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Earlier we posted an article about the ten largest markets in the world. According to Brazilian car mag Auto Esporte, the Jato Dynamics auto consultancy group has also compiled the top ten car makers in by August 2010. They have crunched the numbers. Can you guess who is top dog?

Disclaimer: We are talking car BRANDS here. Not manufacturing groups as they are usually tallied in worldwide rankings. This puts companies like GM at a disadvantage that relies on gadzillion of Buicks and Wulings in China to get their numbers. It also should hurt that department store of brands, Volkswagen, but as we shall soon see …

All the top ten brands increased their sales in 2010 (save one). If Sergio Marchionne is to be believed, all makers though are in deep trouble as none will reach the mythical 6 million sales figure (at least individually per brand – here we go again).

Toyota is still on top, but VW passed Ford and is now number two. Chevy, sorry, Chevrolet had a strong showing and thus took fourth place from Honda. Lower down on the table of brands, Fiat’s weak showing (not withstanding its ever growing sales in Brazil), helps consolidate Hyundai as the world’s seventh largest brand.

From an American perspective, I’m sure some of these numbers will be surprising. Nissan (not to mention Renault – Carlos Ghosn must be beaming), for example, had a much stronger worldwide recovery than Honda. Kia might also be causing its relative Hyundai some heartburn. It’s growing much faster than the mothership. Could this mean trouble? Are you surprised?

Car brands Jan-Aug 2010 Jan-Aug 2009 Change
1 – Toyota 3,710,395 3,223,384 15.10%
2 – Volkswagen 2,836,668 2,581,978 9.90%
3 – Ford 2,835,858 2,559,954 10.80%
4 – Chevrolet 2,333,063 1,871,608 24.70%
5 – Honda 2,107,526 1,972,382 6.90%
6 – Nissan 2,044,201 1,692,023 20.80%
7 – Hyundai 1,904,592 1,661,927 14.60%
8 – Fiat 1,234,484 1,289,137 -4.20%
9 – Renault 1,083,826 921,180 17.70%
10- Kia 1,035,044 819,428 26.30%
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