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Let’s face it: if you’re considering an Aston-Martin, you’ve got pretty refined taste. You’ve got the resources to scoff at the mere 470 horsepower offered by the DB9, but you aren’t enough of an ostentatious bore to jump for a 510 horsepower DBS. What to do? Luckily Aston has heard your subtle yet distinctive cry for help, and is exhuming its Virage nameplate just so you can enjoy a thoroughly respectable 490 horsepower in your coupe or roadster. Because any more would be obnoxious and any less would just be pathetic.

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17 Comments on “Want An Aston With More Than 470 HP But Less Than 510 HP?...”

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    Finally, my request has been fulfilled. Placing my order tomorrow.

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    I will use this article to restate something I said before…

    The Fisker Karma is the evolution of the styling language Henrik Fisker started at Aston…. It is clear, to me anyway, that Aston is stuck and does not know where to take their design language next…. I do think the One-77 is  a beautiful machine depending on how you look at it, but at the same time, it is the bastardization of the Vantage styling theme.

    I personally think the Vantage is one of the most beautiful cars ever designed. However, when I look at the Karma, all I see is the perfect evolution of the Vantage design ethos.

    As for this turd, I just think Aston is milking another niche the sales department must have indicated was wanting for. It does nothing for me and I also think the output of the 6.0 V12 is rather embarrassing; I think the 4.7 V8 with a TVS blower could probably out perfrom it in every metric.

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      M 1

      The Fisker Karma looks like a Corvette made out of taffy. With a nose designed by Mazda. It’s an absolute design nightmare.
      But you’re certainly on to something about Aston appearing to be badly, badly stuck in a rut.

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      They are clearly in the danger of becoming the next Porsche, unless they do something about it.

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      I like to think that I have pretty good taste for design in general (residential, industrial, automotive, etc) and I sincerely was awstruck from the moment I saw the Fisker Karma…

      I think Henriks take on the SL and the 6 series were both superior to the OEM designs.

      The Karma, to me, is the most original, fresh, athletic take on the 4 door car I have seen in the past 20 years. This might sound blasphemous to some, but I think

      –> if you parked the Aston Rapide next to the Karma, it would become very apparent that one has 8/10th’s the character and flair of the other… and I think it would be the Rapide hanging its head in shame…. everything about the Karma (from the exterior) is a step ahead of every OEM manufacturer 4 door design… If it were offered with an LS9/AWD, there would be no contest

      The only cars that stand up next to the Karma from an exterior design standpoint would be:
      – The BMW Concept CS
      – Last generation Mercedes CLS55 (the originally released version)
      – To be honest, I cant think of anything that compares… only the Rapide but if you compare pics, its as if one is on steroids and the other hasnt seen a gym in years….

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      @M1: I agree.
      The Karma looks like it was done by an enthusiastic, but misguided and astigmatic orthodontist dabbling in sculpture between side gigs as wheelman for the Thrill Kill Kult on their acid benders.

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    Channeling your inner Clarkson with this article?

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    I thought the narrowing of the glass was a GM thing.

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    Holy segment micro-fragmentation, Batman!

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    Rusted Source

    No cannibalism going on here, that’s for sure.
    Are you finished with that crankshaft? Just going to have a nibble.

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    That is more than enough power, and a V8 can do that too. They are on a strict and funny budget is on guess. I wont complain, but I will shop around (in my imagination) to the more nimble BMWs and similarly powered Benz, and others (who can afford it) will skip the car on that (status) principle. Which is logical and egotistical.

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    John R

    “Cor Blimey! That Carrera GTS looks like it’ll sell well…”

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    I wonder if Prodrive and its middle eastern backers really have the resources to design a completely new competitive product in this segment…

    The DB9, beautiful as it still is, should be nearing the end of its lifecycle by now, but there is no glimpse yet of a new product to replace it. Meanwhile, the current generation AMs mostly have inefficient engines for the power they deliver, outdated nav systems and interiors and pretty much all their models are derived from the Ford developed DB9 except for the One-77.

    I wonder if they’ll be able to remain ‘Aston Martin’ or if they’ll fall into the Lotus/Morgan/Jensen category, sourcing engines from a big manufacturer and not really being able to compete with the big guys anymore (Porsche, Ferrari) that they’ve just managed to hang on to for now (on style, mostly). I think the deal they made with Mercedes is a step towards the latter.

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    Yoo Omar, this one has your name all over it. Quit worrying about what cheapskate are saying cause you won’t have to worry about depreciation.

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    looks like a great car, how much do you think it will cost?

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    Aston really needs to start evolving, they haven’t changed their design in ages. And how do they get so (comparatively) little power out of such large engines?

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