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Today, Volkswagen officially showed its new, well, “perfected” Tiguan to the press. VeeDub unabashedly calls it an “SUV with design parallels to the larger Touareg.” Unlike its larger sibling, the Tiguan can be driven guilt-free: With a 2.0 TDI engine, the SUV needs only 5.3 liters per 100 km. Which converts to a non-EPA mileage of 44.4 mpg. Not bad for a trucklet. Volkswagen humbly calls it “one of the most fuel-efficient SUVs in the world.” Gallery after the jump …

In Germany, the new Tiguan will arrive  in mid-June; other European countries will follow at the beginning of August, overseas markets will get the new Tiguan by end of August.

The Tiguan is still the only SUV in its class that can be ordered in two different versions: one for on-road use and one specially tuned for off-road driving. “On-road” has an 18 degree angle of approach, “Off-road” 28 degrees.

The new model received new electronic doo-dads, such as Fatigue Detection, a camera-based main beam control systems Light Assist (H7 lights) and Dynamic Light Assist (bi-xenon headlights), as well as the Lane Assist lane-keeping system. Even the differential lock is no down electronically.

In Europe, the Tiguan can be ordered with the usual bewildering panoply of engines. Seven are on the menu, from 110 PS to 210 PS, three diesels, four for gasoline.


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25 Comments on “Volkswagen Announces New Tiguan. TTAC Gives You The Pictures...”

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    Hoping for the TDI in the US!

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    Doesn’t take care of its main problem if you ask me; it still is (looks) too narrow/high.

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      It looks narrow and tall because, well, it’s narrow and tall. I suppose it depends on your aesthetics, but I’m glad to see a car without coupe pretensions.

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      If you want a road car, there are other choices. Unfortunately, your comments ring completely true for the majority of drivers who never leave the paved roadways.

      Let’s hope that tall and narrow comes with adequate ground clearance and a rugged suspension for use on unpaved roads.

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    Looks suspiciously like the old one with a new front end.

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    sounds like a great product. Unfortunately, a diesel Tiguan will likely cost $35k+ in the USA which will severely limit it’s appeal. And then of course the repair issues and costs. VW needs to offer a 100k bumper-bumper warranty. If they did this then the new value-priced products (especially the new Passat) would be much more in line with the American customer’s desires.

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    “… the SUV needs only 5.3 litters per 100 km…”

    Litters? Does it burn kittens or puppies?

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    Would be interesting to see the interior. I wonder if it has fold-flat rear seats that don’t require the seat cusions to be flipped up first.

    It would be great if the TDI were offered here (Canada), and I don’t see why it wouldn’t since we have that engine in the Golf and they seem to sell a pile of them. The crap fuel economy and steep price are the two things that kept the last Tiguan fram making a dent in this market. Hopefully they have addressed both issues.

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      “Come on, they say it is “perfected,”…..”

      Must be, they even installed hydraulic seats:

      cusion – A device sometimes built into the end of a cylinder which restricts outlet flow and thereby slows down the piston.

      Payback’s a b#*ch….

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    Obviously this will compete here with the RAV, CRV, and Forester. The question is price, and how much decontenting it will take to get competitive. That’s going to be a challenge against Japanese models with quality and durability chops. If VW doesn’t bring the TDI engine, it will lose the mileage advantage over the Japanese. This should be an interesting experiment to watch.

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      So far there is no indication that VW is planning to decontent any of its global models (Golf/GTI, Passat CC, Eos, Touareg, Tiguan) for the North American market. Of course this may change in the future.

      As to whether the facelifted model will add the TDI engine here, it’s anyone’s guess. It would need the urea injection like the Passat (and unlike the Golf), but there is no technical/regulatory barrier. It’s really a question of how much extra it would cost, and how many additional Tiguans VW figures a TDI option would sell …

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        Extra Credit

        I would not expect to see the TDI come to North America on a facelifted (or “perfected”) model. If this Tiguan could be certified with a TDI for North American consumption, why wait for a facelift to monopolize the diesel opportunity in this segment? It’s more realistic to look for a Tiguan TDI in North America when the next generation is introduced.

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    Carlson Fan

    What a waste when you can just buy a Jetta Wagon TDI and not even leave the lot.

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    Will the new Tiguan feature VW’s obligatory electrical gremlins?

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    I hope the availability of the diesel in this trucklet is like a poke in the ass with a sharp stick for Subaru market whizzbangs!

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    Looks like the old one, except it has LEDs in the head lights. But maybe “reinterpreting” means a TDI for North America. It sure would be nice if that was an available option. The Passat TDI was recently approved in California with urea injection, so it sure would be nice to see the same document for the Tiguan.

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    Best looking small SUV on the market. I would gladly trade my 150 thousand mile, 26mpg RAV4 V6 on one if I could trust it to be as reliable as my Toyotas.

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    In separate releases Mazda has stated (as it concerns N.A.):

    1. in 2012 it’s Sky-D diesel engine will debut in a model not yet specified
    2. the upcoming CX-5 will be available with the Sky-D engine
    3. the CX-5 will debut in 2012

    I think there’s a very good chance Mazda will be the first to the North American market with a diesel in this segment.

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    In Canada, the AWD version starts at $38,000. And you don’t even get a low range. You only get some sort of lockable differential, which will tend to break tire traction while cornering on slippery surfaces. Good thing it comes with all sorts of safety systems.

    I can find no evidence that the “off-road” version is currently available in Canada.

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