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USA Today reports that Tennessee’s 2 Republican Senators, Bob Corker and Lamar Alexander and GOP congresswoman Marsha Blackburn received a rather frosty reception when they went to Spring Hill on Friday to toast GM bringing jobs back to the Ex-Saturn plant. They got booed and heckled. Why the frosty reception? Well, if you remember, Lamar Alexander and Bob Corker (along with the unnamed Congresswoman) were very vocal opponents against the bailout of GM and Chrysler. So, for 3 politicians to come back to their state and welcome back the very jobs which they would have been quite happy to see lost in the name of free market economics, probably stuck in the craw of the electorate. Namely, the UAW.

As USA Today reports it, “Sen. Bob Corker, was heartily booed by the largely United Auto Worker members on hand and a UAW official told them members won’t forget who supported them at election time.” Ouch! The USA Today article then goes on to quote our friends over at Jalopnik about a small comparison Jalopnik did with Sen. Corker’s comments before and after the bailout:

“Then: ‘This administration has decided they know better than our courts and our free market process, how to deal with these companies…This is a major power grab’ – March 30, 2009.

Now: ‘At the end of the day we all have to feel good about what we did,’ said Corker, who did attempt to negotiate the failed 2008 aid package. “I contributed to strengthening the auto industry in this country.'”

Maybe Senators Corker and Alexander shouldn’t get too attached to their jobs, eh…?

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19 Comments on “The Spring Hill Saga: Put A Corker In It...”

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    And this is different from Republicans who fought against the stimulus but still show up to present oversized fake checks of stimulus money… how? I’m glad he got called on his hypocrisy.

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    Neither of these hypocritical bozos is at much risk of being voted out in the very red state of Tennessee. In fact, I expect that they’ll both use any footage of their reception to campaign with in their next elections given the general unpopularity of unions and the UAW in particular. Never mind their willingness to take credit for jobs that they were willing to throw away when it was politically expedient.

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    Boy, I’m stumped on who I hope winds up looking worst out of this.  Corker, who has been revealed as nothing more than a typical political opportunist, who was right initially, and then went back to kiss ass and make it seem like he’s been an ally to the UAW, or the smug thugs of the UAW who think that now that production is getting ramped up, that GM and the UAW are out of the woods.

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    In the same manner as a baby will cry when mamma takes it away from her teat.
    Also, a parasite does not like when it is removed from the host and will get upset.

    These “people” are booing that someone is against them stealing from the taxpayer.

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      Yeah, but Senator Corker can’t have it both ways by opposing the bail outs when GM was imploding and now that the company is make a few steps forward, expect any gratitude.
      If GM had undergone a real Chapter 7, those jobs and the union would be gone.

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    Senator Corker has nothing to worry about.  I live in a red state where for every unionized worker in manufacturing, there are at least 10 more working in retail who see union workers as blood sucking, demons – pampered with benefits such as proper health and retirement plans.  Throw in the non-unionized agricultural, building and service trades, as well.  Union worker a minority and they don’t always vote Democratic.

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    “Sen. Bob Corker, was heartily booed by the largely United Auto Worker members on hand and a UAW official told them members won’t forget who supported them at election time.”

    That shouldn’t be a problem. Millions of other voters likely won’t forget how Corker braved to make a stand against artificially propping up two automakers that should have been cast to the wind.

    I suspect there’s a lot more of us than of those braying UAW types. Should be fun to watch!

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    If you are are not for the freemarket then you are for violence and slavery…There are a lot of government-run public school grads who can’t even figure that one out.

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      What part of jobs returning to Spring Hill is most like violence or slavery?  The violence of families being able to support themselves? The slavery of working at an honest manufacturing job for a decent wage? You’re blind if you can’t see the hypocrisy in Corker’s shameless media wh*ring (and so many pols who opposed the auto industry bailout).

      If your post is serious, dude, put down the crack pipe already, it’s barely lunchtime…save that sh*t for later, when you can smoke up, turn on Faux News and get lied to all night long while they play you like a fiddle with fearmongering, distorted realities, subtle (and not subtle) racism, homophobia and rethuglican propoganda.

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      Well said… sfdennis1.  IMHO the far right is every bit as dangerous/scary or just as loony as the far left.

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      Corker’s motives may not be as pure as wind-driven snow, but he’s still on the correct side of this issue and I give him credit for that.

      Unions are hardly noble entities, sfdennis/mikey. You’d get a lot further with this group if you both gave up trying to portray them as such. No one should ever rely on an organization to ensure they receive fair wages (particularly one that conducts itself as nothing more than a legalized Mafia.)

      Ever hear the phrase “you must make your own luck?” Ever realize what that means? No, of course not. You’re union-types. Silly me.

      (And mikey… while I don’t grant your premise of this being a “far right” issue, I am encouraged to know we’re scaring you. That means, for all our ills and admitted crackpots, we’re still doing something “right.”)

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    Conflating these particular jobs being lost due to a proper legal bankrupcy is intellectually dishonest – and par for the course from the left.

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    he, like so many, is an inconsistent, and revisionist, dumb*ss.

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    Typical politician, out of touch and self important enough to think they can always “sell” something to the public. They are in the same class as TV preachers and actors.

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    Corker is such a hypocrite he reminds me of the line “the day my Mama socked it to the Harper Valley PTA”.

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    Cammy, I don’t know if you vote Labour but as a Brit you likely have a feeble grasp of American political and economic culture. Most Americans have a strong aversion to socialistic schemes (admittedly, as long as the social security benefits keep rolling in. ;-) ). Probably a majority of well-informed Americans would have agreed with Corker and Alexander’s stance on the GM and Chrysler bailouts: no taxpayer support for companies that have failed in the marketplace. We know the US government is broke. Contrary to your sarcasm, I’m sure they were distressed by the prospect of losing Spring Hill jobs. I applaud their standing on principle for for what they saw as the greater societal good.
    Again, I must emphasize that GM and the UAW were living in denial. The auto giants and UAW prospered as a result of an oligopoly for manufacturers and a monopoly for labor. Increased costs could simply be pushed onto the consumer via higher prices or cheapened product. That world came to an end. Despite taxpayer assistance, GM has had to change and the UAW eventually will too as the coddled old employees fade away.

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    chitbox dodge

    Everybody’s opinion of this guy is 100% true. I lived under the insufferable schister/developer when he was mayor of Chattanooga. If you can think of a means to try and score quick cash off the government he has probably at least tried it. All of this was in the name of economic development for the city which is totally unsustainable without pounding more taxes down the throats of the low-waged hard working folks who live there.

    He is a lying hypocrite, plain and simple.

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