In Defense of Sex

Marcelo de Vasconcellos
by Marcelo de Vasconcellos

First off: Bertel needs no defense. I however felt compelled to write this editorial. Don’t you go thinking the latest round of “naughty” videos was all his idea. I egged him on. I think we are privileged to have him. So…

Standing ovation to our Bertel Schmitt. Bertel and I talked about this subject together. We arrived at the idea together. We knew we’d provoke a storm. But we thought it was worth it. I, however, chickened out. I asked that my name not be put on the article. I find myself now asking myself: Why? I’m not ashamed of it. I showed it to my wife. She made a face like, Oh boy! But she was not unduly bothered.

So… clap, clap your hands for having a guy with the guts to do it. I believe it’s a reflection of our times. The responses are, too. Even more so.

Cars and girls do go together. Sex sells. Not only that, sex is part of life. I for one, showed the post at work. To female colleagues. They laughed. One called the girl in the bikini commercial great. My boss saw it, too. She, and may I stress, she, laughed, too.

Don’t know why Americans are so uptight. The following videos NSFW!!! There you’ve been warned. In Brazil they certainly (by most everybody) are not considered porn. They passed on TV. On prime time TV. Racy? Maybe. Porn? Never. But if nudity offends you, don’t click on the play button. You have been warned.

So a campaign against breast cancer like the one in the video wouldn’t make it in America. Does it call attention against breast cancer? You betcha! But verboten in America. Notice the sponsors. Huge multinationals (Fiat) and a huge Brazilian bank. Yes a bank.

Marcelo de Vasconcellos
Marcelo de Vasconcellos

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  • Nick Nick on Oct 04, 2010

    Americans totally have their heads up their asses as far as sex and the human body goes. Witness the recent deletion from Sesame Street of a Katy Perry segment where her delightful assets were apparently too evident. Don't the children watching have mothers...most likely with breasts also? It's f***king ridiculous. And I want to know who the model is for the breast cancer commercial...those are delightful.

  • Phantomwolf Phantomwolf on Oct 05, 2010

    Well, as a devote, personally prudish Roman Catholic, I throw my two cents into the mix and say yes, we are prudish. Childish, who is more childish, the one who can't handle a few boobies, no pun intended, or the one who can calmly function with the twin peaks swaying! To add to the above, morals are really something universal to all of us humans, mostly. The vast majority of humanity is against murder, rape, theft, etc. To tick off the pharasies I have sparred with from time to time, morality is product of human evolution. Morals are standards of behavior that best support and promote the survival of our species. Ergo, a loving God blesses us with a moral standards of behavior best increase our chances for survival in a dangerous universe. Evil is simply behaviors, and attitudes that promote or encourage the destruction of life. Very simple stuff, things all of us can agree upon here. The question is, do these images, comercials, or what have you promote life or death. There you will get your answer as to how good something is. This is why we have freedom of worship, and thought. We are human, and most of us know that, and we operate better as a species when we can settle upon similarities. Then we can act and conduct ourselves in life affirming fashions. Yes, much evil has been done in the name of religion, but that does not make it evil. Much evil has also been done in the name of aethism too, can we say godless communism anyone?

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