What's Wrong With This Picture: The Plus-Sized Prius Edition

Edward Niedermeyer
by Edward Niedermeyer
what s wrong with this picture the plus sized prius edition

Toyota’s been talking about adding to the Prius family for some time, and a plus-sized MPV has been rumored as the first addition. Now Autoblog.it [via Jalopnik] thinks it’s found the first images of the Prius MPV, which might take the name Prius Verso in Italy, and may be called the “Prius Alpha” in other markets. These images show a vehicle that is unmistakeably Prius-related, but boasts a longer wheelbase and a higher roofline at the rear. But does it differentiate itself well enough from the Prius, or would even more length and sliding doors help make its case?

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  • Advo Advo on Oct 27, 2010

    I'm still waiting for Toyota to come out with a hybrid RAV4. Not that I can quite afford one now, but that would be an ideal vehicle in terms of styling (not mini-van) mixed with practicality. For a company that promised hybrids for every niche, they've wasted their early efforts on lines that weren't going to sell that well in the expensive Highlander hybrid - whereas smaller SUVs and their crossover look-a-likes are where the action is.

  • Dr Lemming Dr Lemming on Oct 27, 2010

    I wish Honda would come out with a tall wagon like this. I'm still squeezing as many miles as I can out of a 1991 Civic wagon. Great combination of functionality and gas mileage.

    • Advo Advo on Oct 30, 2010

      Would the 91 Civic wagon have more or less cargo space than a Fit?

  • Art Vandelay It is a shame, this is the perfect sort of vehicle for EBFlex and Tassos to puff each other's peters in but as it is electric, EBFlex will miss out. Sad
  • Art Vandelay Coming to a rental lot near you. And when it does know there is a good chance EBFlex and Tassos have puffed each other's peters in it!
  • Art Vandelay I doubt there is even room for EBFlex and Tassos to puff each other's peters in that POS
  • Art Vandelay The lack of side windows is a boon for EBFlex and Tassos as nobody can see them puffing each other's peters back there!
  • Art Vandelay They all have sunroofs which is good for EBFlex and Tassos...one can stand and hang out the roof while the other puffs his peter