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At a press conference announcing new cooperation between Nissan and Mitsubishi, Nissan’s Carlos Ghosn presented the tie-up as a far-sighted move that will help both sides prosper. The Renault/Nissan boss explained

In the global auto industry, cooperation on specific projects among automakers is becoming increasingly common. It is a signal of how our industry is evolving to sustain success over the long term

But if his words were saying “cooperation,” Ghosn’s body language said “I’m hungry and your company looks bite-sized.”

Though this latest agreement was limited to overseas cooperation, with Nissan providing a van for the Japanese market and Mitsu sharing an SUV for the Middle East, Ghosn apparently couldn’t help but eye up Mitsubishi’s Osamu Masuko like he was drenched in A1 sauce. Nissan and Mitsubishi also recently agreed to share EV charging networks, and both CEOs said they would look for future opportunities to work together. But with Mitsubishi throwing together a new business plan by the end of this month, Ghosn must be smelling blood in the water. And from the looks of these pictures from the press conference, he looks like he’s about to strike.

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6 Comments on “Nissan And Mitsubishi Snuggle Closer...”

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    Mitsubishi has a lot to offer, more than one would expect looking at their anemic automotive line-up.  They are investing in lithium mines in Boliva and Argentina, not to mention rare-earth mines in Brazil.  They are a global powerhouse in metals, raw materials, and in heavy industry. Mitsubishi would can insure that Nissan-Renault will have a guaranteed source of raw materials for their EVs and other vehicles.
    Ghosn also knows that Mitsubishi has a ton of capital and vertical infrastructure, resources that have been put to poor use in Mitsubishi’s own motor division.  Nissan-Renault can capitalize on this by consolidating Mitsubishi motors and receiving investment and backing from the Mitsubishi group.
    Hopefully this will lead to a consolidation of the Japanese automotive industry and a further reduction of redundancy prevalent there.

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    A Renault-Nissan takeover of Mitsubishi would probably hurt PSA Peugeot-Citroen, Renault’s cross-town rival.
    PSA’s electric cars are based on Mitsubishi’s i-MEV, and PSA’s SUV’s are based on the Outlander. they also have a JV in Russia.

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    “my, what a pretty neck you have…” I’d say Le Cost Killer is about to strike; it’s in Mitsu’s best long-term interests to lie back and let it happen.

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    John R

    Whatever it takes. I’m of the mind that as far as the Mitsubishi brand in North America is concerned it ought to be like Porsche was back in the day.
    “I’d like a Mitsubishi, please.”
    “Fantastic! What color Evo would you like?”
    Consolidation is your friend, Mitsu.

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    I bought A1 here, didn’t know it. FTW!!!!

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    An EVO/GT-R love child would be…nice.

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