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Delphi’s salaried retirees lost their shirts after the Delphi bankruptcy and the GM bailout. Now they lost their main voice in congress. Rep. Christopher Lee resigned last week after Gawker showed a picture of a bare-chested congressman.

Lee had sent the picture to a single woman he had contacted via Craigslist. According to Automotive News [sub], Lee had led more than 20 congressmen who “persistently complained to Treasury Secretary Timothy Geithner and other officials that 15,000 salaried Delphi retirees may have their pensions cut by as much as 70 percent.”

Gawker also published an email exchange between the congressman and the Craigslist woman. In the mails, Lee said he was a divorced 39-year-old lobbyist. He is a married 46-year-old with a young son.

The Craigslist woman ratted on Lee because she “was just sharing the story.”

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14 Comments on “Shafted Delphi Retirees Lose Their Shirt – Again...”

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    Obviously a Camaro driver–the one with the fat tires and louder mufflers.

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    I remember the Delphi story quite well.  People had worked for GM for most of their careers. Along comes a spin-off and bankruptcy.  Suddenly those years at GM are counted onto a different retirement plan that isn’t worth very much after the spin-off’s bankruptcy.

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      Suddenly those years at GM are counted onto a different retirement plan that isn’t worth very much after the spin-off’s bankruptcy.
      Some would argue that the problem here isn’t that Delphi retirees lost their benefits after a bankruptcy, but that GM retirees magically retain theirs.

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      I’m guessing you would be howling something different if you were an engineer at Delphi.

      Besides, aren’t there laws that are supposed to ensure that pension programs are adequately funded?  I guess that doesn’t apply to GM, their subsidiaries, government agencies, etc. Basically anybody with the political clout to ignore the law.

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    Can’t he just buy a Corvette and get back to work?
    For crying out loud, what an embarressment to masculinity.

    This guy has gotten into trouble a couple of times before with the ladies and the Speaker had a couple of words with him before this event. I also noticed that he has been posing like this with and without clothing for quite a few years, so he has a need to show everyone his junk.

    I know it is hard to get old, but please try to do so gracefully and with class. Try to remember that although your body can look young, your face doesn’t get the same message. If you stay in shape, your face will start to look like it doesn’t belong with your body. By keeping clothing ON, you can prevent looking like a ghoul that snatched someone else’s body.

    So, if this FORMER Congressman ever reads my advice here – my advice is to stop thinking you look great with that old face and gray hair. No perfect pecs or abs are going to get the ladies to thinking you are younger than you are. Frankly, you look older than 46 – so grow the freak up!

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    Another reason for an Old Coot to remain hidden in the shanty.
    Nary a mirror to be seen, either.
    Pictures? There’s been a few (of the Coot) but so far in the past the suds in the tub hid me (sung to the tune of “I did it my way).
    Excuse me as I rush off to sob.

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    Steven Lang

    What a sad man.
    You have a good job. Wonderful family. The opportunity to represent New York which is one of the nicest and most interesting states in the country. Yet…
    you prefer to play in the gutter and destroy all that you have.
    Not that this fellow is unique in that regard. Just a very sad soul. He won’t ever have the success and respect that once could have been his.

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    I guess we’ll just have to rely of the crumbs from the PBGC. Not that this guy was going to change things anyway.

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    Don’t you just love it when a TTAC article shows a photo of something that has absolutely nothing to do with the subject matter?

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    love the little bicep pokin out.  If he held his breath any harder he would have exploded!

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    Robert Schwartz

    I didn’t know who he was before he quit. And I don’t care now.

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    yup shafted delphi workers.  same ones that people like Ed told “you don’t need a union, unions are evil.”  Same workers who have getting shafted long before the hourly workers were getting shafted.

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