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Autocar explains what happens when BMW’s X6 sells an unexpected 110,622 units since its introduction: it gets copied. By Audi.

Nothing has been made official, but in an interview with German media representatives at the recent Geneva auto show, Audi boss Rupert Stadler, alluded to the new German crossover, saying, “We can imagine a model between the Q5 and the Q7… a coupé-like, four-wheel driven model.”

The decision to provide the new model with what Stadler describes as “coupé-like” styling and standard “four-wheel drive” also paves the way for an outwardly sporting variant from Audi quattro, the same division responsible for the company’s diverse range of RS models. While still early days, Audi is thought to be considering a range-topping Q6 RS model powered by the new turbocharged 4.0-litre V8 engine, set to make its debut in the new-generation RS6 at the Frankfurt motor show in September.

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14 Comments on “Audi Considering X6-Fighter?...”

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    Interesting.  BMW manages to move quite a number of these, while the Acura riff on this theme, the ZDX, rots on the lot.
    I’d chalk it up to brands and engines, but I’ve recently been in both and it really comes down to first impressions: the X6 is a viable car: you can get in and drive it without contorting yourself and the sightlines aren’t egregiously bad.  The ZDX is just one comedy of errors after another, starting with trying to climb into it.

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    Robert Schwartz

    I imagine that it was some sin in a previous life that condemned me to live in the world where there are more than 100,000 people who could think of owning a X6.

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    I don’t know why the X6 is so ill regarded. Yes, it is ridiculous, makes no practical sense, and goes entirely against any notion of frugality and sensibility. It doesn’t drive as well as a 5 series and doesn’t hold as much stuff as an X5. What it is is a lot of fun (I don’t mean fun to drive). It is precisely the kind of car that an enthusiastic kid or teenager would draw; or car designers when they are dreaming up concepts that are never meant to make it into production. It’s like something from a sci-fi movie. It is unlikely anything else on the road not because of the environment, not because of space, not because of drag coefficient, not even because of optimized speed and handling, but simply to look incredibly cool. And yes, the objective qualities of the car suffer for it.
    But a car is more than just the simple sum of its parts. The X6 is all about how it looks. And those looks are what make it so lovable (certainly not to everybody) to its buyers. It looks very, very cool.
    What the X6 is then is essentially an oversized toy truck. My guess is that these are mostly bought by 40+ year olds who want to defy some of the dreariness of everyday life by buying something that doesn’t make sense at all. The fact that the X6 makes even less sense than a Pagani or Porsche (those are purposeful in being sportscars) is precisely what draws people to it.
    That is the reason its competitors are failing miserably. While BMW managed to draw up an incredibly good looking car (I find the X6 to be the best looking car in BMW’s lineup today) the Acura something-or-other is not incredible. It’s not bad, but if your only selling point is looks then “not bad” isn’t good enough. Your car better be oozing of coolness. The X6 does. Not everybody likes it. But people get passionate about it. Lots hate it. Others love it. The Acura is just boring.
    Now what I don’t get is people buying 5 series GTs….

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    ’49 Nash Ambassador. Unloved then; sells 100K now. What the world needs now?

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    The X6: Proof that if you put BMW on the title and the roundel on the hood, the sheep will line up to buy any kind of crap. It took twenty years for GM to shoot their reputation. How long will BMW continue along this path until they’re no longer a desirable product?

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    The X6, especially in red, is beautiful. This Audi ain’t.

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      The Audi pictured is obviously a PhotoShopped Q5 and I doubt it was created by anyone at Audi.  I also don’t believe Audi would incorporate a  “Hofmeister kink” into one of their car designs.

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    They should re-make this …

    using the CEOs of Audi and BMW

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    I hate the BMW X6 but Jaguar is also working on one of the these.

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    A7 Allroad?  Wouldn’t that be the simple solution?  They could have it on the market within the year …

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    Allroad treatment for the A7 wouldn’t be enough. The Allroad is like the Volvo XC70 to the V70, or what the Outback used to be to the Legacy wagon. Really not a separate model.
    Personally I think Audi would be smarter to go after the X5, Mercedes ML and Lexus RX, rather than target the X6. How much room is there in that “segment” anyway? There must be more people looking for a traditionally styled crossover in between the Q5 and Q7 than looking for a luxo-ute-coupe.

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    Please Audi, don’t do it. Surely all of those whose means exceed their taste have already bought X6s.

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