By on April 21, 2011

No, this is not the Mercedes B Class. It is the Beijing Auto BC301. Supposedly, it is a blatant copypaste, performed by Daimler’s joint venture partner BAIC.

This is the real B Class. Come on, guys, where is the copy here? The colors are totally different! And the BC301 is fashionable matte.

(Honestly, after 2 days at the Shanghai Show, all these SUVlets look alike to me. It must be the Chinese food …)

Now here is something totally new: World premiere of the A-Class concept. It comes in three colors. Grey.


And red.  Which one do you like best?

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7 Comments on “Shanghai Auto Show: Mercedes Imitation Is The Sincerest Form Of Joint Venture...”

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    Why show a car in primer? I wouldn’t buy a car that didn’t shine.

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      It’s supposed to be a trendy carbon finish (first by AMG?).

      Anyway, yes there are similarities, like 4 wheels etc. But you can say that for most cars of the same class, like the copy/paste of GS front end to E-class. Get over it.

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        “It’s supposed to be a trendy carbon finish (first by AMG?).”

        Now I know where I saw the dull-finish concept: VW Thing. All the colors were kind of like a satin/dull finish. A friend had a 1974 Chevy 4WD SB pickup and his burnt-orange/white colors were kind of the same – he called it RV paint. I think Chevy just screwed up. Make it shine or no deal.

        For your last statement: Huh?

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      Acc azda atch

      Try and buy a car that isn’t sold in Shiny primer / silver / grey or White / black.. not left with many choices…
      As far as a car that doesn’t shine. I WANT to stand out. There are just WAYYYY too many of the SAME car, in the same paint job

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    The rear quarter window is smaller.  The wheels only have 4 lugs.  The fuel filler is on the other side.  The side rub strip is missing.   Ha ha.

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      The cut line where the front bumper cover meets the fender looks wonky on the Benz.  The BAIC fixed awkward styling proportions between the hood bulge and the top fender contour and has a nicely integrated headlight lens.  The BAIC appears to have a nicer interior in that it isn’t a sea of Teutonic black.  I’m digging the flat paint, but I hear that they’re a royal pain to care for.  If I can neglect a paint like that the way I neglect my silver truck and have it still look as good 9 years down the road sign me up, and I’m about the furthest from being a fan of black cars as there can be.

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    They may look the same, but honestly, which one would you rather be in during a crash? Thought so.  So my question is, do the Chinese realize this? Does safety sell in china like it does in the states or are Chinese shopper more interested in the bottom line.

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