This Is… The Fiero Factory

Jack Baruth
by Jack Baruth
this is the fiero factory

In the comments for yesterday’s article about Eclectic Bubbleland, DucRam noted:

Just outside of Huntsville, AL is a Pontiac Fiero graveyard. The sign outside says The Fiero Factory.

As fate would have it, I saw this place leaving an SCCA Solo National Tour event three years ago and stopped to take pictures. Some of those pictures, and the story behind these Fieros and Fierraris (and all the mysteriously engine-less Cadillacs) can be found below…

Yes, that post-facelift Fiero 2m6 is winking at us! He knows something that most of us don’t… that The Fiero Factory has a near-limitless supply of Fieros and the donor cars required to upgrade them to 3400 GM V6 or 4.9L Cadillac V8 power. The (out-of-date) website offers an automatic-transmission V8 Fiero for just $7,000. It’s likely to have over 200 horsepower (see more info on the V8-into-Fiero swap here) and in a 2600-pound car that’s more than acceptably rapid. At the very least, you’ll be smoking Honda S2000s from a dig.

Some discerning individuals demand that their V8 Fiero have the look and feel of the Pininfarina-penned Ferrari 308GTS. Yes, it’s possible to imitate a $30,000 used Fezza for far less. Make sure that your lady friend is really drunk by the time she gets in the car, or she may notice that the interior is a little more StarBird than it is mid-Seventies Italian chic. On the positive side, no smog-strangled 308 ever had the kind of pace that a engine-swapped Fiero has.

If you’re into thirtysomething Midwestern chicks, you may find that your bar pickup has an intimate knowledge of Fieros, acquired through high-school prom-night fumbling with the rich son of a drywall contractor, and is not impressed by your Ferrari-a-like. Ensure the sweatiest of intimate encounters on the second date by bringing an Indy Fiero. If the sheer rarity of this bodystyle, which returned later as the first Fiero GT and then became available as the Fiero SE, doesn’t cause her to heat up, the inevitable engine fire surely will.

No need for you to “slam this bitch into the weeds”. It’s already been done for you. Enjoy the Fiero 2m6. By late 1985 everybody knew that the Fiero was easy meat in the stoplight drag scene. This 2m6 looks just like a tepid Iron Duke Fiero but has the raging power of the 2.8 GM V6. Line up against a Citation X-11 and wipe the smile off that bastard’s face thanks to superior traction and a similar power-to-weight ratio. I can’t wait to see you both struggling with your cable-operated shifters.

Sir, I can tell you that want the very best. These could be any Fiero GT from 1986 forward, but since they are prominently placed up-front they are very likely the ne plus ultra of Fiero, the 1988 GT. New suspension. “Fastback” panels. Vented discs. If they were yellow, we would know for sure that they are 1988 cars, but for the meantime let’s just agree that you’ll be taking both of these home regardless. The Cadillacs in the background? Well, where do you think we get the V8 transplants? From GM Performance Crate Engines?

Inventory is not a problem at The Fiero Factory, with over 100 donor cars. We are eagerly awaiting the day when our Fiero inventory is worth more than a similar number of 1997 Boxsters, a day which should arrive well before 2020. Thanks for stopping by!

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  • Pmd1966 (of GM) Pmd1966 (of GM) on Sep 22, 2010

    My neighbor had a Fiero with the Iron Duke. He had to take it to the dealer for some warranty work and needed a ride home. As I was following him, I thought it started to rain. When we got to the dealer, I saw that I had antifreeze all over the front of my truck.

  • Brujo777 Brujo777 on Feb 25, 2016

    Found an 85 2m6 in fairly good shape and lots of extra parts. The asking price is $600.00 I will offer $500. But will pay 6 if I must. Ended up here after searching the web for what prices these ol girls may command on the curbside. also was interested in what might be a current general opinion of this decades old car. I did see there were comments about great it's great handling, which brings me to the posting of this comment. Um, they did handle OK but we're prone to break away from the asphalt and put the car in a spin so quick like . Danger, danger it seems that the rear of the car should of been the front because as soon as the wheels break free from the road the back would become to be in the front in less than a blink of an eye. I can't be the only driver of the fiero with this experience. PS. I wasn't aware of the engine fire thing they got going. Thanks!

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