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Governments around the globe have spent hard-earned tax payer’s money on cash for clunkers fleet modernization programs. The aim: get old cars off the roads, create demand for new ones.

As this video shows, Russia has devised an ingenious new program: Do it yourself fleet modernization. Leave it to the initiative of the citizen. No tax payer’s money spent, and it’s usually two cars or more per case.

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20 Comments on “Fleet Modernization Program, Russian Style...”

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    I didn’t have time to watch all of it, but I’d wager that alcohol plays a part here, especially a certain pedestrian attempting to cross multiple lanes of traffic or was he legally blind?

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      I lived in Moscow 1992 — 1997 and drove a Lada Zhiguli 06. These accidents happened on a daily basis. Just about every one was due to at least two people not paying attention (or driving drunk). It was amazing to see other drivers not stopping and driving around the wrecks and/or dead bodies.

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    Those accidents would be hilarious if they weren’t real! On one, it appears the cars at an intersection jumped the gun before the light turned green, and no lag time between lights turning.

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      I just remembered a video that made the rounds on e-mail a year or so ago about a tunnel with ice in it due to the roof leaking and they set up a camera and you saw all sorts of mayhem including an articulated bus careening out of control. The ice took all the drivers by surprise. I think the tunnel was in Russia or in Finland or Sweden, can’t remember exactly where. That had you on the edge of your seat, too.

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    Unbelievable! Who’s handling Russian driver training? The Looney Tunes department at Warner Brothers?

    The best one is the guy who get hit while jaywalking, picks himself up and finishes crossing the street – almost getting hit a second time. Red lights aren’t taken seriously in Russia, I assume.

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    Must be like Cairo. Traffic lights are only “suggestions” according to the taxi driver I had once.

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    I’d love to chuckle at this video and mutter “heh, Russians”, but I’ve come too close to being T-boned by idiots who can’t bear to stop at a red light or rear-ended by inattentive morons who should have their licenses revoked to find this video all that humorous. Pity it’s usually the driver doing nothing wrong that gets the worse end of the accident.

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    Is there something about Russians I don’t know about it?

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    Note to self, never let the russian bride take the car…That video convince me to never go for a drive over there…

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    The most chilling thing about these videos is the crashes themselves. It’s the fact that you can be minding your own business when some mentally challenged person come barreling into you. As for jaywalkers, I have no pity for them. As a manual transmission owner, I put the clutch in and rev up the engine when some A hole saunters across me in traffic without bothering to look either direction.

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    The amazing thing about this video is that someone obsessively added sound effects to it! I want that soundboard!

    This reminds me of a reality-TV version of Jacques Tati’s “Traffic”.

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    Are you sure that these aren’t outtakes from “The Bourne Supremacy”?

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    The best one is at 4:06. The white car is clearly trying to zip thru the intersection just after the light has changed. He dodges the first car but it seems like the driver in the middle lane just decides to speed up and hit him on principle.

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    Russia has one of the highest rates of alcoholism in the world.

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    The same intersection appears at least twice, the second time at 3:00

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    I like the one of the pedestrian running into the side of a car at 4:39. Just like a deer!

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