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Some say you get what you pay for. Others say, the best things in life are free. Usually, it depends. This time, it’s a case of the latter. TTAC has always been free, and (AFAIK) it always will be. How much did you save by reading TTAC? A respective research organization gives it to you in writing: $299, at least. According to Business Wire, “Plunkett Research, Ltd. has released its newest market research and competitive analysis report, Plunkett’s Automobile Industry Almanac, 2011 edition, which identifies and analyzes major trends shaping the automobile and truck industry.” For that, you need to plunkett down $299. Now let’s see what major trends Plunkett predicts. Hold on to your hats (and your money.)

Keep reading TTAC, and you can write the Automobile Industry Almanac, 2012 edition, in just a few months.

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17 Comments on “We Just Saved You $299...”

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    Cammy Corrigan

    But wait there’s more! With TTAC you get the pithy sense of humour that other journals don’t give you. Order now and Bertel will write another installment of his legendary autobiography….probably….

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    Mr Schmitt… you should post the pic below I can’t see the video at work.


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    Look, I do not know the economics of this internet stuff.
    What I do know is people should get paid for what they do.

    In the case of TTAC, I get a chance to be heard from and spoken to by what I consider mighty qualified car folks. In fact, I have proclaimed myself privileged to be allowed to voice opinions that more than likely would have had me asked to leave a classroom.

    I got this feeling when I was at an art museum with a group of experts. When questioned by the professor, everybody explained what they liked about a painting. It came to me and all I could do was stare wide eyed and say, I don’t know…but it’s great.

    I feel like a tolerated dumb kid brother with TTAC. Not bright, but he gets excited and likes to wax the our cars.

    Here, the likes of Karesh, Baruth, Lang, Sajeev both Neidermeyers, Schmitt…and so on, all actually take time to write back to me.
    It is rather humbling.

    I would not only gladly pay a subscription fee, I would pay to belly up to a bar and listen to to their stories all night.

    Thanks for allowing me in the door.

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      +1 “I feel like the tolerated dumb kid…”

      You’ve just expressed my point of view in that sentence. I like cars, but don’t know as much about them as others. I gain a lot of insight from TTAC and it’s a good way to kill a lunch hour.

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      Educator(of teachers)Dan

      Honestly I think to some extent we’re all tolerated dumb kids.  We each bring something to the table when we post (although there are a few ‘troll’ exceptions who only shill for one brand) and not only do we give knowledge, we get it when we read what others say, or have our own misconceptions corrected.  I know their may be times when I personally sound like a blowhard, but truthfully I never learned anything from a man who agreed with me.  (Which is why I love it here.)

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    how much would you charge for Baruth’s stomach churning stories?
    some things are priceless/worthless (strike out the one that suits you)

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    Domestic Hearse

    What to do with the $299 I saved reading TTAC…what to do.

    Hmmm. Figure a pair of two RS style door cards for ye olde 911.

    Or a new rear deck shelf, complete with a new pair of speakers.

    Could even pay for having two wheels professionally repainted (I’ll have to wait till next year to paint the other two, after I’ve accrued another $299 of TTAC freeness).

    So, what will everyone else spend their $299 on?

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    So, what will everyone else spend their $299 on?
    The best automotive writers on the web or anywhere else.
    TTAC: unbeatable value since 2001.

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    Excuse me, I’m off to Starbucks to buy 60 Venti lattes.

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    * plus tax, tag, insurance, title and license fees. Destination fee not included. One at this price.

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    Gardiner Westbound

    In other news, the sky is blue and water is wet.

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    A few trips up and down the NJ turnpike, apparently.

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    As I’ve done with a few other “free” websites that I feel in some way indebted to, I click on the adverts. Often! Because, TINSTAAFL.

    Thanx TTAC.

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