By on June 4, 2011

I’m just beginning to figure out that Twitter thing, and there it was:

ToyotaPR Scott Brownlee RT @YouTubeLMAO: @ToyotaPR Made this Hybrid Music Video for Toyota. < Reminds me of”

Say what?

But anyway, the video is funny, in a subversive kind of a way. It even makes you ignore ruined rhymes such as:

Forget all that yap about the Beamer Benz and Bentley
I’m ridin’ in these streets and I’m cruising at eco-friendly

Or that beauty:

They hate and it’s great cuz the fellas wanna be us
We pickin up their chicks in our TOYOTA PRIUS

Ruining the plot dept: The black guy gets the white chick.

Toyota’s got a bad rap? After that video, no more.

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12 Comments on “Babe Magnets Gone Hybrid: We Pickin Up Their Chicks In Our TOYOTA PRIUS...”

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    I can’t believe I watched the whole thing. Cute?

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      +1. I thought the same thing after watching. the lyrics are very amateur. I’d rather hear Shaq freestyle. could’ve been a lot more funny. Makes me yearn for weird al or an adam sanberg bit

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    slow kills

    Shockingly, there is no attempt to hide the fact that hydrids are usually driven very slowly.
    I’m off to swig gasoline as shown in video so I can win some lawsuit money.

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    I’m jumpin’ in my Sierra
    Gonna cruise my 3/4 ton

    Lookin’ out for Prius
    They say this big truck gonna fry us!

    Don’t worry ’bout drivin’ slow for my battery
    Got things to do on a Saturday!

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    I watched it too.(Most of it)
    I’m guessing the prius guy one..but only because I saw him walking with the girl at the end.

    They Didn’t actually showw him win…which brings me to my next question…how did he win?..Cuz the guy stopped for gas? long was the race?I still don’t think he’d win even if it was a cross country race.

    And yes the lyrics were kinda lame.

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    Awful. But it did teach me two things: you can look really cool if you air-hump a gas canister and women are possessions that can be won or lost by their men.

    Good lessons, thank you Prius.

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    Talk about hybrid. I didn’t know the Prius was a coal burner.

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    John Fritz

    I lost count of the memes about two minutes into it.

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    That was just wrong on so many levels ….

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    Absolutely terrible.

    Looks like Toyota has there own Volt dance now.

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    Everything about the video makes no sense. Drinking gas? Racing for women? Winning a race in a Prius? What they should have done was a roadtrip where the kids can’t make it back and get in trouble because they can’t come up with gas money to get back from vegas. But then we wouldn’t have been able to mashup Grease, Fast and Furious, and a McG video. Sigh.

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