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You might think I’ve been taking pictures of old cars on the streets forever. Not so, actually. I’ve been ogling them, but I always saved my film for family. Probably not completely coincidentally, I started CC about the same time our nest was emptying. But there was one single exception, and today I stumbled on it: a photo of a 1951 Mercury that lived on the street a few blocks from our house in Santa Monica. Its dark blue paint was oxidizing into a divine shade of purple, and one day in 1979 on our regular walk to the beach, I had the impulse: to immortalize this aging neighbor before it disappeared. Technically, this wasn’t really an exception, because Stephanie is in it. That part has changed, mostly.

She still appears from time to time, but much more discretely, as she usually manages very adroitly to keep out of the shots most of the time, regardless of the angle. It’s about the cars now, but she’s still my first Curbside Classic. Happy 33rd!

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    Educator(of teachers)Dan

    Two nice cars.  Both endemic of the times they were produced in and then became CC in.

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    Two nice cars, yes, but one REALLY nice classic! Good on you, Paul, for understanding real value! Curbside (and elsewhere) classic indeed.

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    Aww, that’s sweet!
    All the best to you both!!!

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    That is very cool, and now years later, you two are still together.
    My Dad had a blue on blue ’76 Honda Accord, loved it with 2 older daughters in college and being the ONLY breadwinner back then, and as a public school administrator (working the self insurers and risk program for the district), something had to give, so he sold the Honda to his then boss’ son in ’78, man I miss that car, I was in the 8th grade when he sold it. They had 2 Hondas since then and Mom bought another one after my Dad died, but has since traded it in on a slightly used 2004 Dodge Stratus she still drives to this day, more because the ’97 Accord was getting too hard for her to get in and out of.

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    Am I guessing correctly that we’re nearing a wedding anniversary time? If so, congrats.
    As an aside, I love old candids like these. Not only for the subject matter, but the incidental stuff that shows up in the background. I bet if we could collect all of these, they would be a great reference for someone looking to restore a particular type of car. I love the partial of the 1st gen Dodge Omni 024 and what looks like a Dart Swinger in the upper center part of the pic. I can’t quite make out the vehicle above her head, but this time of the night with my eyes, everything is blurry…
    I sometimes watch movies and TV shows from the ’70’s and ’80’s (that I would otherwise have no interest in) to see the old iron rolling around in the backgrounds of the shots. My kids groan when I shout out “hey look at that sweet old blankety-blank in the background”… But for me, in a certain way, it’s like seeing old friends again.

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    two very nice cars but the woman is by far the best thing in both shots. but everything you’ve said about her makes her sound wonderful, especially… oh, I’ve forgotten exactly what the piece was about, a sort of a dream sequence about driving something Italian through the wilds of Oregon. I was much impressed with her wisdom. Could you provide a link to that one again?

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    oh, and happy 33rd to both of you

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    Join, Rise, and Decay – or, if you’re a zombie: Decay, Rise, and Join.

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    Happy 33rd!

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    Your first Curbside Classic, and you’ve still got her! Congratulations on 33. I’ve been with Mrs. Monty almost 29 years, so I know what’s involved in staying together that long.

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    Very nice, nice and nice! My wife and I just celebrated our 33rd as well. Congratulations!

    Always cherish your very own “Classic” and keep the CC’s coming!

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    Congrats on the 33rd, PN!

    & Keep up the great work on these CCs! 

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    Sweet Mercury!  Congratulations on the anni.

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