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Automotive News [sub] reports that October’s Seasonally Adjusted Annual Selling Rate (SAAR) hit 12.2m last month, making November the market’s second month back over the 12m mark since last year’s Cash For Clunkers-fueled buying spree. Analysts are calling the 12m mark an “important psychological level,” although sales appear to be essentially flat compared to last month. Check back for an updated chart as more automakers report their sales.

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19 Comments on “US Auto Sales In November: SAAR Flat At 12.2m...”

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    Here are the sales figures for the month of November in India:
    The big surprise is the collapse in Nano’s sales:

    Indica : 5716
    Indigo : 6009
    Nano : 509
    Sumo : 1594
    Safari : 1287
    Aria : 225
    The goal had been to sell this at a rate of 10-20K per month. Right now, it is barely at 5% of its intended target!
    Some possible reasons:
    1) The car is viewed as being too down market.
    2) Its low initial costs (target market is motor bikes) is not matched by its relatively higher operating costs (fuel economy is 3x worse than bikes).
    3) The fire incidents may have scared off buyers.
    4) There may be other quality/reliability issues with these cars.
    5) Prices in the second hand car market have been coming down significantly. Why buy a “toy” when one can get a “real” used car?
    6) There may be production bottlenecks due to the planned move to a new production facility.
    Regardless, things are not looking so good for Tata in India these days. Even the volumes of their other products are down. Thank goodness for Jaguar and Land Rover! Who would have thought of that?

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    Is it time for a “Maserati, the fastest growing car company in America!” ad campaign, yet?

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    Subaru may be a small niche player, but I’d be interested to know their sales versus last broken down into individual models.   In other words, what model is pushing a 20% overall increase over November of 09?

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      SVX pearlie

      +33% Impreza
      +26% Forester
      +20% Outback
      +12% Legacy
      +2% Tribeca

      Subaru has been selling roughly 20k cars since December 2009. They have been at capacity since March 2010.

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    GM lags the market yet again.  Although in fairness, the “core brands” stayed about even with the market.  GM is just a smaller company than it used to be (although it was happy enough to use all brands for sales figures when those brands were still pumping out units).  It is interesting that over the first 11 months, about 200 units separate Ford from GM.  I never thought I would see this in my lifetime, because I remember GM being about twice the size of Ford, even when Ford was doing well.

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    SVX pearlie

    Toyota shrank 3% over a weak Nov 09? Ouch.

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    In before the obligatory “Chrysler isn’t making it’s required survival volume number” comment…

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    What sticks out most to me is how Ford, with only two “core” brands (and one of them a very weak Lincoln,) is slowly but surely gaining ground against GM’s four.

    Someone at RenCen should be scared to death of that trend. New GM suckers — er, shareholders — should probably be worried, too.

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      SVX pearlie

      Ford is gaining at the bottom of the market, whereas GM is gaining slower at the top of the market. I don’t think New GM really cares if Ford outsells them on cheap cars, while GM pulls in the gravy from Buick / GMC / Caddy.

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    bumpy ii

    Looks like the US has settled into a distinct three-tier market. GM, Ford, and Toyota have just over 51% of the market; then a second tier of Honda, Chrysler, Hyundai, and Nissan have 36% to share, then everyone else gets to scrap over the last 13% or so.

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    VW is doing well, outperforming the market.
    I am surprised by Mazda’s weak 7% gain (below the market), especially since they have recently expanded their lineup with the 2.

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    Way to go SAAB! :D

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