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I ended up with a copy of Sammy Hagar’s memoir as reading material for my last air-travel adventure, and found it quite entertaining (in spite of the tedious anti-David Lee Roth/Van Halen brothers diatribes). His tales of being the son of Fontana’s town drunk are worth reading, but the only real shocker came when Hagar describes the car he bought in 1973 with the first real money advanced to Montrose. You’ll never guess what type of vehicle the Red Rocker bought with his first rockstar-grade paycheck!

That’s right, a Citroën 2CV! Perhaps this car was the real inspiration for “I Can’t Drive 55” (“I Can Only Drive 55 Downhill” didn’t have quite the same ring to it). In his words: “…and I bought a car. Not just any car, of course, but a Citroën Deux Chaveux, the most uncool car on the planet— a French car that looks like a sardine can. I thought it had class.” For what it’s worth, his next car purchase was a right-hand-drive Ferrari 330GT 2+2.

All right, let’s all crank up the song Mr. Hagar wrote for his very first album, a song that makes up for all that hot-selling-yet-forgettable stuff he did with the post-Roth Van Halen. Truly one of the greatest— if not the greatest— beer-soaked-burnouts-in-the-convenience-store-parking-lot anthems ever recorded

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12 Comments on “Not Exactly Hard, Sweet, and Sticky: Sammy Hagar’s First Rock Star Car Purchase...”

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    After a 2CV you can only go up from there.

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    I thought “Rock Candy” was the song you listen to while you make sweet hot love to your girlfriend in the back of your party van after a smoking half a bowl. “Heavy Metal” on the other hand…

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    Holy cow, that drum lick in the beginning was sampled by Tone Loc:

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    Steven Lang

    That is quintessential jersey ‘getting stoned’ music. Hair down to your shoulders. Leather jacket, five o’clock shadow, listening to old rock albums off a high-end early 80’s Fisher stereo system while getting high… ask me how I know.

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    This begs for a link to this:

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    With songs like “Trans Am (Highway Wonderland)” and “Baby’s on Fire” I figured it would have been a Trans Am. Never would have guessed a Citroën. Love Sammy Hagar and I’m one of the few that like Van Hagar better than Halen. Old Sammy has the life!

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      I’ll second that.  The David Lee Roth era was certainly more significant, more fun and probably a “better” catalog overall, but Hagar was a better vocalist and Van Halen was stronger musically with him.
      I will say, however, that Sammy, Dave and Eddie “I got mouth cancer from putting my pick between my teeth, not from smoking” Van Halen have all become caricatures of themselves.  At least Sammy’s still working with Michael Anthony, after Eddie fired him.

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    While all the other kids were  freaking out over the Beatles and the Rolling Stones I did enjoy that music I enjoyed even more many of the songs on Marty Robbins’ Gunfighter Ballads and Trail Songs.
    Every Friday our teacher allowed us to play records for an hour while we did work.
    I brought in my Marty Robbins and iwithin minutes she arose and wordlessly removed the LP and plopped it upon my desk in disgust.
    Every single kid in the class ridiculed me.
    I just thought of Big Iron.
    Looking serenely back into the past I can envision the herd present as remaining within their complacent brainwashed daze their ruling class masters and corporate USA intended them to be indoctrinated into and remain so for life.
    And I betcha’ more or likely all have done so.

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    Van Halen was more entertaining (live) with DLR at the helm. But at least Hagar could actually play an instrument and hit the high notes without his balls in a vise…

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    We’ll go out drivin’ in my 6.6
    Bypass the city
    Head straight for the sticks

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    I bought this album shortly after I got out of the air force in the fall of 1973. Along with it I bought Canned Heat’s “One More River To Cross” LP. I didn’t keep the Montrose LP for too long, as it got old real quick to me. I still have the Canned Heat LP, though, and recorded it and put it on CD. Sounds great, too!

    I’ve shared this before, but the very first 2CV I ever saw was in San Francisco when I was in the USAF and was dumbfounded by that thing. The next time I saw one was in “American Grafitti” and had a good laugh! Years later, every time we visited the Museum of Transport in suburban St. Louis with my family, they have a nice example of one of these on display. Now I think “How quaint!”

    obbop: You’re looking at another Marty Robbins fan here! El Paso City is one of my favorites.

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