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Unless a major disaster happens, (such as a falling sky, or a combined blood, fish, frog, and snake rain) Ford will retake the #2 slot from Toyota this year in  the U.S. The DetN came to this conclusion after studying the year to date market share of both. In his monthly sales call, Ford’s analyst George Pipas said that Ford has increased its domestic sales at nearly twice the market’s growth rate. Ford’s market share stands at 16.4 percent at the moment, up from 15.3 percent last year.  And Toyota?

Toyota’s market share in the U.S. has taken a hit that sent it down to 15.2 percent, says the DetN. Toyota will have to clear the #2 spot on the podium. (Automotive News [sub] sees an even bigger gap.)  #1 will be GM with 19.3 percent.

The 2010 World Championship will remain interesting until two major carmakers issue their annual reports, possibly even until OICA publishes the official 2010 numbers.

Volkswagen will end the year with slightly over 7 million units worldwide, which will keep it in the #3 position. We see combined Toyota sales at least a million ahead, let’s call that 8.5 million.

All eyes on GM.  In China alone, GM will have sold more than 2.3 million cars by year’s end.

Now it all depends how the rest of the numbers pan out and will be massaged. GM tells its investors that “General Motors dealers reported 168,704 total sales in November, a 21-percent increase from the prior year for the company’s four brands.”

As far as I know, GM has made no global forecast for 2010, but Toyota could end of finding itself in the #2 position when all the numbers are in.

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16 Comments on “Ford #2 In The US. Toyota #2 In The World?...”

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    Final de fotografia entonces.

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    Congrats to Ford.

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    Chevy should be number 1, not GM as a whole. Ford does desrve it, though. Congrats! There – I give credit where credit is due!

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      Yes,,Ford deserves the congrads. Ford management pulled off, “the nearly impossible”. The last time I looked Ford was still UAW/CAW represented. The Ford sucess has proven that proper management, will work with thier union partners towards a common goal.

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      @mikey, It helped Ford when the unions saw the writing on the wall during the slump of 08 and 09 and decided they needed to make some compromises. Otherwise, they would have had no problem milking the Ford cow dry as was their major contributions to GM and Chrysler.

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    Ford’s succeess could be the result of planning and timing, or luck as GM name still carries Gov Motors and the negativity we seen toward gov in 2010 mid term elections.

    Surprised Toyota’s cash on the hood didn’t do more. Can we say the Toyota bubble has deflated or are three no end to the trickling of Toyota recalls?

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      No Toyota’s karma is def. starting to wear off, my mom wanted to new car, test drove hyundai, honda (accord) and ford (fusion), the camry wasn’t even considered.  The fusion won and it wasn’t on price.

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      Wait a couple of years. Once all these new Toyotas start to come back as trades and the owners realize that Toyotas no longer hold their value. Lease rates will start going up as residuals fall, and sales will continue to spiral down. Vicious cycle. Ask GM.

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      F-150’s and F-250’s seem to be selling well here in East-by-God-Tennessee.

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      In your scenario, Hyundai’s sales should be “spiraling downward”.
      Toyota’s product line-up looks a lot stronger 1-2 years out than its current one.

      Recalls don’t mean a lot to me because it would be impossible for me to purchase a car that is guaranteed not to be recalled.  I go by personal experience, and I just haven’t had problems with the Toyota’s I’ve owned.

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      even here in nyc, where many drivers would rather be caught dead then driving something ‘merican, ford is gaining traction. the fusion is ubiquitous and the flex & edge are considered stylish… and the fiesta rocks.

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    I love reading these articles that are positive for Ford, now I am partially biased as I do own Ford stock and have since $8.25, however I do believe that they’ve done a phenominal job even though luck had a little bit to do with it. Their conquest rate has improved dramatically from previous years and this has a bit to do with avoiding bailouts, but more to do with their outstanding product line.

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    I suppose you can add Packard, Hudson, Nash, Kaiser and any other once good carmaker to that list, too. Everything has a life cycle, like it or not. Either that, or the current automakers like GM, Ford & Nissan have reached a sort of parity in the quality department in that Toyota and Honda no longer shine quite as brightly as they once did.

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    If GM can include Wuling sales (34% stake to SAIC’s 50%)+, should Toyota add Subaru sales as it is an affiliate oo (albeit with only a 16% stake)?

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      If the contract says so, yes. In the Wuling case, it does. I guess you can book 100% of the sales as yours if you only own 1% of the company, as long as the contract allows it.
      My hunch is, that line is missing in the Subaru contract. It’s also not in the Suzuki contract with VW. Just one line in a contract, and Volkswagen would be the world’s largest ….

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      Of course there’s no contract, in Subaru’s case. Correct me if I’m wrong, Toyota bought the shares of Subaru (or Fuji Heavy Ind.) from GM. Fuji Heavy Ind. is listed on Tokyo Stock Exchange, Wuling is a private company where a shareholders’ agreement can be drawn amongst its shareholders.

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