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Are Audi’s Mad Men missing Bertel’s services? They must be, as the Detroit Free Press reports that Eminem’s licensing firm has filed a motion in German court seeking to ban this advertisement. Joel Martin, manager of Eight Mile Style, tells the Freep that Audi did not license the Eminem song “Lose Yourself,” adding

It’s stunning. What makes it extraordinary is the similarity to the way Chrysler is using (the song). We saw it and said, “This has got to be a joke.”

At this point Audi’s only statement on the matter comes from its US operations, which simply notes that the A6 Avant will not be marketed here. “This has got to be a joke,” sure seems to sum the situation up…

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18 Comments on “Audi Imports Ad Idea From Detroit...”

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    It’s not just the music. The entire look and feel of the commercial is borrowed from Chrysler’s current ads with Eminem, Nadamukum Suh, and John Varvatos.

    I think the idea that it’s a joke, perhaps a pointed one at Detroit, isn’t that far off the mark. It’s almost as though Audi is looking down their Nordic noses at Detroit saying, “You think you have style? Ve have fencing.”

    FWIW, the new 300 looks very, very good. Interestingly, I’m seen more new Chargers than 300s, but once the 300s start hitting the street in numbers, the car will attract a lot of people. A great looking refresh.

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      Agreed, seen several new Chargers. Boise PD is getting several to replace Vickys and Impalas with a totally new paint scheme. Looks menacing in black.

      Saw 2 new 300s in Billings last week. Also, had a new Silverado for a rental…outstanding truck, coming from someone who grew up in a primarily Ford family. Sounds glorious too!

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      I agree, but if it was a joke, it failed…badly.

      The whole commercial is a ripoff of the Imported From Detroit” ads.

      Audi needs to get their own ideas.

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      Nice grill, but I really don’t like the chrome-tastic rear lights and the shoulders just look unfinished compared to the 1st gen somehow.

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    Maybe they should dub in some Kraftwerk…

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    I happened to see this ad and I was amazed as well by the similarity to the Chrysler ad…

    I wonder what they were thinking.

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    John R

    I bet they thought they could get away with this because the A6 is better looking than the Sebring…or the 300…yeah I said it.

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    As a big Audi fan, I’d like to ask everyone to go easy on the Audi marketing department, they have it rough. Really, how do you expect them to come up with an ad campaign when there’s nothing to really advertize, espicially here in the US? What’s the tag line?

    “Audi, no less than three different A series sedans offered with only one engine, one transmission, and a wide variety of grey paint colors”

    See? it’s silly. they had to steal something.

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    … flattery.

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    Stacy McMahon

    I can see why Chrysler left the IP lawsuit to Eminem. Aside from the guitar riff (and even that’s a stretch) I just don’t see it. How many car ads have a hip-looking guy or girl driving the vehicle through a trendy downtown at night? Lots. There’s no “imported from Stuttgart” or any embarrassing “we knew we could build a halfway decent car!” as perpetrated by all three domestics at one time or another. Not original by any means, but not plagiarism either.

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      I’m with you there, Stacy. Imitation is the sincerest forum of flattery, and Audi merely “borrowed” a number of the style elements from the Chrysler ad.

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    It is a terrible ripoff. I guess Audi just didn’t think that the US would see the German commercial.

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    These two ads have one big difference: Audi should reply to chrysler our ad is different, we do not try to hide the side profile…and Chrysler could re-issue the audi ad with a more appropriate german soundtrack(think Polka!). Seriously, i like the audi ad, we feel a connection between the car and the guy, someting nice:the blinking at the end *thiz iz our little zecret!*…

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    Hildy Johnson

    It may be Audi’s revenge for the front end styling of the new 300, which takes some, ahem, ‘cues’ from Audi’s look.

    They didn’t copy the four rings, though.

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    wow whoever did that music needs to be put in jail…
    not for copyright infringement
    for murder!

    That cover is just absolutely terrible! The guitar tone is tinny, the drums are stupid… sounds like it was done by a middle schooler on his mac laptop!

    In a sense it’s a pretty good illustration that America is still heads and tales ahead of the world in some very unique ways- I think pop music and entertainment are probably the biggest. Say what you want about american movies and music, but everybody else watches more american movies than we watch foreign movies.

    I’ve never thought about it before but the whole concept of harnessing some of the global success that exists in the American entertainment industry into our cars… Maybe Chrysler is finally found something that America can to that the rest of the world can’t- catchy pop music…

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    Rammstein or Sabaton would have been much better… “Primo Victoria” without the vocals would have been superior…

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