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I was too busy examining considerably less powerful race cars last weekend at Michigan’s Gingerman Raceway to track down the owner of this fine machine and ask the many questions it inspired. Just one glance at the engine, however, tells us a terrifying/awe-inspiring power-to-weight story.

It appears to be a homebuilt, mid-engined creation with a straight-outta-the-junkyard GM LS V8 being force-fed nearly enough boost by a very large turbocharger. Yes! It was seriously quick around the track, of course, and it never once flew off into the woods while backwards and on fire.

Note the gratifying lack of prettification and Soviet-tractor-grade sturdy structure. How much do you suppose the parts for this monster cost? Probably much less than a Spec Miata… and there must be some states that would grant it license plates. One can only hope.

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16 Comments on “How To Improve an Insane LS-Engined Track Car? Add a Huge Turbocharger?...”

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    Is this beast all-wheel drive? Something’s going on at the front, but I’m not sure what it is.

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      Or it could just be the steering rack like in this beasty…
      On further research, I think this ‘build guide’ on the LocostUSA website is the car in question – they look very similar.

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    Felis Concolor

    I see a beefy steering rack and not much else up there.

    I love the rear dihedral support brackets: an absolute minimum for establishing the proper level of down force and no added decorations to blend them in with the wing struts.

    Okay, there’s a rear bumper structure with more than enough material to mount indicator lights and some nerfing protection on the sides: add a similar pair of bars up front and we’re good to go!

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    Uncle Mellow

    Don’t really like the lack of fire protection between the engine bay and the cockpit.

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    Kevin Jaeger

    This thing needs a twin turbo – not enough boost.

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    SVX pearlie

    I’m guessing its top speed is drag-limited, yes?

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    It’s probably the only car at the track that actually uses/needs that wing! Where’d it finish?

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    I know this car!  The owner’s name is Ken.  He runs a track rental business called  He built the car himself and documented it on his website.  It’s a dedicated track car. 

    Last I heard, it was running a 5.3L V8.  Most of the suspension came from a C5 Vette.

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    Here is the link to the thread.  Pretty awesome.

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    Uglier than a bear’s ass sewed up with a grapevine and more fun than a monkey with a machine gun. I want one.
    Reminds me of the “cake float Lincoln” in Animal House.

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    Who needs an Ariel Atom? Make sure you’re wearing your Depends… I could imagine something like this as the cause for all kinds of skid marks!
    It figures, the time LeMons comes close to my house (I live about 30 mins away from GingerMan) I have to go out of town. Ugh. I would have loved to have seen this.

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      Thanks for all the compliments.
      The car was designed and built in my two car garage over the span of about two years.  I had a lot of help from my friends, but we managed to do everything ourselves.  The engine was purchased from a local junkyard with about 65k miles on it.  It is a 5.3L with LS1 intake and oil pan, and LS6 exhaust manifolds.  Other than swapping those parts, I have never opened the engine.  It now has about 3 track seasons on it, one of those with the turbo.
      The trans is an automatic from a C5 Corvette.  My dad made a custom controller which allows me to use buttons to shift it.  It also locks the converter in every gear but 1st to minimize heat.
      All the suspension and brakes are C5 Vette.  The turbo is from a Duramax engine and is putting out about 5.8 psi right now, but that will probably be increasing this season.
      There is nothing in the front of the car except a custom steering rack (manual) and the battery.  The car weighs 2440 pounds wet, but without driver.
      My dad also found the wing at a swap meet for $25.  I’m still trying to figure out if it helps, but I think it looks cool.  It serves to mount the brake light if nothing else.
      I built the car simply to run in our track days at 3 Balls Racing.  I did document the build on my site there if anyone is interested.  We’re heading back to Gingerman tonight for our first official event tomorrow.

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    Well suited for picking on posers in ricers.

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    No problem with allowing that on the roads here in SC…now of course registering it will be a whole extra matter…our DMV ranges from completely clueless to intentionally obstructionist. 

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