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Most of the smaller makers reported October sales yesterday as the nation went to go vote. The big ones decided to wait until today: The Detroit 3, Toyota, Honda, and Nissan.

Yesterday’s numbers looked good. Hyundai-Kia, Subaru, Volkswagen and others reported sharp gains for October. Today, a mixed bag.  Ford up solidly.  Chrysler up 37 percent. GM up a meek 4 percent. Toyota down a weak 4 percent. GM can find solace in the fact that they did beat the estimates. All analysts polled by Bloomberg that ventured a guess had predicted a loss for GM.

The market is turning the corner, albeit slower than many hope, says Automotive News.

Jesse Toprak, vice president of industry trends at TrueCar, says it’s better that way: “Without crazy incentive spending, you’re not going to get to a 14 million annual sales rate anytime soon. But if automakers are able to make money with sub-12 million sales, perhaps this is a healthier way to recover.”

U.S. Light Vehicles Sales, October 2010

Automaker Oct. 2010 Oct. 2009 Pct. chng. 10 month
10 month
Pct. chng.
BMW Group 23,248 20,646 13% 215,534 200,108 8%
Chrysler Group LLC 90,137 65,803 37% 910,357 781,319 17%
Daimler AG 19,454 18,869 3% 189,687 166,832 14%
Ford Motor Co. 157,650 136,583 15% 1,626,912 1,370,687 19%
General Motors 183,543 176,632 4% 1,818,882 1,713,535 6%
Honda (American) 98,811 85,502 16% 1,011,247 969,638 4%
Hyundai Group 73,855 53,495 38% 751,926 634,282 19%
Isuzu -% 165 -100%
Jaguar Land Rover 4,253 3,042 40% 36,290 30,101 21%
Maserati 196 110 78% 1,551 1,058 47%
Mazda 18,013 15,068 20% 192,783 175,257 10%
Mitsubishi 5,111 3,867 32% 46,503 46,706 0%
Nissan 69,773 60,115 16% 743,474 640,411 16%
Porsche 2,647 1,642 61% 20,337 15,952 28%
Saab Cars North America 741 -% 3,366 -%
Subaru 22,720 18,169 25% 216,334 176,590 23%
Suzuki 2,043 1,745 17% 19,015 35,271 -46%
Toyota 145,474 152,165 -4% 1,456,790 1,448,587 1%
Volkswagen 28,332 24,472 16% 295,566 244,764 21%
Volvo Cars North America 3,996 -% 12,589 -%
Other (estimate) 294 308 -5% 2,940 3,064 -4%
TOTAL 950,291 838,233 13% 9,572,083 8,654,327 11%

Data courtesy Automotive News [sub]

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6 Comments on “October Sales: Looking Good So Far...”

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    Wow, must have been a good month.  Even Suzuki had a pick up in October.

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    “Looking good” is an appropriate title, as I have never seen a car salesperson who looks as good as the one in the photo.  Maserati picking up some share it seems.

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    Are those Saturns?  I didn’t think there were that many left….

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    Some Guy

    “Without crazy incentive spending, you’re not going to get to a 14 million annual sales rate anytime soon. But if automakers are able to make money with sub-12 million sales, perhaps this is a healthier way to recover.”
    Let’s keep it that way… if people can’t afford to buy a new car because money is tight, trimming a few percent off the total price isn’t going to make things all better. People may temporarily feel good about themselves as a result inhaling new car smell chemicals, but they’re just falling down a deeper debt chasm when they could instead buy a great used car for a fraction of the price.

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    Hyundai / Kia is slowly catching Honda, and the way Honda’s been focusing on very low volume hybrids and other non automotive pet projects while ignoring their bread and butter cars it won’t be long before they are outsold.  In 2011 Hyundai will release the Veloster which is supposed to get similar mileage than the CR-Z all without a costly, heavy, complicated drivetrain and seat up to 4 people – and cost less.  Most automakers have gone to Direct Injection which provides much better mileage and Honda missed out on this completely except in their diesel engines.  Soon other automakers are going to have it as standard and also more diesel options.  Giving us better ICE engines with hybrid like mileage – all at a much lower cost.

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