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Does the new BMW Six Series improve on Bangle’s wild-eyed vision of an avant-garde gentleman’s coupe, or is it as bland as the music it’s introduced to here? Personally, I’d vote for the latter, but then I always thought that the last Sechser was one of Bangle’s more successful designs, injecting some much-needed vitality in the otherwise ultra-conservative world of German full-sized coupes. But then I’m still decades away from being in the target demographic for the Six Series… what say you?

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    An overpriced Mustang with forgettable styling, poor efficiency and lousy resale.

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    Another damn soft-top 6-er convertible? The redesign is beautiful and finally breaks away from Bangle’s original monstrosity, but why no hard-top? And they kept the hideous buttresses too!

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    Cute how the roundel on the trunk lid hides the backup camera.
    Catch it near the end of the video when they’re showing all the lights, just as the reverse lights come on.
    Otherwise, yes, this one’s too bland. I also agree that the first Bangle 6 was probably the only successful instance of that design language.

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    The video might as well be about countertops. Actually, that might be the point, there will be considerable cross-shopping between this premium Valium-on-wheels and a new kitchen.

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    Though I never liked the “mangled bangled” approach to design, I have say that the previous 6 series was the most cohesive. In my opinion that design works for real 2 door coupes. All of the other BMW’s (4 door) were at best disjointed designs. With regard to the new one…. okay.

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    The 6 is one car I personally never saw the purpose of. Why not just get a 3 coupe/vert? Or if you want more “big car” feel, a CL/SL. Or why not just suck it up and get a 911? I like the 5 a lot (sans runflats), and generally like coupes for predominantly one or two people, but the 6 just never seemed to offer anything to recommend it over alternatives. And now, Caddy has a CTS-V coupe for no more money, with no less space, probably no worse reliability, just as good ride/comfort and only slightly fewer gadgets (radar cruise the only one I would care for.)
    I’m probably being excessively judgmental, but every time I see a 6, I can’t help think the driver has been making good money for a long time, no longer has kids at home, and has been buying Bimmers for so long he kind of knows the dealer, and isn’t enough of a car geek to bother looking at any other brand. Which is a nice, refined, successful image to project, I guess, at least to the non car geek population.

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      stuki says: “The 6 is one car I personally never saw the purpose of.”
      If you ever have a chance to drive the E24 version of the 6-series it will be a revelation of the purpose of this car.  Even better if you are able to snag a 6-cylinder 3.0 CSL E9, but those are much harder to get your hands on.
      On the other hand, if you want to know the purpose of the sad, flabby piece of trophy-wife mobile that you see in the video above, you will need to acquire a trophy-wife first.

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    Bland bland bland!  What is it with BMW, Audi and to a lesser extent Mercedes Benz?  The perceived brand cache excuses mini-me styling across their platforms?  Doh!  Buy a Hyundai!!

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    I’m getting pretty tired of prominent strakes and creases down the sides of cars and walleyed taillights — ugly.

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    The BMW 6 series was a beatiful (allthough slightly heavy and americanized) coupe that sadly went out of production in 1989. And as long as no-one round here can afford this thing I can keep believing that.

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      The original 6 series was the inspiration for at least three American coupes (Thunderbird, Beretta, Lumina Z34) This current one could inspire Fleet to make a truly ugly suppository.

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    SVX pearlie

    I don’t like the looks of the current 6er. It’s too soft looking. The Bangled rear with the dropping lines is a disaster, just like on the 7er.

    It’s a shame that the 6er didn’t take its styling cues from the E60. That car was sharp and had edges to it – precisely what a coupe should be.

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    I’m not sure what demographic Ed is referring to, but I seriosuly thought of buying a 650 coupe before I decided on a 335 coupe. It was the looks of the 650 that finally put me off.

    I always liked the Lincoln Mark VIII, until it turned on me, and the 650 was close to the Mark VIII in size and package and feel.


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    jonny b

    With all the baroque styling out there I actually think BMW could do well to go in the complete opposite direction and make it even more boring. Call it “radical blandness”. I’ve always been a fan of the boxy, minimalist styling of 1980’s BMW and Mercedes. Imagine if they brought that look back and really committed to it. It would be a refreshing change from the overwrought styling of today’s Cadillac, Audi, and of course the monstrosity of Acura.
    This 6 series looks like they want to head in that direction but don’t want to make such a radical break from the Bangle mangle. I think they should just go for it. Get rid of the creases and odd lips and protrusions. The rear end looks particularly unresolved. Square off the corners and flatten the sides and you’d have a very handsome car in my opinion. Right now the surface treatment detracts from the inherent beauty of the underlying proportions.

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    Most of the Bangle 6s here have 24 inch wheels, even the M6s. It isn’t an image I’d like to cultivate. This one should go over just fine with the same demographic.

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    Domestic Hearse

    Wouldn’t kick her out of my garage for eating crackers.

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    Looks like a Sebring…
    So yes, Bleh indeed.

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