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So, you want something with four-doors, blazing speed and sharp handling? Germany has got you covered. Photos have leaked of the next generation of Teutonic supersedans, giving an insight into a new wave of four-door performance. First up is the BMW M5, which is set to debut at the forthcoming Shanghai Auto Show, displaying the 560 HP sedan in remarkable detail. In response, Audi has let its own turbo-V8 luxury sedan be snapped in testing, even though the S6 shown here won’t be a true M5 competitor, offering “only” around 440 HP. A twin-turbo version making an M5-rivaling 555 HP is said to be waiting for the RS6, as well as a Bentley Continental GT V8. [Gallery after the jump]

Want something a little smaller? Audi has also had a test mule for its RS4 Wagon caught testing, and though its exterior looks don’t betray much, lurking under the hood is the RS5’s V8 making 450 HP. Down the road, says Auto Motor und Sport, the S6’s turbo-V8 could make it into a facelifted version with “no more than” 500 HP (think European release in 2012, US thereafter). Finally, Autobild isn’t sure if the next-generation of C63 AMG Black Series will get the older 6.3 liter AMG V8 “making at least 500 hp” or if it will jump on the new V8 turbo bandwagon, with the CLS63 AMG’s 5.5 liter turbocharged unit, which could easily make over 550 HP. Meanwhile, Porsche now offers a Turbo S version of its Panamera four-door, making 550 HP and accelerating to 60 MPH in 3.8 seconds. And, for a nominal fee, Porsche’s Sport Chrono package will boost the Turbo S’s torque from 553 foot-pounds to 590.

In any case, the new generation of German bahn-burning sedans proves that the Horsepower Wars aren’t exactly over, but have devolved into trench warfare. With the advent of the turbocharged V8 as the standard for performance sedans, the Germans are getting more power while keeping an eye on European carbon emissions standards. With both large and small sports sedans coming from each of the three German luxury brands with 500+ HP, it seems that the glory days of supersedans have a new lease on life.

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17 Comments on “So Many Next-Gen German Sports Sedans, So Little Time...”

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    Anyone of these would be a ton of fun for a week road trip in Germany. They would, unfortunately, be a pain in the ass as a daily driver on Denver’s torn up streets and traffic congestion.

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    While I applaud any manufacturer’s attempt to cater to driving enthusiasts, I am not sure that more power is what would make any of these cars better. In the case of the new 5 series (AKA the BMW for Lexus drivers) it has packed on the pounds to a degree that it feels like a limo and not a sports sedan. The C63 already has way more engine than chassis and the A4 was never really that sporty to begin with. How about a real sports sedan that is focused on driving enjoyment rather than this endless game of power numbers?

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    TTAC probably isn’t the best place for a good old fashioned ‘German Three’ flamewar…But here it goes anyway:

    The BMW is clearly the best. The others just pale in comparison. Where M cars are specifically designed from the ground up to be the sublime sports sedans that they are, the guys at AMG just bolt some shorter springs on a regular Mercedes, swap in that crate engine they’ve been mass producing for years which, contrary to their claims, is clearly no more handmade than the meat you get at Taco Bell is actually meat, add 4 garish ovoid fartpipes that would look out of place even on the most riced out Civic and call it a day.

    Adding more power to the C63 is a complete excersize in futility, since the chassis is so inadequate that it can’t even put the measily 450HP of the regular C63 on the road. It’s so bad in fact that if you misguidedly try to hang on to the tail of an M3 the only thing that will desintegrate faster than your ego are your rear tires.

    As for Audis; they’re just nose heavy, understeery glorified veedubs only suited to people who can’t handle the occassional dab of snap oversteer. It’s the beige Toyota of German sports sedans.

    An M will destroy both of them all day any day any which way till friday.

    *flamesuit on*

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      I find your points interesting, and I would like to subscribe to your newsletter.

      Oh, and Quattro is for sissies.

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      I registered just to respond to you. Congrats.
      In response to your rant:
      Audi R8 v10
      In response to your rant about my first response:
      STaSIS Audi R8 v10 (Only Included, since it can be purchased from dealer with full warranty).
      Just send me a check for the pain and suffering you caused me by unintentionally having me read your rant.
      Your welcome.

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    Edward, I have a suggestion. Maybe responders should have to reveal what they drive.
    Our AMG is better at just about everything than any other car we have had, with the possible exception of my big block 442. Currently my daughter is commuting to her new job in it; I am sure with a smile.
    It has only two tail pipes, both on the same side.

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    In my neck o’ the woods, congestion, highway maintenance (lack thereof), unpredictability of other drivers, hostile police, the weather from nov-mar and unemployed people carrying sharp metal objects would keep these 500 hp babies safely in their garages.

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    Well, I find all these nice in the abstract. But I would vote for a sedan having all the handling bits of their best and a 300 +/- hp six. And a manual transmission. I regret that my older A6 with the 2.7 BiTurbo is an automatic and that it plows like a tractor in corners.
    Cost no object? Porsche’s best Panamera suspension, the six and the (unavailable in the US) manual transmission. I am neutral about the exterior looks, the interior is nice and it would be a great slow car to drive fast – if 0-60 in 6 is actually slow.

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    That much power is useless around the city and they’re too big and heavy for a track. Give us handling instead, please.

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    If you can, watch some of the European sedan races on Speed.

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    DC Bruce

    Probably says something negative about me, but I find all of this to be more than slightly insane.  What is really being sold here is auto-jewelery and bragging rights — not much different than the elaborate and expensive mechanical watches you will see advertised on the pages of the Wall Street Journal.
    A few weekends ago, I was privileged to ride around in my friend’s Quattroporte.  The driving experience wasn’t much different from my Chrysler 300 Touring rental . . . mainly because of the limits imposed on us by where we were (“Silicon Valley”).  On the other hand, the finish of the wood and the quality of the leather interior of the Quattroporte was exquisite, in stark contras to the mostly “look, but don’t touch” interior of the Chrysler.  Actually, if you upgraded the hard plastic on the doors and the dash of the Chrysler and gave the automatic transmission another gear, it seemed to me to be a perfectly acceptable — if a little big — car.  (I think my rental had the larger V-6, not the pathetic 2.7 liter.)

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    The E39 M5 was a sweet machine, easily worthy of the ultimate driving machine character. The E60 M5 was an ugly rolling computer with an unusable transmission. My guess is that the F10 M5 will have a lot more in common with the latter rather than the former.
    By far the most everyday usable German performance machines are the Audi S and RS cars. See what happens to your M or AMG when you hit some ice or standing water. Try and floor it on a lose surface. The stability control will come down like an anvil and you will be going NOWHERE. For a track day, I’ll take an M3, provided somebody has put decent brakes on it. For every other day, give me the S6.

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    Acc azda atch

    I hate to be the bearer of honesty here..
    I dont see much of a selection “something with four doors”? This is a car website.. right? Ya can name all of the cars by their displacement and where they are made?
    “Something with four doors?”
    Last time I looked.. I never asked anyone what I wanted in a car, I get told.
    As for as what is visible..
    I see a M5 4dr sedan, a RS4 (wagon), a RS5 and a C class sedan with a AMG package…
    TWO cars bathed in shiny primer.. the other two are using black?
    Where is the choice?!
    Ya got 1 wagon, 3 sedans, 2 in black and 2 in shiny primer?!
    How bout ya give me a 5 series wagon, with a monster V8 with a twin scroll turbo, with a cloth interior, a manual and NO NAV!
    THAT.. would be a choice.

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