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Is the Clue too hard or is it too easy? Is the Clue too hard or is it too easy? Is the Clue…that’s what haunts my dreams at night (I guess things could be worse). The last two have been too hard, obviously. This one may be too easy; or not; BTW, it’s the blue roof in front of the red van we’re guessing about. But help yourself to the rest of this eclectic collection while you’re at it.

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16 Comments on “Curbside Classic Clue Plus Bonus Clues and Outtake...”

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    2nd gen Subaru Leone wagon

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    Yeah, I’m guessing either a Subaru or a Toyota Corolla wagon…

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    1980 Civic Wagon…..

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    Looks to me like the first generation of minivan Toyota imported to North America.  Doesn’t it even say “Toyota” on the license bezel?  This thing had the engine under the front seats and was available in a 4×4 version with raised suspension and a low range.

    There are much fancier versions of this with right-hand drive that were never sold in North America, now being imported to Canada.

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      Yup, it was just simply the “Van”.  My parents owned one, and yes, the engine was under and sort of between the front seats (you could fold the, back to expose it).  The battery was in the driver-side, beside the second-row seats.
      My parents had one.  Awesome for space, got decent fuel economy, especially in city, but but it was terrifying to drive despite being dog slow.  It was tall, narrow and had a very short wheelbase (an inch or two less than the contemporary Tercel).  Crosswinds were hard on it (passing or being passed by a tractor-trailer on the Burlington skyway on the way to Toronto was white-knuckle) and it was really easy to spin (did so on the 403 in a storm, and many times on rural roads).
      Did I mention it was slow?  It was slow.  Hideously slow.  Totally unsuited to North America outside of the major cities, but for it’s intended purpose it was brilliant.  Very much like VW’s vans, only with working heat and no tendency to break down if you looked at it wrong.
      I was struck by a fellow running a red in it, and it was unrecoverable.  Despite the total lack of crush space, I came out ok, but I suspect that was more luck than anything else

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      Wasn’t the walk-thru between the front seats totally missing, and the motor vibrations under the right conditions passed thru the front seats to induce, um, periods of esctasy?

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      The earliest ads for the Toyota Van actually identified it as the “Van Wagon”. However, apparently Volkswagen made a fuss about the name being too close to “Vanagon” so Toyota shortened it to “Van”. The first generation Japanese vans sold in the US were little more than domestic delivery vehicles quickly refitted for passenger use. The short wheelbases gave tight turning circles – useful for crowded Tokyo streets but also meant huge overhangs at the front and rear.

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      Sammy B

      Yup.  And just to nitpick, that’s an 84 or 85 which was only available in RWD.  The 86-89 model had the 4×4 (along with a 2.2 rather than a 2.0).  It was a glorious time when you could get a 5 speed manual across the entire range!  We are the original owners of a 1984 5MT LE.  It’s sweet.  I don’t care that psarhjinian says its slow :)

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      Yes, it was blocked by the engine, but as a bonus it also allowed you to rest your feet on it quite comfortably.  As for moments of ecstasy, well, not while driving, no.  I had a few in company, in the fold-flat second row.


      Slow was ok. I could deal with slow. It was the wheelbase-and-height induced spooky handling that got me.

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      ‘t but it was terrifying to drive despite being dog slow.  It was tall, narrow and had a very short wheelbase’
      Some friends of mine had one and it ended up rolling twice and landing in a farmer’s field.  For exactly the reasons you describe, cornering at speed was not its forte.

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    Not a Subaru, as those had frameless windows…all the way until 2010.

    I always liked those Civic Si (EP3) models, of course I didn’t buy one like most people.

    @brandloyalty: He isn’t talking about the very visible vehicles but the vehicle with just the roof line.

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    ’80-’83 Civic wagon.  And that’s a Datsun 510 in the driveway.  No, not the cool one; that unremarkable late-’70s version.

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    I’ll identify the green 1980 Datsun 510 5-door, since nobody else bothered.

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    Accch!!!! You want a name dat soon?
    Old lame joke that entered my flaccid feeble mind.

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