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When we reported that FAW will revive the monstrous Red Flag CA7600L limousine, it received mixed reviews. Some wanted it sight unseen. Others puked in the corner. Ever since I arrived in China, my secret wish had been to own the real thing, the huge handmade Red Flag car that luminaries used to drive down Chang’an Avenue. I had been told they don’t exist anymore. I had been lied to.

My Dutch Beijing blogging buddy The Tycho found an original Hongqi (Red Flag) CA770 at a Beijing auto show. 1978 vintage, V8 engine. It is undergoing restoration and is absolutely roadworthy, the seller swears.

Prices for good examples are more than $100.000. My Chinese right hand woman recommends against it. She says it “sends the wrong message.” Whatever that may be. And I should buy BMW or Benz instead.

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    There is a mint condition red flag on display at the Blackhawk Automotive Museum in Danville, CA.

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    In the ’70s I looked at this car as being a wannabe of the Chinese leadership, same as the Soviet equivalent of the same era. Today, yes I’d like to own one and drive it during the weekend on the LA’s freeways.

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    I think we can all agree that COMMUNISM DOESN’T WORK.

    Problem is, Capitalism doesn’t either.

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    She says it “sends the wrong message.”

    When one of my employees says something like that, I ask Why?

    It doesn’t need to be my employee anyway. When I hear that kind of “things” I have to ask…

    The upholstery, seat covers or whatever interior arrangement it has apesta. If you go for one, an interior redecoration is a must.

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    The front end is awful, and should qualify a mention on the ugliest cars thread.

    The back end is actually pretty tasteful, and reminds me of 60s era Lincolns and Chrysler Imperials.

    It’s funny that your associate thinks such a car would send the wrong message. Are Chinese cars considered inferior in China, such that it wouldn’t fully show your station in life, or is that you, as a foreigner, shouldn’t presume to own such an important part of Chinese automotive history?

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      I guess it’s related to the old style of ruling the country, or the old communist party leaders or something the chinese want to forget.

      In any case, is the assistant that should give more light on this.

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      That front end is essentially a clone of the 1962-1970 Volga (aka GAZ-21 series III). Not really any worse than your average 1950s American sedan, just a few years later.

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    Get it, or you’ll regret it. If you really want to give the rest of the population a funny sight, put the little lady in a grey uniform and have her drive you around while sitting in the back. See if you get any looks.

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    The California Auto Museum in Sacramento (formerly the Towe AM) had one of these in their collection, displayed with a clipping of Nixon riding in one during his visit to China.

    A number of years ago (around ’02, I believe), they put up for sale. It was in beautiful condition, and the price was paltry; as I recall they wanted something in the range of $22-26k.

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    When it comes to commie limos, I’ll take a ZIL over this thing any day. BTW, the original 1930’s ZIL was a reverse engineered Packard.

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    So… how much to ship one to Oregon? I want to send the wrong message!

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    If I didn’t already have the baby (downsized) Fleetwood Series Seventy-Five limo in my possession, this would be a very necessary vehicle for me. Do it, Bertel!

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    This is a definite car nut moment. On the one hand, it makes no sense. On the other hand, I understand totally and would get one too if I could.

    That said, I think at some point Car and Driver road tested the Zil and the Red flag. Maybe Ronnie can help you out with this, but I think they described them as the worst cars ever made.

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    If you go for one, an interior redecoration is a must. The old communist party leaders or something the chinese want to forget.
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