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With the second collapse of a Mahindra US-market initiative this year, some might believe that the Indian automaker has abandoned all efforts to make a good name for itself in the USA. And certainly, the implosion of its Pickup truck distribution deal with Global Vehicles looks difficult to salvage, given that both sides are locked in a legal dispute. Needless to say, when GV dropped us an email hyping a Spring 2011 launch for US-Market Mahindra products, we were more than a little skeptical. Now, however, the delay might have a legitimate explanation. According to Mahindra’s Arun Malhotra, senior vice-president for sales and customer care, speaking at the launch of the Mahindra Thar (see video above)

We are working on a lot of models. There will be a pick up on a completely new platform. We plan to bring it in the second [quarter] of 2011. It will be positioned near the top-end of our commercial vehicle pickup range, with a payload capability of above 1 tonne.

This seems to indicate that Mahindra is replacing its 1.2-ton Scorpio-based trucks (known in Australia as the “Pik Up”) with an all-new model before launching in the US. In other words, this is the first actual, legitimate reason for the endless delays to Mahindra’s US launch. Still, as the video of the Thar launch proves, Mahindra could probably make use of this (hopefully) final delay to work on their launch skills.

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9 Comments on “Mahindra Delay Explained? New Pickup Model Coming...”

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    That is one of the most boring videos I’ve ever watched on Youtube, and the background porn music was odd. I kept waiting for something exciting to happen. But no luck.
    Anyway, I hope the new pickup isn’t based on the “THAR” because that thing is uglier than the other weird-ass pickup we’ve been teased with. Ford, please keep the Ranger around and offer a modern diesel in it. Or even the 4 cylinder gas engine. At least the Ranger is proven and there’s a large dealer network.

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      The Thar isn’t ugly, it’s just a Wrangler with a different badge. They should base it off the Thar and make it look like the Jeep Nukizer just to show Jeep how stupid they are for not building that fantastic-looking concept truck.
      If they do build a new Ranger, give me one with a four-cyl Ecoboost, 4×4 and choice of manual or automatic. If it could do 21 mpg it would sell tremendously, a tough little off-roader for the everyman.

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    Awesome, I’ve been waiting for the new CJ7 to come out! Me, Lee Majors and Jan-Michael Vincent are panning a trip to Moab.

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    I see 2 skinny Wranglers onstage. Think Jeep might have something to say about this if they try to bring the Thar here from over thar?

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    Is that an Oldsmobile insignia just before the name “Mahindra” on the sign above the garage?

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    Should have called it the Mahindra lawsuit…

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    It is difficult to fathom why would anyone buy this… Mahindrance… 

    On the other hand I do not know why wouldn’t Mitsu, Toyota and others bring their L200s, Hiluxes et al over here. With their 2.4 – 2.5L diesels, utter simplicity and PROVEN reliability and longevity, these would be a nice option for the gas-savvy folks.

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    The USDM Mahindra pickup has become the automotive version of Duke Nukem Forever
    While I would not purchase one until they have been around for 3-5 years I love the idea of a no frills, 30mpg authentic pickup.  Right now the only diesel you can get is a bloated 8000lbs Macho Minivan Ego Chariot.
    Best case scenario is their entry into the market gives us a diesel Tacoma or Ranger.

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