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Gratitude doesn’t always come easy for a bunch of opinionated car-mudgeons (just ask our pals in the PR business) but today we all have plenty to be thankful for. As Editor-in-Chief of this fine site, I am eternally indebted to TTAC’s immensely talented writers, our faithful fans, and our dedicated owners. I feel incredibly lucky to have what I believe to be the best team of auto writers in the world backing me up each day, overcoming the challenges, sacrifices and personality clashes that are our daily bread and putting out the finest car-related content to be found anywhere. Our owners at VerticalScope are owed a special thanks as well, for paying the bills while allowing us to work in complete freedom. And of course, without you, our faithful readers and commenters, none of this would be possible (or necessary). Your faithfulness to this site, your dedication to the truth, and your occasional ad clicks allow TTAC to persist, keeping our talented writers working at continually improving their craft.

So thank you to everyone who makes TTAC what it is…. without your dedicated support, TTAC might not have survived to see this day. And please believe that your trust and time has earned more than a mere post of thanks: I will carry this sense of gratitude with me every day as inspiration to make TTAC the very best site it can possibly be.

Yours in Kaizen,

Edward Niedermeyer, Editor-in-Chief of TTAC

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20 Comments on “Thank You For Making TTAC Possible!...”

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    Well the site gives me something to do on my breaks at work (and other times during the workday…don’t tell my boss :)) and I learn lots of interesting stuff.

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    TTAC is beter than Ja%^&@$#.

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    Yeah. (to both of the above.) And as a car-mudgeon, I’m always thankful for a car as good and as fun as my Accord, with an engine that may not be a Mozart, but that IS a Salieri to the Boxster’s Mozart. Love that sound! Happy t-day everyone!

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    Educator(of teachers)Dan

    (Commenting on the picture.)  Common, Ed.  Jack drives a Neon (really fast and in circles, but still…)

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    First off…Happy Thanksgiving to all my US friends. Got to love NFL on a weekday afternoon.

     I’ve been a member of the B&B since 2005. I gotta tell ya Ed, you ve done a wonderfull job. Farago and I were always at odds. I don’t know why he never banned me. We certainly wern’t on the same page,but I have nothing but respect for his talent. I really didn’t think TTAC could possibly survive without him.

     You guys have proved me wrong.

    Now ..before I go back to the Football game, I got something I want to say.

     To the taxpayers of the United States, Canada, and Ontario.

         Thank you so much
             Michael H Browne  GM Canada {hourly retired}

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    Gardiner Westbound

    Don’t want to rain on anybody’s parade, but I still miss Robert Farago.

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    Happy Thanksgiving to everyone on this forum, and many thanks to Paul, Ed, and the rest of the gang for making this a can’t-miss part of my daily routine.
    As proof of that… the turkey’s in the oven, the Pats are pulling ahead of the Lions on the tube, and I’m sitting here posting on TTAC!

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    Thanks to all of you for making this place worth being a part of my daily routine!
    I too miss RF, but he couldn’t have left TTAC in better hands.
    So thanks Edward, Paul, Bertel, Sajeev, Steven, Michael, Jack, and all the rest for this great reading addiction that is, The Truth About Cars!!!
    Blessings on this day,

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    Hey, no problem. I love this site, it’s very informative and fun without all the bullshit. Thanks, Ed, for keeping up the good work!
    If you guys are still doing reviews of driving video games, I’d be more than happy to write one up for Need for Speed: Hot Pursuit. :-)

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    I remember….

    This was a little boy’s best Christmas..EVER!

    Thanks for letting me still be the boy.

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    Amendment X

    Ed –
    You and your writing staff have created a place on the Internet where I genuinely feel a sense of community. To that, I salute you. I am quite inclined to call TTAC the “Perfect Website.”

    Now, if you launched a sister site called The Truth About Politics, then I think you’d hit the perfection benchmark. :) Keep up the great work.

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    Thanks and you’re welcome.

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    I have thoroughly enjoyed TTAC and hope to keep doing so through 2011 and forward.  EN, PN, BS, JB, SM, SL, and MK (Welcome MM!) have made it a fun, informative site where, as Amendment X put it, a sense of community exists.  RF was a brilliant writer but was too caustic and too angry for my tastes, too inclined to stick with his one pet theme for TTAC, “I’m angry at GM”. 

    I love Curbside Classics!  Well thank you TTAC and keep up the wonderful work.

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    Stay off my dirt.

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    I came across TTAC about six months ago and have stayed because of the writing. Decades ago I read Outdoor Life because of Jack O’ Connor. (That dates me. Anybody else remember Jack O’Connor?) Bought Car And Driver because of Brock Yates. Peter Eagan drew me to Road & Track. The writing in TTAC is fantastic. I shall stay. I might also say I find the comments of the readers usually very interesting. Speaks highly of the TTAC readership. 

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    I’m happy that TTAC is growing.  The combination of actual automotive journalism, combined with regular Baruth and Martin contributions, is just awesome.  Thank you guys for doing the only articles and reviews of cars that actually dig into what the vehicles are all about, and for not sticking with the candy PR line.
    And thanks to the TTAC commentators for generating some of the better comment threads online.  Most of the time, it’s depressing just to click through to the comment threads on certain other automotive sites (J and A).   The comments here usually have genuine insight without the prepubescent tantrums.

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