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Ferdi Piech is trying his hand at instigating a velvet revolution. He is dangling huge sales increases at Alfa in front of workers and customers, hoping that they string up Marchionne and ask Volkswagen to take over Alfa. Or something along these lines. Anyway, Piech said in Geneva that Volkswagen could nearly quadruple the annual sales of Alfa Romeo, if Fiat would only do the right thing and sell Volkswagen the ailing Alfa brand.

At yesterday’s Group Grope Night,Piech said that in five years, Volkswagen could pump Alfa’s sales up to nearly 400,000 cars, Automotive News [sub] reports.

Sergio Marchionne dismisses these advances by the 74 year old. Marchionne said last month: ” Marchionne handed out some advice while ha was at it: Piech should concentrate on fixing SEAT. Very funny. In the 80s, Volkswagen had to swoop in and rescue SEAT, after SEAT’s partner Fiat ran out of money.

Yesterday evening Piech said he can wait for the right moment to woo Alfa away: “Volkswagen has time.”

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18 Comments on “Piech Still Has The Hots For Alfa...”

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    What a picture! Is this guy allowed to live within 1000 feet of a school?

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    No need to worry for children at schools. He is only interested in Little Red Riding Hood.

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    And he’ll get them too, sooner or later.  Marchionne is a but a lone fat sheep in a black sweater sashaying in front of a methodical and voracious wolf.  How do you say “El Diablo Lobo” in German?

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    Perhaps Sergio can sell him Plymouth instead.

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    A recent report in the German AutoBild magazine shows Italian Alfa workers on strike for VW to take them over and relieve them of the in their mind incapable Fiat management.
    As long as that is the case and Fiat attempting to raise cash for the Chrysler ordeal we don`t have to worry about Mr. Piech not to be successful here shortly.

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    I’m not seeing it.  Sergio needs to give VW another dose of TTAC.
    And if VW ever gets Alfa, they’d better not count its US sales as part of the million-car target for 2018.  I thought VW’s growth was to be organic.

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    What on earth does VW need another brand for? Would Alfa become their Italian DeSalle to Lamborghini’s Cadillac? (OK, I admit that’s not a perfect analogic fit. But seriously, where would Alfa slot into VW’s already overcrowded brand portfolio?)

    BTW, am I the only one who thinks Piech looks like Sting in about 20 more years?

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    We don’t get SEAT or Skoda in the US, but VAG still does an imaginary job of differentiating their mainstream brands here. You need to really care about soccermom mobiles to tell a ‘Porsche’ Cayenne from a VW Touareg, or an ‘Audi’ A3 from a VW Golf, or an ‘Audi’ R8 from a Lamborghini Gallardo, or a VW CC from an Audi A6 or an A4 from a Passat, or… Why does every brand need a car in every segment? Porsche is getting a Golf based crossover to compete with…Audi’s Golf based crossover. They need to stick Alfa badges on another round of these indifferent clunkers for every segment again? Shouldn’t they be concentrating on getting Porsche ‘911’ head and tail lights to work on the Dodge Caravan?

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      Let me correct just the facts without arguing about anything else: neither the Q5 or the upcoming Cajun are based on the Golf; both are/will be built on Audi’s modular MLB platform, and bear a far closer relationship to the A4 than to the Golf.
      P.S. If you can’t tell an R8 from a Gallardo I do think you need some new glasses …

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    Yeah, because Alfa reliability isn’t bad enough under Fiat.
    I don’t see the point in this at all, beyond Piech being an egomaniac.  Ideally Alfa should be a direct competitor to Audi, do there’s absolutely no business case for VW owning the brand.

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    Piech just won’t take the hint, will he? Marchionne didn’t want to sell Alfa Romeo before, and he thinks Marchionne will change his mind now?

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    Alfa is Italian, not German. The last thing we need is another rebadged VW.

    At some point, my wife and I will need a small car for local trips. We used to have a 1987 Honda Civic which she loved because of its small size. The Fiat 500 looks like a potential successor although I would prefer the Abarth model.

    Fiat owners I used to know claimed that the cars were reliable as long as you stayed on top of maintenance. The “if it ain’t broke, don’t fix it” mentality guaranteed you would be stranded by the side of the road.

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    Sure like Dumler saved Chrysler, this joker will save Alfa …sure.

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    After seeing the Chrysler 300 with the Alfa badge, At least VW would keep the Alfa Romeo brand from being diluted… and in the process actually make it profitable.

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      I think its the Lancia badge they’re sticking on the Chrysler 300 in mainland Europe – which is no bad thing as last generation Lancias are about the ugliest cars on the planet.  They’re not putting the Alfa badge on the 300 anytime soon – although they might platform share, the bodies will be very different.

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      Wow, where did you see an Alfa badged 300? You must be magic or a giant dumbass, since the 300 will be sold as the Lancia Thema.
      Get your facts straight, then have an opinion.

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    Folks, it’s all about money.  VW has it, Fiat doesn’t.  What money Fiat does have is going toward reviving Chrysler.  Fiat doesn’t even have enough money to keep the Alfa Romeo museum open.  Marchionne is a good executive, but he lacks resources to do Alfa justice.  Both Marchionne and Piech know this.

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    Perhaps Piech could buy Consumers Union instead and muzzle their continued reports of poor reliability and perception?
    Or, better, Piech could get serious about fixing Audi’s reliability and VW’s dealer network.  Then he could truly sell a lot more cars in the USA, and have even more money to wrestle Afla from Fiat.

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