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GM’s Korean partner GM-Daewoo has an Aveo-based “SUV” in the final stages of design development… and it definitely looks like the 2007 “Chevy Trax” concept, right? Wrong. Of course.

Design chief Taewan Kim insists the design is “still not fixed” for production but the detailed study is finished to the sort of standard designers reach before wheeling in The Boss to sign it off as ready for production and the interior ‘mock-up’ looked all but sorted to give the suppliers the go for first off-tool samples. Looks? Cameras were banned but think ‘I shrunk the Capitiva’ and you get the idea.

Don’t know what a Captiva is? Well, do you remember the Saturn Vue? No? Well, there’s a new one anyway… take a look after the jump.

Yes, through the power of a secret Korean trade practice of scale auto design cloning, this seven-seat-option Crossover can be perfectly shrunk to Aveo-platform proportions. It’s been done before. Consider the case of the new Kia Sorento and Sportage: can you tell which is which?

But maybe it’s unfair to to suggest that Daewoo will pull the same stunt… after all, Kia’s entry in the “B-Cross” segment, the Soul, is a highly distinctive design and it’s been selling steadily. To have a real shot at the young-in-spirit market for such baby “utes”, Daewoo really should go with a distinctive,  Trax-inspired look. If it’s not already too late.

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7 Comments on “Korea Week: Viva La Trax...”

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    I rented a Kia Soul a month ago on a business trip and overall I was impressed with it, albeit it had a tiny, buzzing engine that was noticeably affected by the presence of a second occupant.  With the compact outside dimensions and the wheels out at the corners, it’s perfect for on-street urban parking.

    As was said in a previous post, Kia and Hyundai are now as the honda and toyota of the late 20th century were, wash, rinse, repeat.  Now, how many years later will the Chinese vehicles arrive to upset the then-dominant Korean makes?

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    Amendment X

    Take the GM concept. Wash away all creativity to make it a real production model…
    BAM! Another sh*tbox from the General.

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    So, I have no idea why, but the new American Sportage doesn’t look like that one pictured with the funny European license plate. The American one, to me anyway, looks quite different from the bland Sorento.
    And as far as I know (if pictures can be trusted), this car is also being sold in Europe. So is the Sportage you show here JUST the Korean version? I’m confused.
    As for the Chevy, maybe I’m not alone in thinking “Who cares?” I’ll never buy a Chevy again after my stupid, ridiculous, idiotic, junky Cobalt.

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    This front end on the Captiva looks far better than the previous one.
    And it must not be that bad, it’s giving Toyota some trouble in Oz.×4/holden/captiva/toyota-hunts-share-of-captiva-audience-22544
    Down here it sold well while GM imported them.

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    Honda Element + Nissan Juke = this

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    Why do car companies make cars look like they have been in an accident and the owner hasn’t had time to paint the replacement panels yet?

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    The Trax looks okay to me except for the Roger the Robot look from the front.
    Danger Will Robinson!

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