By on December 17, 2010

Yes, it’s changed… but could you tell?

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16 Comments on “Spot The Rebadge: 2011 BMW 1 Series Edition...”

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    I’m sorry to see the “pot bellied pig” lower door line is still firmly intact.  It’s a shame, as the manual transmission 128i and 135i are closer to pure driver’s cars than anything else in the current BMW lineup.

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      +1, I had a chance to spend some time behind the wheel of a 135 not too long ago. It was quite fun to drive, was quiet as a bank vault on the highway and had good power too. I still contend that it’s way too heavy for the size that it is, and that the lower door line is still the most offensive part of the car’s design.

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      This is one of the better examples of when a car looks quirky in print but actually looks right passing by on the highway.  The styling is unique similar to way M coupe that Ed drives was. I cant wait to see the M version in the flesh.

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      Totally agree.  That door line just kills the whole car for me.

      The only other car I can think of where a detail so thoroughly ruins it for me is the beak on the Zonda. The car is a gorgeous work of art, but that beak… ugh…

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    Yes. New headlights gain a pair of “eyebrows”.

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    The 1 series is still the best looking vehicle in BMW’s current portfolio. Most of their cars have gotten, dare I say, boring. It appears Japanese mediocrity has struck a majority of BMW’s design team in an effort to not make anything too “exciting.”

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    Still overpriced, overweight and ill-proportioned. So, what’s new?

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    New wrinkles in the double chin? JFC, that’s a fugly front…
    But I would still want a 1-series diesel manual hatch. Hello, BMW USA? Sell me a car you already make.

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    As someone who just bought a 2011 135i two weeks ago, I’m quite relieved to see such minimal change to the 2012s. The hit to residual on the ’11 had it been a comprehensive refresh would’ve been rather annoying.

    @dswilly – I agree that the car looks much better in person than in photos.  But then, I’m biased, eh?  The sagging line isn’t my favorite, but again, it looks better in person IMHO.  However, I will definitely say that the comeliness of the 1 series, like that of most newer BMWs (and the latest Infinitis), is hugely dependent on wheel size.  With the smaller stock wheels they tend to look ungainly and weirdly proportioned.  With larger wheels – especially those in the various sport packages – they look much better.

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    Pig + Lipstick= Pig

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    There is a sickness to being a car lover.
    I suppose it’s the same as a guy that can’t keep to one girl.
    As soon as another beauty walks by, all bets are off and your like a dog seeing a cat.

    Ditto for me and cars.
    I have 5 right now and several given away but still insured by me and in the hands of nephews in college.
    STILL, I just GOTTA have two cars this next year…the newest BMW X3 and this 1.
    God I wish I could get some help!
    But the new X3 can do 0 to 60 in under six seconds!
    And I just know I need an SUV toi carry, well…something!
    And the 1 seems like the perfect “me” car. Not as smart as a Mazda, but powerful fast and solid.
    The “I’ll be back in an hour ’cause I think I need to go up to St Louis to get a loaf of bread” car.
    I really need to seek out some help.

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    Stunning car.  All around.  I’ll take an “M” example please…

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