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Hard on the heels of the release of Ferrari’s FF four-seater, Lamborghini’s Stephan Winkelmann tells Automotive News [sub]

We are going to have a third model. It has to be an everyday car. We want to have a car which is able to be used on a daily basis.

We’d heard as much back in December, but at the time it seemed that a production version of the Estoque Concept would be the third model line. That’s not necessarily the case, as it turns out, as Winkelmann admits that Lambo “has not yet decided which segment the car will belong to.” Between the strong reception Ferrari’s FF has received from the press and its background making one of the first four-seat supercars, the Espada, it seems that a two-door, four (full) seater has to be a top candidate. On the other hand, a four-door sedan would help the brand capitalize on the Panamera/Quattroporte market, which has been doing quite well globally (and would help the brand make progress in the Chinese market)… provided it doesn’t look anything like the uninspired Estoque. Alternatively, a modern interpretation of the bat-shit-crazy, Countach V-12 powered LM002 SUV might even be an option, despite Winkelmann’s previous protests, as his latest quote seems to indicate that anything is on the table at this point.

So jump in, Best and Brightest. What kind of car should Lamborghini develop as its third model line, and how can they walk the line between Lamborghini’s now-trademark extravagant impracticality and the desire to sell “everyday cars”?

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14 Comments on “Ask The Best And Brightest: What In The Foxtrot Is An “Everyday Lamborghini”?...”

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    Obviously, a RWD diesel wagon (with a stick) that sells for less than $20k.

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    Gallardos are pretty common on the streets of La Jolla, but I’m guessing that he doesn’t mean building one of those with a transmission as durable as that of the Tata Nano. My guess is that they’ll either build a Phaeton with Lambo styling cues like they did for Bentley, or they’ll build a Panamera with Lambo headlights. I’d have much more admiration for VW if they badged all their sports cars as Porsches, all their near-luxury cars as Audis, all their supercars as Lamborghinis, all their econoboxes as VWs, all their luxury cars as Bentleys, and let Bugatti rest in peace. Oh well. I’d even let them share crossovers between Audi and VW, but the rest of it is reminiscent of a GM that never learned how to design a wiring harness.

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    @CJinSD: Well said.

    An “Everyday Lamborghini” is a contradiction in terms. Or Winkelmann’s rap is what passes for humor among very very fussy rich people, ala a Lord Byron Fart Joke.

    Lambo is THE definitive bat-s***-crazy car. What the French Toast is everyday about rocket launchers, grill-mounted machine-guns, oil slicks, James Bond supervillains, world-domination, Les Demoiselles d’Avignon, Ernest-F**king-Hemingway c**k-punching a Great White Shark, The Most Interesting Man In the World speaking Russian … -in Esperanto, F117-Nighthawk body-styling and SR-71 Radar-absorbing paint?

    It’s like calling Chuck Yeager or Neil Armstrong “An Average Guy”.

    Military Intelligence, Jumbo Shrimp, French Army, Italian Ethics, British Engineering, Nebraska Navy, Australian Sophistication, German Sense-of-Humor, etc. etc. etc.

    -Or going back to the other side of rich-people-attempting-humor,

    an “Everyday Lamborghini” is a $125,000.00+ Audi,

    ->so: the R8.

    Or maybe a heavily-faceted Maserati GT.

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    H Man

    I think the Estoque looks better than any other four-door mentioned here. It would still be expensive enough to be considered impractical, though.

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    My guess would be a 2+2 GT in the price range of the 911. Not cheap, but within range of mere mortals. I think a sedan is unlikely, and in spite of the LM002, so is an SUV …

    Build it on Audi’s MLB platform, with a front-mid engine layout, a serious engine/AWD combination and Lamborghini styling, and it’ll easily find buyers for all the cars Lamborghini would want to build.

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    Given cool cars and brand dilution, which would you prefer?

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    Idea: make $100,000 car; put Lambo sticker on it; sell for $150,000; repeat until brand name is cheapened too much for people to fall for it…

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      Bentley and Porsche have successfully added lower-cost models without any apparent dilution in brand value. Whether it works for Aston Martin (in a rather more extreme example) remains to be seen.

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    It’s interesting that first Porsche and now Lamborghini are following Maserati into the daily driver business. Of course the only person I know who used a Quatroporte as a daily driver was rewarded with 4 and 5 figure repair bills. Then there’s that guy who spent a year putting 100,000 miles on a Lambo Gallardo, with the car completely trashed at the end. First Lamborghini needs to prove they can make a car that can be driven daily before they decide whether it’s going to be an executive sedan, a coupe or as SUV.

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      Any links to that guy? People putting crazy high mileage on supercars is a strange fascination of mine. There was that guy with a brand new Enzo a while back who wanted to make it the highest mileage Ferrari in existence by using it as a daily, going on road trips, and lending it to car mags for stories. Ended up flipping it doing 120 during a rally in Utah with only 20,000 on the odometer if memory serves.

      Edit: linkage =

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    I don’t think Lamborghini or its customers have the same definition of “daily driver” that we do. It still has to be expensive, flashy and impractical, but merely appear to be a daily driver. I suggest a low, tight, swoopy, insanely powerful… minivan.

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    The daily Lamborgini is the car parked in your security system protected, full fire suppression garage, of which you walk past daily to get into your Mercedes.

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    The daily Lamborghini is used to plow the fields – they build tractors also.

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