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Forget the plural of Prius… what do you call a Prius that’s this confused? A transvestvolt? Or, as the Michigan plates indicate, is this more of a case of automotive Stockholm Syndrome? Or, perhaps we’re looking at Batesian mimicry at work?  Either way, this is a new one… [courtesy:]

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18 Comments on “What’s Wrong With This Picture: Cross Dressing Edition...”

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    Pretty funny.  I had a V8 emblem on the back of my Prius, along with my NRA sticker.  Confused the heck out of folks.

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    Satire lives on, in the form of car decals.

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    Photoshop should be banned.

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      Educator(of teachers)Dan

      Aw, it’s funny.  Much funnier than the first generation Taurus I saw limping along in my commute yesterday.  Teenager had slapped “R-Type” badges on it which was funny because it was a plain jane model with a trunk mounted luggage rack.  And putting a Volt badge on a Prius is more creative than when I see a car with a Nascar decal that’s for a driver who drives for a different manufacturer than what the car is.

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      Dan, it’s good to see I’m not the only one who looks at Dale Jr. stickers on a Dodge and shakes his head.
      But can’t we make it a crime to put those Buick-style “ventiports” on anything else?! They don’t belong on a P/T Cruiser!

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      Educator(of teachers)Dan

      I see many, many, “24” stickers on Nissans in New Mexico.  I guess they did capture the Pontiac “Boy Racer & Nascar Enthusiast” demographic.  That’s why I argued when Pontiac died that Nissan was the new Pontiac.

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      OMG! LOL! Stupid kids. BTW, fake stick-on portholes be banned, too!

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    A Geo Prizm logo would have been funnier.

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    ‘Shop job…and not the best. What’s with that goofy drop shadow?

    Now, this car is confused.

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      I agree. That was suppose to be a reflection but it didn’t really work. Still it’s not all that bad for 15 minutes. I removed the reflection just for you. See the link below.
      Also the images are suppose to be silly and this site made them into a totally different topic. We are part of the GM Volt Consumer Advisory Board and we have had test cars for the last three months. They are going back for most in the next couple of weeks and we were looking for fun or funny ways to hide the cars.
      Checkout all of the other images on:
      And yes all of them are photoshop in 15-20 minutes or less. I have to do real hollywood special effects stuff the rest of the day. Really.
      —Mark SWAIN::::——

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    I must confess that I seriously looked into rebadging my 2001 Odyssey as a Chevrolet Aveo Maxx, and even went so far as researching which years/models had the appropriately-sized emblems.  My wife wasn’t impressed . . .  It would have made it a bit easier to pick out, in a parking lot filled with other gray 1999-04 Odysseys.  It certainly would have messed with a few people’s heads, and that’s exactly the point.

    The center caps on the alloy wheels are the most difficult item to deal with, as you have to resize and glue the replacements onto the stock ones.

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    Maybe he’s trying to con the $7k deduction for his taxes. He wouldn’t be the first …

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    Carlson Fan

    More than one Prius owner who is switching rides for a new Volt. So I wouldn’t be surprised if this person has a new one on order and they just can’t wait’t.  One of the surprising/interesting things about Volt owners is how many previously drove a Honda, Toyota or german make. 

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    That reminds me of the time I planned to put a “16-valve” emblem off a GTI on my Dodge V8 pickup.

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    GM could have saved a lot of development money by doing it this way.

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    This image was kind of taken out of context.
    Checkout all of the other images that are examples of how we are attempting to hide our CAB demo cars from GM. My test Volt goes back today darn it.

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