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Unless you’re checking in on TTAC from your private jet, chances are you have never driven a car worth upwards of a quarter-million dollars. Hell, TTAC’s writers are more likely to be invited to strap into the latest hi-po machinery than most honest paycheck-earners, and it’s a rare day when we get access to the true elite of the global auto game. But as enthusiasts, we all have opinions about even the cars that massively exceed our purchasing power (let alone our ability to use them to their true abilities), so we’re curious about which next-gen supercar leaps out as the most appealing based solely on what you’ve heard about them.

Porsche has just announced that its 918 Spyder will sell for nearly $850k, for which it offers a 3.2 second 0-60 time, 199 MPH and as much as 94 MPG. Followers of the green-gilded luxury lifestyle will likely end all discussion here. For a more traditionally exotic experience, the Pagani Huayra offers nearly identical acceleration along with distinctive looks and an interior that looks like a steampunk wet dream. If you think Ducatis and Ferraris are common, your search for a truly individual Italian supercar will likely lad you to the Huayra. More of a traditional front-engine super-GT fan? The Aston One-77 is your 220 MPH, $1.7m continent-carver. Somewhat conservative and a believer in bludgeoning passers-by with the full weight of your wealth? A Veyron SuperSport might still be available, and is still the world’s fastest car. Or, if you’ve tuned your trackday Elise to within an inch of its life, you might just want to wait for a rumored track-only production version of Lamborghini’s Sesto Elemento, reportedly set to be offered at around $1.6m.

So tell us, Best And Brightest, in one of those delightful cost-no-object hypothetical scenarios, what elite supercar would you spend your not-so-hard-earned cash on, and more importantly, what does your choice say about you?

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35 Comments on “Ask The Best And Brightest: Who’s The King Of The Next-Gen Supercars...”

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    BMW i8

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    New Enzo

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    SL 65

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    Thanks, Ed, for finding my assessment of the Huayra’s interior to be quote-worthy.
    And the Pagani’s the one that gets my vote of the cars you mention.  The Lambo is just too similar to what we’ve seen, the Bugatti is getting passe, I’m not an Aston guy and it looks rather boring, plus I carry a thinly disguised hatred of greenwashed anything.  It’s not that the Pagani is great, just different enough to win by default.

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      SVX pearlie

      Of the choices given, I like the Pag best.

      The Bug is ugly, and the Lambo doesn’t work when the similar-looking Gallardo is so much cheaper. Aston isn’t a top-speedster.

      Of course, if we’re really talking cost-is-no-object, I’d like a McLaren F1 GTR.

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    Spyker C8 Aileron.
    Because if I’m going to blow a wad in this segment I want the interior to look interesting, rather than German “Darth Vader’s bathroom” stark or Italian “Looks like German car, only with a red leather dash and seats” tacky.

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      M 1

      You have actually seen the interior of a C8, right? It looks like it came straight out of Pagani.

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      The Zonda’s interior still looks like a conventional car with a (very extravagant) trim kit.  Spyker’s looks bespoke, especially if you replace the airbag wheel with the chromed prop one.
      Check the Aileron’s shifter, switchgear and vents.  Now look at the Zonda’s: they’re very much like what you’d find in a sports sedan, albeit with excessive amounts of carbon fibre (faux or real, I can’t tell) trim and optionally-coloured plastic and leather bits.  It’s nice, but it still looks like a bunch of stuff was thrown together to make it look dramatic.
      I mean, seriously, just look at the Spyker’s shifter.  That’s awesome.
      I’m sure that the Pagani is a better driver’s car, mind you, but since we’re in fantasyland (and since I can’t drive that well) I’ll take the art car.

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    thats one fast cat

    I’m more of a “brew your own, GM pushrod” type of feller —

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    I’d go for the new Mclaren for a number of reasons:
    – Engineering – Lovin’ the best in it’s class carbon fibre tub, build quality and common sense design.
    – Usability – You can drive it everyday, if you really want
    – Interior – Not a micky mouse interior, but possibly one of the best interiors ever designed in a car.
    – Value – I bet it holds it’s price well, it’s a good buy when you consider what your getting and it sounds like dealer experience will be best in class by a long way.
    Mclaren wins it for me.

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    My idea of a “supercar” is a Corvette. Anything more is kit-bashing and not of this world and of less practical value, but that’s what makes the world go ’round. Even if I could afford and drive something like this, drive it where? To work? To the store? As much as I long for the Sunday drives of not-so-long-ago, I no longer have time for that except on rare occasions, so my Miata will have to suffice. But that’s just me. EDIT: A Rolls-Royce Drophead Coupe does appeal to me, BTW.

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    I think the McLaren or Bugatti have the most engineering credibility.

    Most of these strike me as scorchingly fast but rough-edged and fragile. To deliver a ‘supercar’ with something approaching mass-market vehicle refinement and reliability is a real achievement.

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    As an exotic car owner, Corvette.

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    Must see this 458 Italia..

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    I think the F40 was one of the last true drivers cars, but the new McLaren would be my first choice if I had to buy new.  Then the Pagoni.

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    Ferrari 458. For no rational reason really

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    Only true super cars push the envelope of what is possible and not just provide a pretty body and a big engine. The Porsche 959, the F40, the F1 and even Veyron all broke new ground in some way. Any future super car will have to do the same. Given the marginal returns on increased power and the ease at which countless brands seem to be churning out low slung power toys for middle aged millionaires, a true super car will have to go in a different direction. Another V12 look-alike coupe would just get lost in a crowded field. Efficiency is the perfect frontier to showcase engineering prowess, vision and imagination as well as well as create the technology that all other will copy in the years to come.

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      M 1

      I believe you’re the only commenter who actually understood the “next-gen supercar” parameters of the question. Of course, the article pretty much answered it’s own question with the photo of the 918 before a single word was even written.

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    clearly the best and simplest solution is to purchase all five.
    Lambo= Track day
    Pagani= Dinner with the lady friend
    Porsche= Daily driver
    Aston= Any event involving a tuxedo
    Bugatti= Those long trips where 200mph is necessary

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    As the newest brainwashed mentality-limited full-fledged member of the politically correct horde I am required to declare my abject HORROR of the blatant misogynistic title of this article.
    Why isn’t there a QUEEN of the next-gen supercars?
    Is that label reserved for the next Yugo or Vega that comes smoking down the boulevard with sundry pieces and parts strewn behind it?
    Excuse me while I lock myself in the bathroom for a well-deserved crying spell.
    Be warned.
    If this happens again I will stamp my little feet and toss a fit and maybe in swoon in disgust.
    If angered enough, that fit may grow into an actual hissy-type.

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      The Queen of the next gen supercars is, like, totally that Lamborghini. It would look so hot in pink and white, ZOMG. It would be, like, so awesome to, like, go show up at the club with one. All the bitchez would be so, like, jealous and stuff, and all the boys would have a raging hard on over it. Lol!!!!1 <3

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    800 large, eh?  All this underscores is how great our Fed is at inflating the dollars we mortals (who could never afford to enter the supercar showroom) use to buy groceries.  But I’d take two if I could afford ’em.  918s that is, although at this late stage of the game I’d be happy with two bags of groceries.

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    $800K and soon to appear on Wrecked Exotics!? So Jersey Shore. Or, better, Gulf of Oman Shore. Make mine an E series Jag with an improved elec system, please. An MGA would be fine. A Lotus would be nice, but they’re lapsing into self parody.

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    meant to reply 3 hours ago, but 4yr old ate my time, cat clawed my thermarest (and then my wifes yoga mat) and I just got back.  1) McLaren (purity of concept) 2) Pag (love the look, interior and sound) 3) Aston (see the Pag, but in a less tasteless way)

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    I would love the Pagani. It’s absurd and cartoonish, and if sounds anything like the Zonda, it will be a treat for the ears.
    However…of the forthcoming crop of supercars, the one I would buy (if I had far more money than sense) is the Koenigsegg Agera. I assume that, like the CCX, it will be US-legal. That car = unbridled insanity. What more could one want from a supercar?

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    John R

    Well the LFA is starting to look like something of a relative bargain all things considered – performance AND interior, exclusivity, options, etc.
    Anyhow, at this stage of the game ($500k+) I’d imagine I rely on my boyhood tendencies on picking favorites; Which seems to be the most animated while motion less? I’d have to go with the Aventador..after going back and forth between it and the Huayra.
    Between those two and the Italia one wonders if the Italians have been catching up on their Neon Genesis Evangelion.

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    I’ll take the Aventador in black, please. Italian passion and German common sense works. Plus I’m sure it can keep up with anything listed. Corvettes, really?

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    I’m casting a vote for the MP4-12c.  It’s focussed on what drivers want, not just numbers.  ANd the numbers are getting less and less relevant, so I’d rather it was a wicked track toy AND a smooth driver.  Plus being DI/Turbo means you can tune it.

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    Porsche 918: Pretty sure I’ll still like the Carrera GT better (that engine howl alone is worth the price)

    Lambo Sesto Elemento: Doesn’t look particularly attractive, more like an ugly Gallardo.

    AM One-77: rediculous price even compared to the others…even if it doesn’t matter it still does. Also looks too much like the other AMs.

    Pagani Huayra: Sweet car but the interior seems a bit tacky and also the turbocharged 6,0 V12 AMG engine seems to be a step down from the 7,3 NA V12 in terms of noise and emotion.

    Veyron: amazing feat of engineering, yet I never really cared for it that much as a car, maybe because from what I’ve read it’s actually quite boring to drive with the Audi-esque quattro understeer characteristics.

    McLaren F1: Really like the NA BMW V12 with more than 100HP/liter, but was never blown away by it even as a kid playing NFS, just like the MP4-12C I can’t fault it but I don’t really reaaly want either of them (that is to say, not as much as some other cars).

    So…I’d go for an F40 and change the color to blue Pozzi, eventhough annoyingly it’s been done before by a German http://www
    [vimeo 16663638 w=640 h=360]
     so maybe a different color. A Carrera GT would also be sweet and although not really a supercar per se, the 458 seems pretty nice too, but being the entry level Ferrari it probably won’t hold the specialness of the real supercars over time.

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    . . .as much as 94 MPG.
    Please stop using conventional terminology to describe something totally different.  If it’s 94 miles per energy equivalent of a gallon of gasoline, use MPGe.

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    I want a McLaren MP4-12C. It just looks awesome, especially in bright orange.

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