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Still not sure what to think of the forthcoming Kia Optima? Stare at it some more while you wait for TTAC to get its hands on a US-market version…

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29 Comments on “2011 Kia Optima (K5) Bonus Gallery...”

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    Even the Hyundai fanboy’s have to admit that this thing looks so much better than the Sonata.

    Some of the interior bits look on the cheap side….

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      “Even the Hyundai fanboy’s have to admit that this thing looks so much better than the Sonata.”
      Nope. The Sonata is much more stylish, IMO. The Optima just looks pretentious and the style lacks cohesion. Should do well with the “wanted a Lexus” crowd though.

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      Sorry to disappoint you, rockit, but this fanboy agrees with Walter.   While the Optima’s basic profile is okay (if somewhat derivative of Lexus, Infiniti and Mitsubishi), up close the details are horrible.   One can only assume that the U.S. model will be cleaned up.

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    I can’t even think about the cars, except that the design is good, until somebody explains the presence of the artillery pieces and soldiers patrolling in the background!

    Is this some kind of paranoid’s idea of ‘robust factory security’?  (Good lord, not even Harry Bennett and the Ford Security Service went this far!) ;O)

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    I can not wait for the day that the current styling trend of shorter and shorter side windows goes away.

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    Looks like a Korean SAAB.

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    slow kills

    The body panel lines are very intriguing.  The way the trunk and rear bumper join at the taillight to mimic the angle of gap line formed by the rear door, the continuity of the hood front to the front fascia across the headlight.  Very neat.
    The stupid chrome arch over the side windows causes too much visual clutter, especially at the c-pillar. And I’m already tired of these grills that narrow at the center; they just look wrong.

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      Good points! I too especially like the continuation of the front fascia cutline across the headlight and to the hood front. However, having the Kia logo between the hood opening and the grill spoils the continuity for me. Speaking of the grill, while you may not like the grill itself, did you notice how it’s shape is mimicked in the roof panel near the top of the windshield? Very trick!  

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      slow kills

      Ooh, I didn’t see that.  Repeating design elements, especially in a subtle way, shows cohesive styling.  But then the car has a good deal of incongruous bric-a-brac details as well.  I’m very curious to see where the styling goes in upcoming refreshes and the next generation.

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    It looks like the greenhouse of the next pontiac grand prix that will never be, with a forgetable honda accord/suzuki kizash/ VW Jetta – ish nose

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    Yuck.. looks like a Ford Taurus/Fusion to me right down to the front fender accent. Not my cup of tea, looks squashed from some angles. And what’s with auto manufacturers going to great pains to make an auto stick look like a “real” stick? Just throw a 6 spd in there already!!!

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      Fisher Price sized shift levers for automatic transmissions, sunken seating and wide consoles are in demand by people who need them to feel cool.

      Doesn’t the word coupe mean ‘cut’ in French?

      The trend: design a so-called four door family sedan and cut space, cut viewing angles, cut ergonomics to coupe-ify it as much as possible.

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    I never thought I would see the day I’d be saying this about a Korean car, but…I kinda like it. It does remind me of a Saab, but that’s okay. I might have to look at one of these in a few years…

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      Completely agree.  The interior layout, funky exterior…looks like a Korean Saab to me.

      Perhaps this is what the new 9-5 could have been – smaller, cheaper with a turbo four and distinctive styling.

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    A strange mixture of styling elements. I see Jaguar XF, Audi A3, BMW M3, Lexus LS and maybe a little Fisker Karma. Overall, two many weird elements in one, the front overhang is way too large. The hood is way too long and the rear wheels look to small.
    I think that I forgot Maseratti Quadraporte in the styling mix.

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    blue adidas

    I  really like the exterior design. Will still never buy a Kia or a Hyundai. But at least Kia won’t be littering the roadways anymore with ugly crap.

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    Looks okay, relatively to today’s raft of ugly.
    I still think we’ll soon see headlight clusters/covers that go all the way to the A-pillar before long.  Not that this car is the worst offender.

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    Sammy Hagar

    I don’t think the styling is bad all, but the interior reminds me of an ’06 Pontiac G6…down to the already scraped up hard plastics.

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    Just looking at all these pics, I get the feeling that it’s very HEAVY for its size. I could be wrong, but with all the bulbousness and competing shapes and materials of the exterior and the busy interior, it just looks like it takes too much to get those things to link up, i.e. lots of adhesives and mounts. How much does this car weigh, anyway?

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    The Korean domestic model is rated at 1,470 kg or 3,230 lbs.

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    A no. of the Optima’s styling elements (headlights, etc.) come from the Kia Kue concept dating back to 2007.

    Looks better in video than in still photos.

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    John R

    I rather like this. It looks like a Super Saiyan version of my ’07 Sonata.
    I would have to ditch the larger wheels for something from the aftermarket, though. They look like refugees from a food processor.

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    Dear Auto Manufacturers,
    Hate the LED DRL’s and running lamps.  They look like something a 17-yr old tuner would get from Wal-Mart along with his purchase of stick-on “Euro” trim bits.  Just sayin…..

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      1996MEdition…agreed, enough already.  They do look tunerish and probably add to the total cost of the car for something that isn’t particularly value-added.  I guess they are the Altezza tailights of the 2010s.

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      The nice thing about LEDs is they use less power, don’t get hot and don’t burn out.

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      More and more countries are mandating DRL’s. The EU will require them on all new cars soon. Thats the reason that more and more makers, especially the European one’s are putting them on all their vehicles. And as already stated, they are energy efficient, last a long time and don’t burn hot.
      This “fad” probably won’t be going away.
      Oh yeah… the gun slit windows probably aren’t going anywhere either. A small side glass means better side impact safety. The more steel the better.

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    mmm…more audi white led strips…

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    Is it just me, or does it look like someone trimmed off the tail lights and trunk lid with a chain saw?

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