twice the number of bimmers there than in America.

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    It’s interesting: In my industry the only guys making money right now are those who work closely with investment banks, hedge funds and who have government contracts/healthcare contracts.

    Everyone else is still flat at best. It’s very frustrating.

    • 0 avatar

      In my corner of the world construction has been almost non-existent for the last 3 years. The only exception is government projects. If tax dollars are paying for it it’s going up. Otherwise not. The thing is the school, healthcare and government projects are unformly a lot more expensive, nicer and unneeded. For example, LED signs on schoolgrounds and an indoor practice facility for the high school football team. The schools in particular are choking on money and are wasting it to spend it all. And they keep turning out illiterates.

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    BMW’s reliability is terrible, which has to catch up with them someday.

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    They bought a sale from me in May with the ridiculous 24 month lease offer on a Z4 35is.

    There is, however, absolutely no chance that I will be bucking up the residual to keep the car after the lease is up.

    I even quoted an old TTAC article about the leasing companyies’ folly of artificially high residuals when discussing the deal on bimmerfest.

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