Junkyard Find: 1952 Buick Super

Murilee Martin
by Murilee Martin
junkyard find 1952 buick super

During my recent trip to California, I stopped by one of the biggest self-service wrecking yards in the San Francisco Bay area, a steel-company-owned yard that turns over its inventory of many hundreds of cars and trucks about every two months. If you see a car in this yard, you can be sure that its steel will be on a China-bound container ship within eight weeks. Such is the case with this 59-year-old Buick sedan.

As we saw not long ago, scrap steel prices have gone past $250/ton, a situation which has combined with high unemployment to send every dude with any sort of car trailer out knocking on doors and buying not-so-wanted vehicles. That means that a two-ton monster like this Special will net at least 500 bucks to the industrious scavenger who brings it to The Crusher. This car is probably too far gone to make a restoration worthwhile, although Midwesterners accustomed to extreme rust might disagree.

Wouldn’t this [s]flathead[/s] pushrod eight be a great addition to a Billetproof-bound rat rod? I hope someone rescues this one before it gets eaten.

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