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First off: Bertel needs no defense. I however felt compelled to write this editorial. Don’t you go thinking the latest round of “naughty” videos was all his idea. I egged him on. I think we are privileged to have him. So…

Standing ovation to our Bertel Schmitt. Bertel and I talked about this subject together. We arrived at the idea together. We knew we’d provoke a storm. But we thought it was worth it. I, however, chickened out. I asked that my name not be put on the article. I find myself now asking myself: Why? I’m not ashamed of it. I showed it to my wife. She made a face like, Oh boy! But she was not unduly bothered.

So… clap, clap your hands for having a guy with the guts to do it. I believe it’s a reflection of our times. The responses are, too. Even more so.

Cars and girls do go together. Sex sells. Not only that, sex is part of life. I for one, showed the post at work. To female colleagues. They laughed. One called the girl in the bikini commercial great. My boss saw it, too. She, and may I stress, she, laughed, too.

Don’t know why Americans are so uptight. The following videos NSFW!!! There you’ve been warned. In Brazil they certainly (by most everybody) are not considered porn. They passed on TV. On prime time TV. Racy? Maybe. Porn? Never. But if nudity offends you, don’t click on the play button. You have been warned.

So a campaign against breast cancer like the one in the video wouldn’t make it in America. Does it call attention against breast cancer? You betcha! But verboten in America. Notice the sponsors. Huge multinationals (Fiat) and a huge Brazilian bank. Yes a bank.

I ran into this one. I remember it very well. This commercial became famous the world over. Washington Olivetto, the man behind it, has been considered a genius because of it. Women cry when they see it, remembering their own experiences. No, couldn’t be shown in America. And America was a country that could make a movie like Pretty Baby or The Blue Lagoon. Well, once upon a time. Notice it’s from 1987. Delicate, innocent, sweet, classy if you ask me.

This one (embed disabled)  is for iNeon. It is the opening of a soap opera. That passed on Globo TV, which everybody, and I mean, everybody, watches. Everyday for months. At 7 pm. Notice it’s from 1987, too. Did it provoke controversy? Sure. Nobody died though.

The song by the way (for the soap opera opening) is from a band called Ultraje a Rigor. The song is called Pelado (Naked). The lyrics are wise because they make a mockery of how such things are so small when compared to everything that goes on.

I got so inspired and the lyrics seemed so fitting to the situation that I made a rough translation:

Que legal nós dois – How cool, both of us here
Pelados aqui – Naked
Que nem me conheceram – the same way they got to know me
O dia que eu nasci – the day I was born
Que nem no banho – the same way I am in the shower
Por baixo da etiqueta – underneath all the etiquette
É sempre tudo igual – everything is always the same
O curioso e a xêreta – the curious guy and the nosy gal
Que gostoso, sem frescura –  how yummy, no bullshit

Sem disfarce, sem fantasia – with no disguise, no fantasy
Que nem seu pai, sua mãe – the same as your father, your mother
Seu avô, sua tia… – your grandfather, your aunt

Indecente – Indecent
É você ter que ficar – is having to be
Despido de cultura – without access to culture
Dai não tem jeito – then there’s no way
Quando a coisa fica dura – when the “thing” gets hard
Sem roupa, sem saúde without clothes, without health care
Sem casa, tudo é tão imoral – without housing, everything is so immoral
A barriga pelada – a naked tummy
É que é a vergonha nacional – is what’s the national shame
Vai! – Go!
Chorus – Refrão
Pelado, pelado – Naked, naked
Nú com a mão no bolso – Nude, with my hand in my pocket
Pelado, pelado – Naked, naked
Nú com a mão no bolso – Nude, with my hand in my pocket
Pelado, pelado – Naked, naked
Nú com a mão no bolso – Nude, with my hand in my pocket
Nú com a mão no bolso – Nude, with my hand in my pocket
Nú com a mão no bolso – Nude, with my hand in my pocket
Nú com a mão no bolso – Nude, with my hand in my pocket
Nú com a mão no bolso – Nude, with my hand in my pocket
Nú com a mão no bolso – Nude, with my hand in my pocket
Nuzinho pelado – Very naked, naked
Nú com a mão no bolso! – Nude, with my hand in my pocket

Note: Nu com a mão no bolso can also be translated as stark naked. Here I think the guys from the band are playing with words and commenting on the lack of money. They’re saying this is immoral, not the human body.

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51 Comments on “In Defense of Sex...”

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    Educator(of teachers)Dan

    Don’t know why Americans are so uptight.

    Part of the foundation of this country is groups of people who were too “puritanical” for England.  ENGLAND for god’s sake!  We’re the only major world democracy that sits around and debates moral issues.  Other countries just tend to make things legal and then tell people, “If it’s against YOUR moral code, then don’t do it!”  Makes a heck of a lot more sense to me than having the cops waste their time trying to bust people for things that are legal on most of the rest of the planet.
    I’m sorry Christian conservatives, the only soul I’m worried about saving is my own, not everybody’s.

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      Cammy Corrigan

      Educator(of teachers)Dan.
      We’re not THAT puritanical! You should see some of the adverts here. 2 of them made the “Sexual weekend” hit list of TTAC!
      The thing I find bizarre about the United States is the fact that every other “Western” country treats evolution as a scientific fact and not up for debate. Only in the US is evolution treated as a “possibility”, despite the mountain of evidence supporting it.
      As someone linked to the education sector, you must find this disappointing?

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      Educator(of teachers)Dan

      Yes I do find the lack of belief in science disappointing, and I say this as a Catholic, embarrassed that it took his church nearly 500 years to apologize to Galileo.
      I was a history teacher, Cammy.  I’m speaking of the fact that the people who came here from England that were religious “uptights” came in the 1600s.  Imagine what your country would be like today if you hadn’t gotten rid of them.  (BTW I’m wondering if there are  a few politicians we could deport to you?)

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      The modern American Conservative movement is primarily defined by what are “classical liberal” positions; liberty, freedom, individual responsibility etc.  The Christian/moral-control slant of the movement is just off-kilter with the primary aspects of the platform.
      As someone who self-identified as a conservative since my grade-school years well before Clinton was elected, I decided to reject that label sometime between the 2006 and 2008 elections and embrace both atheism and libertarianism.  The “values voters” will be the death of the conservative movement, at least the libertarian aspects of it that matter to anyone.

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      @Hi EducatorDan

      I know, I know about the Puritans. But that was like hundreds of years ago.

      For example, do you know the expression, “There’s no sin under the equator.” Well, it comes from a little known historical fact, but when Portugal set out to split the world between them and Spain (Treaty of Tordesilhas – sanctioned by the Pope), they knew they were at a disadvantage as their population was puny. So, they set out to and got from the Pope, a bule declaring that any Portuguese, once he had crossed the equator, was no longer legally married. The Crown then would impose on the Portuguese man in the colonies that it was his civic duty to marry a native and produce as many brown colored Portuguese as possible for the Crown.

      This of course had many consequences. On a positive side, Portugal (comparing to other European powers) was generally more humane in their treatment of native peoples. And nowadays the result is a country like Brazil were racial tensions exist, but are much more relaxed than in other (ex-British) colonies. On the negative note, it led to a spirit of lawlessness. That anything goes in the South. I mean, you don’t even have to repect that most holy sacrament of marriage.

      Anyway, we’re over it now (are we???). Could this have also lead to the fact Brazil is relatively liberal on sexual matters? Who knows, but I’m glad it’s so. Means many less social neurosis and mental disease.

      But I understand, get and respect your analysis. I also recognize you have a very good point. Kudos, sir!

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      Sam P

      Americans are very uptight compared to most modern countries in the world. Probably because so many religious fanatics emigrated here after it was founded (for what it’s worth, my Irish ancestors came over in the mid 1850s for economic reasons, not because their religious beliefs were too awful and backward for contemporary Europe).
      To their credit, the Founding Fathers tried to ensure separation of church and state. Props in particular to Thomas Jefferson.

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      Educator(of teachers)Dan

      I mean, you don’t even have to respect that most holy sacrament of marriage.
      {sarcasm on} Oh yes and we American’s who are the staunch defenders of traditional marriage, have SO respected the institution!  {sarcasm off}

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      Educator(of Teachers)Dan

      I meant the no respect for the holy sacrament of marriage to a Portuguese from the 1500s and 1600s. His mind must have spun, the universe must have seemed out of whack.

      To A Brazilian today? I think most don’t even know what a sacrament is.

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      es una p*** falta de sacanagem. I hope you get the joke i’m not trying to insult anyone. @ Marcelo it is an internet meme. I don’t know portuguese I thought it would fit in.

    • 0 avatar


      A little portuñol there? You know, not here nor there? But sorry don’t understand what is exactly the sacanagem? The Portuguese, the Pope? What?

    • 0 avatar


      None taken. I just didn`t understand what you were trying to say. i had no idea that expression was becoming an internet theme! But its just you mixed Portuguese and English a bit.

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      I’m speaking of the fact that the people who came here from England that were religious “uptights” came in the 1600s

      I’d hardly call Puritans uptight.  In fact I’d go so far as to say they were more or less true Christ-like followers rather than the lukewarm Christian-by-name-and-not-character breed we see today aka hypocrites.  Since you are a history teacher, you should know that the Pilgrim fathers traveled across the Atlantic to escape persecution from the Church of England among other hardships.  Just like the early Protestant pioneers John Wycliffe and Martin Luther “protested” the intolerance and persecution they faced in their day from the Catholic church, the early Pilgrims (Puritans) were subjected to the same from the Protestant churches and so they escaped to America.

      Interestingly enough, one of the first things the Puritans did on the New World was to set up a church state type of government to “protect” themselves from further religious persecution so as to enjoy religious freedom.  Shortly thereafter, they required people to support clergymen financially and attend church services or suffer penalties and fines.  Eventually it became evident that they were becoming what they had just sacrificed so much to escape and a division was set between church and government/politics.  Unity between church and state/government inevitably breeds intolerance.  This separation which breeds tolerance & religious freedom, I believe, is what allowed America to prosper/thrive/grow as a nation.

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      To their credit, the Founding Fathers tried to ensure separation of church and state. Props in particular to Thomas Jefferson.
      The funny thing about that is that the US, in spirit, has far less actual separation of church and state than many countries that actually have a state church.  Or let me put it to you this way: America is one of the few countries where something like ‘The Family” could exist, or where a politician’s pastor’s views would be worth mention, or where a lax church attendee, let alone an atheist, wouldn’t stand a snowball’s chance in hell.
      Separation of church and state just means “No state church”; eg, nothing like the C-of-E, Church of Norway or the way the German princes sponsored Lutheranism post-Reformation.  It most certainly doesn’t mean that you can’t have a de-facto theocracy, or that politicians can’t use religion as a lever or cudgel.  Personally, I think that the “Separation” actually enables cross-contamination of relgion and politics today** more than it hinders it; it acts as a kind of whitewash.
      ** It was a good idea a hundred and fifty-plus years ago when European was engaging in religion-fueled paroxysms, but it’s not working anymore.

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    Cammy Corrigan

    Next time, don’t be afraid to stand up. I’ve caused my fair share of trouble on this site (my defence of “Top gear” article and my comment about Catholic priests). One of them caused the B&B to ask that the article be recinded. But I stuck by my convictions. That’s my article, read or move on. The moment I start writing articles that pander to people is the moment I know my career as a writer is over.

    This site was made famous by writing things that upset the apple cart. Remember when Robert “Big Tuna” Farago said that GM and Chrysler were going to go bankrupt? Imagine if he caved in to pressure and stopped writing that. TTAC would just be another dull car website on the internet. TTAC is famous for writing stuff others are unwilling to say. We’re in danger of losing that.

    P.S. Always nice to read your articles.

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    It is amazing, for all of its Equality and Human Rights leadership, that America is so backward when it comes to sexuality.  Good grief, just look at the ridiculous prudity involved in the debate over public breast-feeding … when next door, in Canada, women are allowed to go publically topless.

    I applaud your efforts here Bertel, as well as Marcello’s admission.  Keep up the good work guys.

    p.s. Without trying to throw into question (as farce) all that I wrote above, the use of the term “exploitation” got me to wondering if there might be an extension in the future to cover the topic of “Blaxploitation” and cars…  no kidding, would be a hoot to see the comments coming up to questions of “What would John Shaft drive today?”  (If blaxploitation is too narrow, then it could be expanded to what would they use for the great chase scenes if those ’60’s and ’70’s films, like Bullitt, or French Connection, or The Seven Ups were made today…)  

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      Public breast-feeding is rampant here. In the Metro, bus, hospital… wherever the baby is hungry, out goes the tetica and feeds.
      Some ladies cover it a little bit others do it openly. The government even has a camping promoting breast-feeding.

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      The nudity I don’t worry about. Lived in Europe. Visited the beaches. Watched the broadcast TV where anything goes. In America somebody gets naked and it instantly becomes “Girls Gone Wild” with as much debauchery as they can get away with. It’s not the nudity I fear my children seeing, it’s the other stuff that seems to come with it.

      We’re very immature about body parts here in the USA.

      As mentioned in other comments – religion seems to creep into everything. You shouldn’t do XYZ b/c you’ll go to hell. (If you believe in such a thing). Everything is a sin. At least that is the scene here in the southern small town I live in with the Sunday morn goers. On the flip side we’re a college town so we have all the “others”. We’ve got lesbian friends who have been together longer than some of our straight friends. We’ve got folks living together. Folks doing a little bit of everything. Quietly.

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    First off…
    I am an atheist.
    I have succumbed, and still do, to many of the very things I detest in myself.

    I am part of the audience.
    I stand and applaud 99 percent of the show.
    I admire the TTAC staff, including the fantastic work of Bertel.

    I also admit my thoughts on this subject would be misinterpreted and again viewed as an attack.
    But my offering was also a little brave knowing the expected backlash  my reflections would bring from this mainstream thinking.
    In fact, it was a cerebral effort of one man to ask for humility and maturity and one not easily understood or successful.
    Be careful with the chest thumping and the self congratulations.
    Sex as viewed in Brazil, and all other parts or this planet, is silly and offensive if used as examples of how mankind should “think” and reflect upon its purpose and existence.

    Look, I do not want to play the role of TTAC moral officer and I know this type of discussion is best left to philosophical classes, so can’t we at least try to keep our wonderful sight to the Truth About Cars? I like a good fart joke as much as the next guy, but I turn to other outlets for my sophomoric needs.

    My kids are allowed to watch everything! From Mad Men to Breaking Bad to the very worst R rated films.
    But the lesson is always being taught. And this lesson was started from the earliest years of parenthood.
    So when an adult male makes a big deal out of a woman’s breast size they realize the low level of human exploitation being suggested.
    They KNOW their mother and the adoration and worship their dad has for her all these later years when the “boobs” are not the reason for his attraction.
    Never were. It was more something in her breath that captured my brain.
    I am sure even way down in Brazil and over in the dark mountains and lands of Afghanistan there is a man who worships his woman despite the local social and religious heritage crammed into his head from youth.

    WE are very flawed.
    We are weak and we fail.
    We give in to our most brutal wants.

    BUT the REAL test we face is our understanding of ourselves and these prehistoric drives and how we will overcome them and be better people.

    • 0 avatar

      I get your point sir and respect it. Moreover I never meant to imply that Brazil is an example for anything (except maybe racial and ethnical relations, but that’s another story). Quite the oppostie. If you read my posts and or comments, you’ll see I realize our many, many deffciencies. Yes sex is often times childish and exploited in Brazil. And parents have the obligation to explain it to their kids. However, to have a commercial bring up such a ruckus is phony.

      That’s my point. It’s part of life so the commercials will reflect that. Do such commercials call inordinate amounts of attention because of the subject matter? Yes they do. Is that a reflection on how primitive we are? I think this is where you lose me. I interpret it as us being alive so of course we react. In the same way it’s not a good idea, no matter how well educated, to leave a teenage boy and girl sleeping together alone. Nature has a way of taking its course. However, I agree with you that we should realize we are animals and strive to improve on that. But we also shouldn’t shun our natural side too much. It’s were much of our joy, pure, unabashed joy, comes from.

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    By the way, I am not really uneducated in the Brazilian ways.
    My family has several apartments as well as a nice little condo along Barra de Tijuca.

    As much as I love these warm people, it’s the very first time I was admonished for stopping at a red light at night.
    And speak of cultural sexual differences, the admiration, no the Glorification, of a woman’s rear size is still something to make the average AMERICAN MALE confused.
    Talk about cultural messages!

    And again, this is yet another nation where the macho image of the male is something from the bad part of the brain.
    The worshiping of this manhood over the real makings of a man is astonishing.
    I think we should look towards another culture for images of what we want ourselves to be.

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      You were astonished to be admonished for stopping at a red light? Then you don’t really understand the town you visit (Rio). They were warning you so that you could save yourself. Many, many people get robbed at red traffic lights at night.

      A word to the wise, when in Rio and São Paulo, don’t stop at a red light at night (specially after 9 or 10pm depending what part of the city you are). Slow down as you come up to one, and proceed with care if the light doesn’t turn green before you cross. Do like others around you. Don’t worry the police tolerate it. But be careful in other cities. In my city, people ususally stop, at least until midnight. It’s a safer place.

      As to buts, remeber the Romans and everything. It’s a Latin civilization and their influence is still around us everyday. And to each his own…

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      Marcelo, we that live here in Latin America, you in Brazil, and me a little bit up in Venezuela, understand the risks, they don’t. My friend in Italy leaves his car open (no locks) out in the street. Nothing happens. I left my car in the street and my wife saw some kids pulling the handles seeing if it was unlocked.

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    The Prude Ranch, I worked there as a camp counselor. Down near Big Bend in Texas and owned and operated by the Prude family who had ranched there forever. I don’t recall that it was very prudish after the counselors had gotten the kids to bed.

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    These were legitimate articles.  The thing I didn’t like was a few years back when they decided to post a cheesecake pic with every blog post.

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    In America, it is the perversion of the Bible by all christian religions.  That has been done to control people, gain money, gain respect of the community by (in many cases) immoral men.
    Snake-oil salesman have used the Bible to win over converts that blindly follow whatever they are told.
    Politician in America are the same way.  They twist religion to promote war, promote hate, promote fear of others.
    It is my contention that all religion is bad.

    • 0 avatar

      I read once that bad men will do bad things, but religion can make good men do bad things. The same can be said for any ideology atrocities have been committed in the names of right-wing and left-wing causes. The adversary to peace is group-think “sheeple” mentality and lack of respect for human rights, add in a power-hungry egomaniac or someone who believes the ends justifies the means, and you now have a recipe for human rights abuses.

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    Americans are not only uptight about sex and becoming more PC by the day , but it is also fast becoming a country full of wimps . Like grown men who can be seen texting like teenage girls and suffer anxiety attacks when their cell phones are taken away . Kids are routinely bullied on the internet – haven’t exactly figured out how this one works since you can always leave a website . Overprotective moms routinely switch their bullied kids to another school . I have a relative who did this , she or his dad never even taught the boy (now 13) how to ride a bicycle either for fear of him getting hurt . Any wonder he’s a target for bullies ? Good luck finding a twenty something who can shift a standard tranny these days , their numbers dwindle by the year . Those are just a few examples  of how this country is changing from the one I used to know .  Getting back to the self righteous prudes complaining about TTAC content – after some of the replies to Jack Baruth’s funny article on the pink Ford Aspire (link below) a few months ago , I’m surprised there wasn’t a bigger outcry on the sexy stuff !

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    So, here’s what I’ve learned about Brazil on TTAC:
    1)  Hot chicks
    2)  Boobs on TV
    3)  Cool Fiats everywhere
    I think I’ve found my next vacation spot.

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    You want to shower someone with accolades because he found some pictures of boobs to share with others?  Why not give us all a gold star for sharing cool sites to download porn?  We all know how hard it is to find this stuff on the Internet, now I know I can visit TTAC to get a daily fix.  Obviously this will be a boom for hits and you’ll have lots of intelligent posts and commentary about naked women… which is always good right?
    In my myopic mind I thought this was a site for auto-news.  Turns out it’s run by some people with a cultural agenda to prove the USA is full of stiffs.
    The reason I voiced my thoughts was because some of us browse this site at work.  We shouldn’t have to go “meta” to browse certain sites.  This is because any site that requires you go “meta” is also a site you shouldn’t be browsing at work anyway.  It’s convenient for you guys to make jokes about us working at gay clubs or something, but that’s an intentional deflection where you refuse to acknowledge that the NSFW line was crossed in some officeplaces. So good for you if you don’t have a stifling workplace. Apparently it’s something you should be proud of and lord over the rest of us.
    It’s not that I don’t want to see boobs – it’s that the boobs are unnecessary to the site.  If you work with 100 other people, it only takes 1 of the hundred to make your life suck for loading up a page of titties at work.  Does that 1 person set a trend for many of us in this society?  You bet they do, because if I can’t trust TTAC to provide work-safe content, then I can’t visit the site while at work. There is a constant chance someone will be walking behind my screen while I browse.

    Just throw the cheesecake under the fold so we don’t get a surprise on the main page. It’s not difficult – even the gawkeriffic Jalopnik respects this stance. But you guys make it seem as if you deserve a standing ovation when you link flesh alongside a post topic since it draws attention to a problem with American culture.

    • 0 avatar

      No one should be allowed to surf the net during working hours , unless it’s somehow work related or on lunch break . Most companies are management top heavy (no pun intended) anyway and if I were in charge someone wasting time on the internet when they should be working would be quickly shown the door whether they were looking at cars or bikini clad cuties . Saying that it’s only a problem getting caught looking at the wrong thing doesn’t excuse the fact that you are stealing from the company every time you go on line during company time viewing non-work related material ! The workers who do that are the real boobs (pun intended) .

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      cultural agenda to prove the US is full of stiffs

      Dude, c’mon.

      I love America. Many, many a time I’ve gotten into arguments with friends. Exactly because of America.

      You`ve most definetely got this all wrong

    • 0 avatar

      @holydonut: Wow; -pitchin’ fastballs today, eh?

      Well, fastballs and misunderstandings of meta notwithstanding,

      You are absolutely right and I agree with you.

      (-except the part about the cultural agenda)

      Caricatures, puns, and Continental divides aside; the site Does need to be professional, in-Good-Taste, classy, and considerate; especially to its majority users, who may very-well be guys at work. (dunno actual stats)

      It would be a Foolish Waste to risk a person’s job; esp. considering econ geometries.

      That being said, for me the image in Marcelo’s “brands” article was in reasonably good taste. The video for the Cajun, however impressively mamm-alian, was taking it too far.
      TTAC Should leave the un-clever gratuitous stuff and worse for BustedCoverage, GorillaMask, etc. and their ~ilk. 

      I almost feel bad about posting a link to the guy+girl in the car commercial for the eyeglass company; even in an advertising cheesecake post on Friday, it had perhaps crossed the line.

      Btw, going meta means using only Symbology + possibly recursion; not, ex vi termini, boobs/sex.

      Also I’m sure you are great guys, but @TrailerTrash + @obbop: W.T.F were you guys smoking earlier????

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      @ Zombo – I’ve worked at a draconian office where employees were not allowed to browse the internet (ironically this was when I worked for a major automaker).  But now I’m at one that has no official policy on internet use.  If management doesn’t want employees wasting company time they have a solution.  But if they allow Internet access then then it’s up to the employee to use that privilege responsibly.  Do you at least agree that bikini tits on the top of the page make it rather difficult on the workplace visitor?

      @ Marcello – You felt necessary to post “in defense of sex.” Your recurring dialogue in this matter obviously has some agenda. If you’re just posting random thoughts then I’m way off base trying to understand your motives and rationalizations. It went from innocuous and fun into long discussions about how boobies are cool and should be more tolerated by viewers. But in your own words… “Don’t know why Americans are so uptight.” You can’t lay phases like that out there and then accuse us of not understanding your message.

    • 0 avatar

      Draconian ? I’ve found that to be the policy on internet use in most workplaces as it’s no different than making personal calls or watching tv all day during working hours . As far as the pictures of bikini tops go I’ve seen far more revealing pics in ads for lingerie that often appear on the side of a webpage . But that’s besides the point as you’re stealing from the company web surfing during working hours . Good thing you don’t work for the company I work at – they would’ve fired your lazy websurfing ass long ago !

    • 0 avatar

      Zombo – I don’t believe you in the slightest that there is a workplace that bans any amount of time abuse by its workers.  Next you’ll tell me someone stands outside the mens room with a stopwatch making sure you don’t drop a deuce over 2 minutes.  If you called your wife to tell her you’d be late getting home, then they’d fire you for making a personal call?
      You’re trying to make a point of time abuse that likely only applies to a very small subset of the population on this site.  The bulk of new TTAC content/dialog occurs during normal business hours, and this shouldn’t be a surprise to anyone.
      Your job must be extremely rewarding, because there are many more workplaces that take a much more reasonable approach with employee time.  Unfortunately I’m not aware of many more white-collar jobs in my field that protect employees from accusations of watching content accentuating D-cups while on the job.

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    Ah yes…. those long-ago days of ones’ first brassiere.  Remember it well. Along with the ridicule the other guys sent my way.

  • avatar

    Nice job ! Now that booth babe has disappeared for a few weeks, do you manage to get a chance to give her a piece of your mind?

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    Awesome stuff. I grew up very ashamed of sex, thinking about it, even having a sexual side, because I was taught it was shameful. I think its the U.S. Protestant background that shames sex. Shame means defective. The culture has been very abusive to individuals because we are sexual beings. Recovery is very important. My quality of life has improved greatly since I’ve been getting more emotionally healthy about sex, although sometimes I still buy into needing a nice car to appear sexy or something.

    • 0 avatar

      I feel a slight hidden insult in the “PRUDE” ranch title.
      And there is no request for you to defend sex.
      You are not qualified.

      The issue will never be put to bed (sorry), but a few points.
      You are not supposed to be embarrassed about sex.
      But to ask that you examine the human instincts and actions is what separates us from the beast, if nothing more.
      To question the killing and consumption of other living co-habitants should not be done without some examination and humility.
      If you can’t see this, there is no making you more sensitive to your drives.
      Ignorance is bliss, so they say.
      Such it is with sex.
      This is required to be considered a thinking animal.
      This is why, in some societies, we make it unlawful to fulfill any desire one has.
      You can lust in your heart all you want for that plump teenage girl…but keep your damn hands off or you lose your penis.
      Or at least should.

      And it is in this tone I ask the silly, yes Brazilian, sexual boob worship to be kept a little more toned down…at least on TTAC.

      And having been around the world, PLEASE stop bashing American culture and practices.
      The bitter social problems they face around the world…and very much so in Brazil…are poor examples for us to admire.

      The street in south Rio, where our home is, is considered one of the finer areas.
      Now if I cannot stop at a red light there, please don’t speak to me of the wise and wonderful ways of these people.

      Nobody, nobody in their right mind, would trade this country for another.
      Certainly NOT for Brazil!

      Well, maybe Australia.

      One last point…Brazil is one of THE most Catholic nations in the world.
      Perhaps the most.
      I think that was Jesus up on the hill…or maybe a hippie.
      It was quite a mob going up and standing around.

  • avatar

    Those “puritanical” attitudes about sexuality are from the Victorian era, not the early European settlers in New England. It was in 19th century England that legs became limbs, and going to bed became retiring.
    And to those who think America is uptight: have you seen any prime time TV lately? There must be a policy that every sitcom episode has to have twenty jokes about penises, breasts and farts. Our culture is both adolescent and randy (did I just repeat myself?), and the moralists are losing ground by any objective measure.

  • avatar

    Americans totally have their heads up their asses as far as sex and the human body goes.  Witness the recent deletion from Sesame Street of a Katy Perry segment where her delightful assets were apparently too evident.  Don’t the children watching have mothers…most likely with breasts also?  It’s f***king ridiculous.
    And I want to know who the model is for the breast cancer commercial…those are delightful.

  • avatar

    Well, as a devote, personally prudish Roman Catholic, I throw my two cents into the mix and say yes, we are prudish.  Childish, who is more childish, the one who can’t handle a few boobies, no pun intended, or the one who can calmly function with the twin peaks swaying!  To add to the above, morals are really something universal to all of us humans, mostly.  The vast majority of humanity is against murder, rape, theft, etc.  To tick off the pharasies I have sparred with from time to time, morality is product of human evolution.  Morals are standards of behavior that best support and promote the survival of our species.  Ergo, a loving God blesses us with a moral standards of behavior best increase our chances for survival in a dangerous universe.  Evil is simply behaviors, and attitudes that promote or encourage the destruction of life.  Very simple stuff, things all of us can agree upon here.
    The question is, do these images, comercials, or what have you promote life or death.  There you will get your answer as to how good something is.  This is why we have freedom of worship, and thought.  We are human, and most of us know that, and we operate better as a species when we can settle upon similarities.  Then we can act and conduct ourselves in life affirming fashions.  Yes, much evil has been done in the name of religion, but that does not make it evil.  Much evil has also been done in the name of aethism too, can we say godless communism anyone?

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