By on September 10, 2010

I had a beer and a pizza yesterday night with Ash Sutcliffe of China Car Times (us expat car bloggers need to stick together) and he swore on a stack of bibles that he had seen the resurrection of the  Chrysler Sebring over at Beijing Auto. But it won’t be a Sebring.

It will be a T8, being sold under one of BAIC’s brands.  BAIC had built the previous gen Sebring to ho-hum success. When all fell apart between BAIC and Chrysler, they had a plant and tools on their hands, and they are making the best of it.

The launch of the T8 appears to be pretty much imminent.

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8 Comments on “The Sebring Resurrection. In China...”

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    I guess if they’re going to face any licensing problems.

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    The previous-generation Sebring sedan’s tooling was also sold to a country with a developing auto industry, in this case Russia, where it is (or was?) sold as the Volga Siber.
    Sort of speaks volumes about Chrysler’s pitiful Sebring when it’s repeatedly licensed or sold to what are practically third-world auto producers. However, in all fairness it’s something that FIAT did for decades.

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      Pitiful? meh
      For what I see, the sell the tooling of an old car/engine after it’s discontinued. That there’s people willing to buy tells me that their technology isn’t half bad.
      If I had the money I’d too purchase a platform from them.

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    True. Isn’t that where the Yugo came from?

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    Let’s stop being such snobs. The prev-gen (2001-2006) Sebring/Stratus wasn’t bad. Not class-leading, certainly outclassed in North America, but not bad. If I lived in Russia, I’d be perfectly happy with one of those.
    Is the T8 what’s going to replace the current monstrosity?

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    I hope our revamped Sebring looks this good! Looks like it’s got a little Buick LaCrosse “sweepspear” action going on with the side. The headlights/grill are actually attractive, hope Chrysler mimics that A8 light treatment.

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    The retooled Chinese Sebring will do just fine – for the old Mitsubishi platform that it is.

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    These people will eat anything.  I guess they’ll buy anything, too.  Price it low and watch it go.

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