6,750 Eminem Fans Can't Be Wrong: Chrysler Is Up 31 Percent

Jack Baruth
by Jack Baruth
6 750 eminem fans can t be wrong chrysler is up 31 percent

Doesn’t anybody read the Detroit News? I can think of 6,750 people who don’t. They are the people, rental agencies, or hopeless confused aliens trying, albeit incompetently, to fit into human society who took home a new Chrysler 200 in March. This kind of volume won’t worry Toyota, but a full year of this volume would pay back the likely development costs for the car and then some.

This 200-centric news is part of a pretty solid month for Chrysler overall. The platform mate Avenger rang the register for 5,954 units, while the brand as a whole sold over 121,000 cars and trucks. The full press release is here, but no matter how you look at it, this is good news for the Mopar crew. Let’s see what a few months of restricted Accord and Camry production does for them…

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  • Mr. Spacely Mr. Spacely on Apr 01, 2011

    Yeah, I almost feel like we need a backlash-to-the-backlash regarding the 200. I test drove a V6 Limited last week and it was good. Not great, but good. More impressive, though, was the interior, which I find to be class-leading. Downsides: Size (cramped), roofline (ugly), durability (unknown). At the very, very least, though, it looks really sweet from the front and the back, especially when compared to Toyotas and the quickly aging Fusion. I'd love to see ChryCo release that MOPAR Super S concept with a new tranny. Now *that* would be an interesting family sedan.

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    • Ptschett Ptschett on Apr 01, 2011

      Allpar had two different backlashes last week. I was at the Twin Cities Auto Show a few weeks ago, and if I was judging just on the interior I'd pick the 200 or Avenger over most of their competition, and I'd test-drive the Koreans before I bothered with an Accord or Camry.

  • Eldard Eldard on Apr 01, 2011

    Yay! Viva Italia! And Libya, I guess...

  • Acd Acd on Apr 01, 2011

    Jack, Did you notice that Mr. Journalistic Integrity's first review since returning to Print Journalism and after realizing what a sweet gig he had and that there were plenty of people giving good car reviews without union wages & benefits was the 2011 Dodge Journey, cousin to the Chrysler 200 that gave him so much trouble a few weeks ago? This time he actually liked the Journey. Go figure. The Wobble lives!

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    • Jack Baruth Jack Baruth on Apr 02, 2011

      I'd have a hard time liking the Journey more than the 200, but what do I know? Not much.

  • Subifreak Subifreak on Apr 02, 2011

    Ah, Chrysler is living the dream!!! And what a useless statistic to boot....