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Toyota and Fiat may not be setting European sales charts alight, but according to a recent analysis of per-vehicle CO2 output, the two automakers are on the cusp of meeting the EU’s stringent 2015 standard. Automakers competing in Europe will have to reduce their carbon emissions to 130 gm/km by 2015, a huge challenge for firms like BMW, Mercedes and Volkswagen, which currently have average emissions of 151, 167 and 153 grams per km respectively. Fiat and Toyota, on the other hand, have already reduced their emissions to 131 and 132 grams per km, putting them within a sneeze of the 2015 standard. But the auto industry never though that any of its firms would be on track for overcompliance. In fact, the AFP reports

In 2008 carmakers successfully pushed back from 2012 to 2015 the deadline for technological innovation, allowing them to meet stipulations, in exchange for a commitment to drop to 95 g/km by 2020.

Despite not insignificant loopholes, they can be heavily fined if they miss these targets as the EU strives to meet wider aims in reducing emissions of harmful gases blamed for negative climate change effects.

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20 Comments on “European C02 Standards Not So Scary After All...”

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    The only reason automakers don’t like the government telling them how to build cars safer, cleaner or more efficient is it detracts them from their main objective of putting Ipods in their cars. 

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    I think it is more that they don’t like having to build cars that folks don’t particularly want to buy. That is much less of an issue in Europe than in the US though. $8/9 per gallon gas would do wonders for the demand for fuel efficient (and thus CO2 deficient) cars here too. But even at $3/gal, fuel economy is not THAT high on most folks list, judging by the number of Stupid Useless Vehicles I see lumbering around the ‘burbs.

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    Mike Kelley

    SO2 is an invisible, odorless gas that is essential to life and makes plants grow.  Convincing people that it is a threat to the planet is the biggest scam of my lifetime.  Thank goodness more and more folks are seeing through the con.

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      One, I think you mean CO2.  SO2 is not odourless and isn’t healthy for most forms of life on earth.
      Two, water is also essential for life, but you can still drown in it.

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      psarhjinian: But misspelling aside…his statement is still valid regarding CO2.

      Yes, water can be dangerous; a lady recently drove into the river here.  What we don’t want is gov’t regulators mandating we all drive boat/car hybrids just in case somebody accidentally drives into the river.

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      That depends on weather you believe CO2 is an insulating gas and will, in larger quantities in the air, help trap heat and warm the planet up beyond the point us humans can cope with… But then there is always air conditioning… that uses more energy and produces more CO2…

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    psar, you beat me to it. But another way to say part of what you said is that the comment on CO2 being essential for life and therefore global warming is a scam would be like saying oxygen is essential to combustion, so there’s nothing wrong with putting a lot more in the fuel/air mix.

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    I thought the legal battle(s) has been going on since forever.
    They just kept losing.

    I think all manufacturers try to do this. Even Jeep has battles going on with its front grill.
    I don’t know how Shelby could win this as the initial design remided me of other cars, just smaller.
    Wasn’t the original look Cobra close to stealing from early Jaguars and such?

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    Firstly I’m going to say that I think Climate Change is a load of B.S. – That being said you can’t stop the regulators from regulating. The Euro’s CO2 standards may make more sense and be more achievable than the Obama administration’s ridiculous and arbitrary mpg requirements.

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      Talk to a Coast Gardsman rustling gravel with his shoe in Antarctica.  “Two years ago this was under 10 feet of ice and snow like it had been for thousands of years.”  Pointing inland, “In another two years the beach will be at least another five miles inland.”
      Is it cows bred for McDonald burgers passing gas, coal plants, or cars? Don’t know. The fact is, both polar caps are in fact disappearing at a rapid rate. You can believe the Polar bears are packing it off but the smart money says its because of climate change.

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      climate change is natural and supposed to happen, Humans trying to change it is, a waste of energy and resources.

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      The Euro’s CO2 standards may make more sense and be more achievable than the Obama administration’s ridiculous and arbitrary mpg requirements

      Excluding the involvement of the Great-Eared Satan, what’s the difference?  The European measure tax output, the American taxes input, but both do exactly the same thing.

      Other than some gaming of vehicle classes (which both sides do) what makes the Euro measures “better”?

      (note to Americans: Obama is more right-of-centre and “conservative” than just about every European government)

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    Did anyone else notice the glaring omission in the article? French car manufacturers are all in the top 5 (PSA & Renault). Just because you cant buy them here in the US does not mean they do not deserve mention and credit here?

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    Mike Kelley

    Sorry about the typo.  I meant CO2.  As for Antarctica’s ice melting, check this out:

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      I am not sure what your point is here. Gasoline is a finite resource. What exactly is wrong with trying to be economical with it? Sure we can grow bio fuel… at the expense of food crops. Do you really want to go there?

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    Seems like global warming alarmism has died done quite a bit, perhaps following some classic downward slope like all historical hysterias.
    The reason it is important to point out CO2 is natural and essential for life is because off all the dire propaganda that has many people convinced CO2 is an outright poison.
    A portion of the public often over reacts to the crisis du jour and overloads on supplements or stops eating peanut butter, spinach, etc. due to shrill voices warning of eminent disaster and hidden dangers.

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    John Horner

    We have seen this movie over and over. Any time tighter regulations of automotive emissions or safety are proposed, the auto companies predict calamity. However, if and when the rules go into effect … they meet them.

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