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I will be appearing on Fox Business again, at 11:15 Eastern (8:15 Pacific) to talk Volt and GM’s IPO. Please excuse a brief slowdown in content this morning, and rest assured, TTAC will be back in action ASAP.

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    Good luck to you Ed – watch out for the setup – there’s always someone they want to beat up.

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    John Horner

    Just try to get in the thought that the Volt might have a chance on its second or third iteration :).

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    Good luck! My fingers are crossed that you’re not being interviewed by the same asshat as before. :)

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    I suppose that any publicity is good publicity, but Fox? They dont have much cred. They seem to make up everything. I will not be watching, cause they are not reputable.

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      Of course. And ABC NBC CBS MSNBC CNBC PBS The NY Times, the LA Times, Hollywood Bimbos on The View, Newsweek, bankrupt Air America and Time are such paragons of objective unbiased fact based reporting…. Give my ass a break.

      Caught your August 3rd appearance by googling it and will have to do the same with today’s, Mr. N2. Hope it went well. You handled yourself beautifully the last time out.

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      All news networks are guilty of doing this. But none more so than FNC – where the news portion will bootstrap its claim of facts based upon its pundits opinions (i.e. Beck, O’Reily, etc.). FNC figures out the message they want to say then searches for whatever will support that message. Plus – what network can you get so many analogies to Hitler (Goodwin principle) than on FNC!

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    Thanks all for the kind words… apparently the segment was not aired live, but we are working with Fox’s producers to get an online clip ASAP.

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    I’m incredibly skeptical of being involved with any media outlet at all, after nasty experiences with print. You can write stuff down clear as day, and it’ll end up biting you in the ass; one article about a class of products – ours among them – managed to

    a) Give the wrong price for our product
    b) Put specs for the inferior product
    c) Show the wrong picture anyway
    d) Run verbatim an explanation from me describing problems with competing products that don’t happen with ours – and say they applied to our product instead
    e) The coup de grace, print our web address incorrectly, with the incorrect URL leading to an error page suggesting that we were out of business

    The only guys who really did a good job (out of a dozen or so meaningful print references) were Nintendo Power. Go figure.

    I haven’t done TV, but it’s even worse, since they can cut things up to alter what you’ve said yourself – say, hypothetically, you get interviewed along with another person, and that person gets pissed off about his mic not working and stalks off… all they have to do is make a cut where you say something, chop it off half way, and cut to the guy being pissed off and walking off, and voila! You made him angry!

    Apparently something almost identical to this happened to a photographer who was taking pictures of the Queen of England; the Queen was upset before the shoot, and they got film of her walking down the hall in an obviously angry way; they then put that footage in *after* the photo shoot they were ‘documenting’ to make it look like it was the shoot that pissed her off. Anything for drama. Classy. This is why (among other reasons) I can’t imagine ever being on reality TV; I suspect that they pick out which people will be portrayed which way at the beginning, shoot an a**load of footage, and recut to make sure each person fits the prescribed persona. God help you if you’re the person they picked to be whiny or aggressive.

    I’d stay away. :P

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      I understand what you’re saying to Ed and alot of it’s good advice and things for him to consider. However, I would note three things:

      One, Ed already did 1 Fox News Business interview and I think they portrayed him and his arguments very fairly.

      Secondly, Ed’s certainly not helpless. If some media outlet does a hit job on him he has a strong platform, this website and other car blogs, from which to set the record straight. I think alot of people would listen to him if that ever happened.

      Third, I suspect it takes some courage to go on these things and speak your mind. But I wouldn’t respect someone who let their fears stand in the way of their ambition. Regardless of the risks I think it’s for the benefit of this community that Ed voice his opinions through different media sources and spread the ttac.

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    Congratulations and good luck!!

    I am no fan of FOX, but a national media opportunity is a national media opportunity :-)

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