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I know fanboyishness is frowned upon in this establishment, so let me make this brief: what Pagani has achieved over the nearly 20 years of its existence is one of the most inspiring stories in the car business. The number of people who decided to get into the supercar game since 1992 could fill books, and yet among them all, Pagani alone seems to have carved out a truly sustainable niche in the business. Built one at a time with creativity and flair, Pagani’s creations boast all the supercar must-haves like power, performance and presence, but add something that is increasingly absent from modern cars: character. It’s an overused phrase to be sure, but Pagani’s Zonda could not only go toe-to-toe with Ferrari and Lamborghini’s finest, they make some of the most exotic metal look and feel, well, a bit ordinary… cynical, even. In an age when even the most super of supercars have been commodified, Horacio Pagani’s love of materials, dedication to the complete car, and unconventional but classic tastes have vaulted his firm to the top of the supercar heap. His latest car, the Huayra, a 700HP carbon-fiber beast some seven years in the making, seems to be more than capable of continuing that legacy.

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14 Comments on “What’s Wrong With This Picture: Pagani Wins The Supercar Edition...”

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    Character, sure, but it is possible to have an excess of character.
    I don’t doubt that it’s fast, but I find it hideously ugly. I’d rather look better going slower. And who the hell designed that instrument cluster? Looks like a charlie foxtrot.

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    The only thing I see wrong with that picture is that from the view in the main photo, from aft of the doors, it looks like an Audi TT bathtub with a ghetto booty!

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    Exterior looks amazing, Interior looks cheesy to me…also, can anyone explain the hole in the middle of the seat?

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    Quick, somebody get one of these to Baruth so he can report (in detail, if affirmative) whether the vehicle achieves its obvious purpose.

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    That interior shot just screams “steampunk’s wet dream.”  I think I’m diggin’ it.

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    The logical evolution of the previous Zonda.
    It retains all the Zonda’s distinctive features: a not necessarily pretty or handsome but very striking and unique design, the same bonkers interior as in the Zonda, brutal power, exotic materials obviously built to a very high quality standard……
    Plus the knowledge that this comes from a truly independent manufacturer, not something that the same people decided to build who usually oversee the development of a new VW Golf.
    If I had the money, I’d buy one. In metallic black, please.

    EDIT: Oh, and I love how that dog in the video is literally blown away by the acoustic shockwave of the engine…. :-D

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    I’m not blown away by the new design, though one could say it’s a succesful newer interpretation of the Zonda. The interior looks a bit too flashy as well if you’d ask me and I’m not an immediate fan of the Mercedes sourced turbo’d V12. As powerful as that engine may be, it’s basically an S600 engine with some AMG ‘magic’ bestowed upon it. I would have rather seen a NA racing inspired beast underneath the bonnet.

    However, I applaud Horacio Pagani for living his dream, having worked his way up there himself (IIRC he first worked for Lamborghini on carbon composite components). Apparently he’s quite a nice guy as well from what I’ve read and judging by that sweet Zjerman Shepherd roaming around his factory and the relaxed way the employees handle that car I’m thinking that just might be true.

    I think the cars are a bit pricey (probably at least twice of what you’ll have to pay for an LP700-4), but if I’d have some serious cash to burn, I’d probably consider buying one, in an actual color that is (though I’d still be interested to know if they have now implemented Lambo’s front lifting system, since judging by the pictures you’d have a hard time driving over even the mildest of speedbumps).

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    I am generally content with my life.  However, there are definitely times when I wish I was a lot wealthier.  This is one of those times.

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    That car has a unique wheel on each corner. Look which way the spokes sweep.

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    M 1

    If we’re going to fawn over their amazing accomplishments (I’d be more impressed if any of their efforts in real-world motorsports had been worth a damn), it bears mentioning that much of their success is a direct result of AMG’s considerable involvement in the rather important areas of engines and gearboxes…

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    For a car guy, supercars sort of bore me.
    I don’t want to, ahem, carp about the styling but that front end sure is distinctive.
    I’m reading David Temple’s book on the Motorama cars and while some of them were great designs, a few of them were butt ugly.
    Ah, but a man’s reach should exceed his grasp,
    Or what’s a heaven for?

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