By on February 27, 2011

Watching the J30/280ZX/SHO battle for the win on laps this afternoon was pretty exciting, but the Index of Effluency (which goes to the terrible car that accomplishes something orders of magnitude beyond what any sane observer considers possible) is what the true LeMons fanatics care about. A 280ZX coming in first is impressive, but how about an 80-horsepower Toyota Tercel EZ taking tenth place overall? How is that possible?
Team Exhibition Of Slow brought their hacked-up late-80s Tercel EZ— the EZ, as aficionados of rent-a-car-grade econoboxes might recall, is the low-budget/stripper “economy” version of the already miserably underpowered third-gen Tercel, complete with carburetor— and drove it around and around and around the MSR track, all weekend long, and received exactly zero black flags. They beat most of the E30s, all the Mustangs, in fact damn near everything on the track. Definitely one of the easiest IOE choices we’ve ever made. Congratulations, Exhibition Of Slow!

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6 Comments on “And the Real Winner Is…...”

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    Do you remember how Erich Heischulle came 8th in One Lap of America in 2005? Or at least I think it was him. Jack would probably say that their Neon was “clearly overboosted”, but what wasn’t at OLoA?

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    Heh, I have one of those Tercels behind my garage collecting vermin.  I should do something constructive with it.  :P

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    That’s a great accomplishment! How about a little love for team LemonAid: 13th overall and first in Ugly class with a Geo Metro stock 1L 55hp motor (Rod Blagojevich never say die 500).  Good to see the “Turtle and the Hare” symbolism coming true on the track.

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    What could you possibly strip out of a Tercel?  No tach, no power steering, no stereo, not even a clock.  The seats were cheap vinyl, but they held up much better than other manufacturer’s cheap vinyl.  Those were tough cars.  I’m glad to see that one got the IOE award.  Congrats!

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    There is something to be said about cars like this without all the gee whiz bang stuff that can literally run circles around just about everything else, even if very slow.
    It’s the dogged determination that does it I think. :-)

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    Much love for the Tercel!  Makes me dang proud of the ’97 I drive regularly!  Captain Slow…your vehicle is ready!

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