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The Volvo 740 was a rolling pile of boredom for most folks. A typical midsized sedan that was a bit heavy, a bit underpowered, very safe, and downright spartan in base form. Where’s the fun in all that? Well it depends on where you drive it. Take this video and marvel in a car that could drift like a 240SX given the right combination of snow, skinny snow tires, and a driver that could have easily passed for the stig’s Swedish sister . If there is anything that can get me into my 1993 Volvo 940 (the 740’s twin brother), it would be a video like this. How about you? Any video flights of fancy that remind you of the greatness that is your daily driver?

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25 Comments on “Hammer Time: Dirty Videos...”

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    Oh yah…not only does it remind me how much I love my daily driver, it justifies keeping the air suspension on it.

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    If memory serves, the 940 was the 740 with IRS and a more stylish C-pillar.

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      If i remember correctly the only 700-series volvo with multilink suspension vas the 760, possibly the 780. The difference between the 740 and 940 are mostly cosmetic.

      EDIT: Apparently the 740 GLE sedan had multilink suspension from 1987 onwards. Wagons and other trim levels kept the solid axle.

      Video streams are blocked at work so can’t see the video right now, but i can imagine. Im just waiting for some snow myself so i can have some fun with the 740 ;)

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      The 760 after 87 had the multi-link suspension. Prior to that, it was a solid rear axle with Nivomat self-leveling rear shocks (original and excellent on our 84).

      I think the 740 changed as well, except the wagons.

      The 960 replaced the 760, also bringing an I-6 to replace the I-4 Turbo.
      The c-pillar changed, along with every other body panel…and it grew a little.

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    Educator(of teachers)Dan

    I keep reminding myself any car can be fun when driven correctly.  Loved riding with my dad in his Caprice Wagon on a few dark winter nights when he would use the heavy car to bust his way through a NW Ohio snowdrift.  Had a blast wheeling around a freshly harvested wheat field in my Celebrity after an impromptu “field party.”  Even at over 30yrs of age I had to take my F150 2WD long bed into an empty mall parking lot during a snowstorm and make it do a couple of 360 degree spins.  Reminds me of some other fun I had in that truck but it wasn’t in motion.  :)
    I never feel sorry for a new driver who starts to whine about how boring the car is that he has.  “Son, you’re just not driving it correctly.”

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      My first car, a well-worn 1980 Pontiac Lemans with DSR (Delayed Steering Response), was incredible fun if you had the right attitude.  Its floppy fishtailing antics once reduced my then-fiance to a quivering pile of tears when she attempted to drive the Beast, but she didn’t have the right attitude.  She did marry me, but not until after the car was gone.

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    What song is that??  Olivia Newton-John and David Hasslehoff.

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    Steve, if you were in Boise you might want to shoot me. I just watched my (wife’s) 1984 Volvo 760 get towed off today. It needed alot of work, which I was just not willing to do, including headgasket, internal work, rear main seal…plus, the turbo has been wonky for 2 years and even though it’s a GM TH350 derivative (I believe), the transmission is still original. Most of the electronics are in good working order. $2000 up front, and who knows what else in the next few years. Sold it to the Volvo mechanic for $500…more than a tax write-off, at least.

    I’ll miss driving the car and it’s engineering (more impressive when you realize it’s a 70s design). But the 1998 Acura 3.2TL I just picked up for $4500 is even better. It’s mint (original owner, all reciepts, all major maintenance completed) and helps me to get over a few previous vehicles I’ve had, including a 1979 Cutlass Supreme (no clue why, really) and a 1990 Integra GS (old Honda ergonomics and quality).

    Sits pretty next to the 2007 Outback 2.5 MT, which I do enjoy finding videos of off the pavement:

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    I saw the Volvo S60 ad on the tube last night. It looks like Volvo’s still at it. They even got to Stig. “Naughty Volvo” or Dirty Volvo?

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    This is why I have always preferred rear drive cars (at least well balanced ones) in slick weather.  Sometimes the back end steers better than the front.  Who needs all wheel drive?

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    Ford Ranger power FTW:

    Makes me proud(er than I already was) to own one.

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    Jordan Tenenbaum

    I love that video, but I hate the the 240 is not shown in the same light. I can assure you that the 240 is just as fun, if not more fun, than the 700 series.

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    Steven Lang

    It’s always hard to say goodbye to an old friend.
    But at least you put it to very good use by giving it to someone who can take care of it.
    What breaks my heart is seeing a vehicle that was well kept by it’s owner for 15+ years. Only to have the next set of hands drive it into the ground within one.

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      Definitely…I was just as excited to find this Acura. Buying used is tough for me sometimes, you’re not always sure what you might get. I feel I got lucky finding a 12 year old car with the original owner and a record of all work done (most importantly, the major work). Of course, I have to replace the belts and idler arm pulley bearing…but that won’t be more than $50 in parts.

      I’d like to see if this thing can hit 200K, sure feels like it could (has just over 100K on it). It’s an interesting design for a Honda: longitudinal V6 FWD. I guess I have symmetrical FWD and AWD (Sub).

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    Why’d you have to post this, Steve?  Just last night I wasted over an hour scouring CL throughout the upper Midwest looking for a 740, or perhaps a 940 (those were all automatics).  I really miss our 90 740GLE 16V that got turned in for a C4C deal, and I’d love to have a plain B230 for a winter beater.

    By the way, the 90 GLE had a plain solid rear axle.  I think only the 6-cylinder cars had the multi-link independent rears.

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    Mercedes – Love Affair

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    Mr. Lang, what a great video!  And then I look at the comments…you ever been to a party where everybody is having a great time and great conversation, and then the uber-nerd that you had to invite because he is the only one that could hook up the sound system with the flat panel starts talking?  That’s how I feel right now…

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    The Saab Suite!
    Because of that, I’ve had a 9000 since 2001.

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    I had an 85 740 manual and put almost 400K on it. It had original engine and clutch and had never had any major repairs. It was a great car to drive except on ice/snow. Got over 30mpg and handled just great. I had to use studded snow tires in the winter to keep out of trouble. Drunk sideswiped my son and had the car totaled out. I looked for a while to find a good used one but my wife hated to drive a RWD car so I gave up on the idea. Still remember the 740 with fond memories. Too bad the new volvos don’t have the same great quality/reliability reputation. Now I am a Toyota/Honda fan.

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      Acc azda atch

      Ive had a SLEW of Accords.. and a mad fetish for anything Accord Wagon.
      My current Accord from 00 with 206… will be my last.
      Im tired of the bloat in the Accord.
      Im tired of the lack of feel
      Im tired of the company slacking on the issues about engine power management.
      Im also sick and tired of Honda producing such overweight and top heavy garbage. There is no wagons.. just CUVs galore. Honda screws up the Accord wagon for 2010 m.y by releasing the Crosstour. Couldnt get worse.
      Then Honda turns around and apologizes for such a #(#*@ that the Crosstour is.. and says the Accord for Europe / China will come to the U.S, as a wagon version of the TSX (that it is overseas.) But it wont have the deisel. It wont have the stick or the high revving four. Its going to have the same 3.5ltr 6cycl and its going to be priced over 30g.. for a Accord wagon.. in a company (Acura) TRYING to sell the MDX and the ZDX (same frame as the Pilot).
      Dont get me started about Toyota.
      They cant wipe their ass properly.. and have it not recalled.
      Ive been following the auto industry for coming on 20+yrs.. and Toyota.. is the only company to have the NHTSA ORDER them to stop selling 4 different cars in the U.S.
      On top of..
      Not a single thing Toyota makes currently.. ISNT on recall.
      Camry frame and engined vehicles date back to 1998.
      GS is in for valve springs.
      GX is in for stability control system.

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    This is why RWD is better than anything else.
    I love old Volvos. Had a 1988 245 with a stick and it is still one of my favorite cars ever. Terrific handling, great brakes, comfortable, solid, quiet, economical. Supremely practical, too.

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    A couple of winters ago, C&D visited my local SCCA region’s ice races to film the 2008 WRX STi.  Here’s the video they produced:

    My daily driver is the Avalanche about 15 seconds in.

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