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I know the readers of Autoblog understand the dangers of distracted driving because you’ve been sounding the alarm on this deadly epidemic for years, long before I became Secretary of Transportation. Most Autoblog readers know by now that real drivers just drive.

And, because I appreciate the heavy lifting Autoblog and its readers has been doing on this issue, I’m making my appeal to America’s automotive fans right here…

…Like you, I love driving. I have a 1998 Buick Regal in Washington, D.C., as well as a Ford Escape back home in Peoria. And, also like you, when I drive, I want to do so on roads that are not full of people who simply don’t pay attention to their driving.

But, the sad reality is that people who drive distracted are causing harm to the rest of us.

Secretary of Transportation Ray LaHood takes to Autoblog to recruit support for his forthcoming National Summit on Distracted Driving (Tuesday, September 21 in Washington DC. BYOB), the second such event of his tenure. And what better way to catch the attention of automotive enthusiasts than by professing your passion for the dynamic delights of a ’98 Regal? Meanwhile, enthusiasts who are taken in by LaHood’s crusade should take note: the last Distracted Driving Summit ended with a ban on in-car texting by federal employees, a measure TTAC described as

a bit like fighting an epidemic (to continue Secretary LaHood’s metaphor) by telling federal employees to take an aspirin.

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18 Comments on “Quote Of The Day: Taking It To The Internet Edition...”

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    The Great American Road is yours in Regal.
    It’s your Regal reward. It’s the way it should be.
    In this Regal American Land.

    If LaHood really wants to mobilize Autoblog readers he needs to figure out a way to blame distracted driving on the Toyota Tundra.

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    OK, I understand the problem with distraction and driving.
    So what?
    I mean, that’s so obvious it doesn’t warrant discussion.

    What DOES is the driver itself and what makes it possible to attain a license when the actual ability to drive not there.
    Does the fact that there are so many parents unable to raise children reason enough to allow lawmakers to begin regulating having children?
    I know parents that just fill in the driving hours required for a permit…and think it is all a waste.  Their kids don’t need the driving time! Instead of the 50 hours, they put in 5 maximum!
    Which is the bigger danger to you and I?
    Bad drivers or bad parents?

    Let them take it further, which they are actually trying to day…
    Is the inability of so many Americans to watch their weight and eat properly or exercise reason enough for us to dumb down he laws or limit the available foods?
    Should we now make it a law in The Food Channel what ingredients are advocated in meals by the Iron Chefs?
    Should the good old Twinkie be banned!?
    Because fatso can’t stop eating, I can’t get a whopper.
    Because the high school twit can’t wait to reply to a text, phones are banned.
    Because the mindless one crashed into a van drinking a Big Gulp, all drive ins are banned.

    This is not a joke on my part, but really a request for government to stay off my back.
    Put the responsibility BACK onto the individual and leave the rest of us alone.
    If you do not punish those that break laws, stop making more laws.

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    M 1

    I had LaHood pegged as more of a Seville Conversion driver.

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    well that’s funny. He says he likes driving and he has a Regal and an Escape. I mean, that’s funny.

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    LaHood is an astonishing liar. His actions are there to punish all private modes of transportation (e.g. airplanes) and advance the collective modes. The ban on jerry cans was on his watch. Who does he think we are?

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    First, Ray hasn’t ridden in the front seat of a car in about 18 months.  Second, he really doesn’t like us proles driving at all, distracted or not.  His wet dream is Moscow circa 1972.  Him in the back seat of a Gaz, the rest of us on the trains and buses.  Seriously, a ’98 Regal?

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    Figures he’d take it to a rabidly liberal website like Autoblog.  For purported car lovers there’s a whole lot of hate there.

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    This guy is a 20 watt bulb.

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    LaHood can suck it.  That’s my intelligent thought for the day.

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    Distracted driving is here to stay.  Buy a safe car.  If you look at the mainstream car sites, half the consumer reviews of the “car” relate to the stereo, the nav or the blue-tooth phone integration.  I don’t know why these folks don’t just get an iPad, a nice set of headphones and a bus ticket.  The experience would be the same.  I have a family, friends and a very busy job…and yet I ask when I see 75% of drivers on the phone, who they hell are they talking to?  I enjoy the solitude, which honestly isn’t available anywhere else.

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    A 1998 Regal? I would have thought he was at a higher pay grade than that. After 12 years on the road in that part of the country, I wonder how much of it is left?

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    This guy is so far behind, he should change his name to LaTrunk.

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    It’s not so much that Autoblog is liberal but it’s that they are rabidly pro-GM. No matter what the subject of the post anything in the least critical of GM is swiftly voted down and criticized mercilessly. You say something bad about GM and you are not only wrong but evil and stupid.

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