By on April 28, 2011

The rumors were all correct: Porsche is selling a GT3 RS 4.0. The weight: 2,998 lbs. The juice: 500 horsepower from a four-liter version of the venerable old GT1 engine.

The price: hold on to your hats.

It will cost you $185,000 to pick up one of the 600 limited edition four-liters. Some of us in Porsche-land remember when the RS America was cheaper than the standard Carrera 2. Those days are long gone, although the $150,000 Carrera shown at the NYIAS Porsche stand made it plain that it’s no longer even remotely affordable to have a well-equipped 911 in one’s driveway.

You can have your RS 4.0 in any color you like, as long as it’s Carrara White. Some of our competitors are aghast at the “misspelling” of Carrera, going on here. We’ll clue you in: Carrara is a kind of marble which can be a dull white. It’s not the same color as found on real racing Porsches. The traditional Porsche white is “Grand Prix White”, which is a bright, single-stage finish. Neckarsulm-painted Porsches, such as the 944, could be had in the Audi “Alpine White” color. Since the debut of the 997, Porsche has done a couple runs of “launch cars” in Carrara White, so if your local dealer had a PDK 997 3.6 he couldn’t get rid of for love nor money, now you know why: the company made him take it. Reportedly the new Carrera GTS was also initially sent to dealers in Carrara White.

I’m sure you’ve already closed your browser by now and phoned both your local dealer and your broker, but if you’re still waiting for a Nurburgring time, it is: 7:27:00. Now you can make that call.

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32 Comments on “Larger Holes In Porsche Engine Result In $65,000 Markup...”

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    $185,000? lunch money.

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    John R

    Thanks, Porsche! I love the GT-R that much more now.

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    since they are only making 600 they are probably all sold out as we speak

    the thing is Porsche collectors will buy them at any price

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    Ship them to China and they will sell out within an hour.

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    I suspect Porsche is just making the Cayman S all that much more attractive as a used car. Unless there are serious problems involved in putting the larger engine into the Cayman chassis, they are losing an opportunity to develop a far more refined chassis than the 911 based solely on the gold chain set.

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      You can put a larger engine in a Cayman – 3.8 X51s have been done. The newer engines no longer have an IMS and the RMS seems to be fixed too. Take heart, something else will crop up with the new ones. It is expensive to upsize the engine and you’ll likely not recover any of that when you sell it on. The GT3 collector edition here, you probably will – look at prices of early 90’s RS Americas. Actually, what you recover is the depreciation not being as severe, but its still big. Porsche is in that not-so-sweet spot where they aspire to cost no object status where outrageous price and depreciation just shows you can afford it, but they are held to a different price standard – the one for R8s, GT-Rs, Vette, etc.

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    Educator(of teachers)Dan

    If I had that kind of money I’d pay them another $50,000 to take that wing off.

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      Your comment busted the laughmeter. But as I think about it, you probably need the damn wing to keep the back planted when you’re going down the highway at 150.

      I do like the fact that they kept the weight at <3000. And if the markup can help keep them from diluting the brand still further, its fine with me.

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        Educator(of teachers)Dan

        Sadly though David that wing reminds me of a local young lady who owns one of the last Pontiac Sunfires produced. It’s a metallic green coupe, fully loaded (sunroof ect…) and she felt it necessary to supplement the small (at the base of the rear window) factory wing with a big, painted to match, Cobalt SS wing. Now that automotive monstrosity busts my laughmeter. (BTW thank you for the small amount of appreciation. :) )

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    Oh good, now is my chance to pick up a “standard” GT3 RS at a bargain, I am sure they wont be able to move any of them now that this is out… discounts galore!!!

    //sarcasm, for those of you who dont get it//

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    …but do they have lime green leather stitching?

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    Okay, this is stupid and superficial of me, but I’m curious enough to bite.

    Why white as the sole color?

    It’s about my least favorite color for a car.

    Jarred Land of RED Digital Cinema got his 911 painted camo. I wonder how much that cost …


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    Tongue was firmly in cheek for this article, which is reasonable because Porsche wants to insert their D*** firmly in any buyer’s a** of this vehicle.

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    500HP from a NA 4,0 flat-6 does look rather sweet on paper…and it will likely at some point have a value that makes the 65K premium over a regular GT3 RS easier to bear.

    Don’t care much for the livery though and a shame they don’t offer multiple color schemes (seems similar to the 996 GT3 RS though I think that might also have been available in a black/silver livery, not sure).

    I do actually think this will negatively affect the value of the other GT3s, cause in the long run there’s usually one ‘top of the hill’ model that all the collectors want to have and the lesser models fall a good part behind. The 997 II GT3 RS could have been that top dog, but now it’s one step down. A regular 997 GT3 has almost become a regular model, therefore losing much of its collectible value but still offering probably some, say, 93% (yes, I guestimated that, only ever drove a regular 997 Carrera once myself) of the GT3 RS 4.0’s experience to the real enthusiast who actually tracks the car instead of putting it in a garage.

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      I just noticed the German price of the RS 4.0 is ‘only’ 22K (Euros) more than the RS (3.8). Not too bad for Porsche’s standards. Of course the RS 3.8 is already overpriced a lot compared to the very similar regular GT3, so yeah it might technically be overpriced, but it’s not like a sportclassic or that blue speedster thing, or the 918 whatever silly green leather threads edition.

      It’s got weight-optimised floor mats for crying out loud…That must account for at least 5K right there, no?

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    Jack, would love to see an article from you about how Porsche can repeatedly scam their customers with BS like this.  Why would anyone pay $65k for a hardly noticeable power bump?  Or that amount of money for a Carrera, period.  Carreras are a dime a dozen.  I see them everywhere in the NY/NJ area.  Yawn.  Stupid superbeetle.  If I’m buying a car to impress people with it would NOT be a Porsche.  For $185,000 I can get an R8 and have real street cred and a much cooler car.  What psychosis has Porsche tapped in to?  I need an answer so I can exploit it too.

    • 0 avatar

      Stupid superbeetle? Ignorance.

    • 0 avatar

      @ARacer: I too would buy something more Tony Stark like an R8.

      These smashed beetles are everywhere here, too; bleh.

      Don’t all the dentists out there realize it’s not 1987 anymore?  

      Whatever. I  can’t wait to grow a ‘stache, buy some aviators and a red 308GTSQV and park it next to one of these dentistmobiles,


      Then I will walk away in my 70’s running shorts and pastel IZOD shirt, while getting on the CB radio to ask TC to airlift in some b****es with huge hair for lunch,
      like Audrey and Judy Landers. 


      • 0 avatar
        Educator(of teachers)Dan

        Could do the same thing more cheaply with a ‘Vette according to stereotypes.  Although if you really want to be different get a Cadillac XLR.

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    So who says Porscha? Not me!

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    As long as people remain wedded to the idiocy of robbing everyone from paupers to millionaires blind, in order to bail out half litterate but well connected “important” billionaires, who haven’t demonstrated ability to be correct about a single thing since the first time they happened onto spelling their name correct, the big profits will come from catering to the billionaire set.
    Doctors, CPAs etc. are increasingly hard pressed to keep upper end auto makers in fat profits, since they, too, are being flushed down the toilet to keep the banksters in splendor. And of course, having all the money, means the banksters have the attention of all the advertisers, which ensures a steady stream of media hype about how these clowns are somehow useful for something more than fertilizer. Which idiots everywhere obviously swallow whole, like hungry chickens.

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    Thats a lot of money for something thats slower then a GT-R.

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    Those are impressive numbers for standard manual transmission car. I’m sure that these would be even better with the PDK gearbox but probably not nearly as much fun.
    BTW: The markup is irrelevant – they will sell these in a matter of hours if not days.

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    Porsche has really caught on to how to market their 911.  It seems like every month there’s a new permutation (or perversion) of the 997.  GTS, GT2, GT2 RS, GT3 RS, Speedster etc. ad nauseum.  Does anyone ever buy a base 997 with manual transmission?  Bet you can’t even get one.

    I’ll buy another Porsche when (and if) they offer the sub-Boxster flat four for $30K.

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    Wow.  This makes my non-TTAC approved, 2400lb, uber cheap, DIY friendly, 1974 911 look like a win.

    Also a “grin on your face” type of car.

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    Since Porsche introduced the Boxster and Cayman the 911 has seen it’s production slowly drop as people who want a Porsche but don’t have six figures lying around grab those. In most areas I can grab a used Boxster for under 20K in decent shape and a Cayman for about 30K. A similar 911 would have to be creeping up on 20 years old to reach those prices or wrecked. The one-offs of the 911 keep adding mystique and a few hundred “limited editions” just pad the numbers.

    Honestly I would rather see them nix the Boxster completely or roll in into the Cayman line up as the roadster variant and bring the price of the 911 down by 10K to start. Then again since Porsche is effectively buying out VW/Audi they have little interest in being profitable and more interest in shoveling halo cars to the ultra-rich. Guess I’ll be stuck trying to find a repaired-right 2000s 911 in a few years…

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    Picture gallery does not work.

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    Anybody who buys a new German car (except for maybe the New Jetta) is an idiot oblivious to the plethora (haven’t used that in a sentence in a while) of mint-condition used German cars on the market.

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      This is a troll, right?

      It is only thanks to the plethora of “idiots” that there are mint- and other-condition used cars available for those who like someone else to take the depreciation hit.

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